Equities First Holdings – Offering Low-Interest Rates On Non-Purpose Loans With Flexible Payment Terms

Equities First Holdings is one of the most prominent names in the corporate and alternative financing space in Australia and offers a comprehensive range of financial services to high net-worth individuals and small to medium-sized enterprises. Equities First Holdings started its operations in the year 2002, and since then has finances hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses, as well as high-net-worth individuals, get the non-purpose loan they need, quickly and with flexible payment terms. The professional manner in which the company handles each and every business inquiry has helped the firm service hundreds of clients till date and has also helped the firm double in size regarding workforce since its inception.

Equities First Holdings has network globally with offices in Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Thailand, and China. The businesses are always in need of liquidity to expand and grow, and with Equities First Holdings’ easy and quick offering of non-purpose loans, the small to medium sized businesses can now get the cash flow they need to materialize those ambitious business projects to carry forward the growth momentum. The non-purpose loans provided by Equities First Holdings are instead of the securities, which are taken by the firm as collateral. It helps the borrower as well as the lender with protecting their assets. Equities at LinkedIn .

The clientele of Equities First Holdings includes private firms, financial organizations, high net-worth individuals, asset management companies, publicly owned companies, and more. Getting conventional high-value loans is difficult, time-consuming, and most of all, very expensive. However, the non-purpose loan offered by Equities First Holdings, come with easy repayment options and at a far lower interest rates than the conventional loans. It is what makes it a popular choice among the enterprises as well as the high-net-worth individuals. These loans are necessary for smooth business operations and to put in effect ambitious growth and expansion strategies in practice.

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EOS Is Making Lip Balm Fun

In 2010 a new kind of lip balm hit the shelves. Outselling Chapstick and Blistex, coming in second only to Burt’s Bees. Bright orbs of deliciously scented lip balm made women across the globe go nuts. It wasn’t long before these trendy new accessories were popping up in celebrity handbags and music videos. No longer are we stuck with sticks of tasteless wax that get instantly lost in our purses. EOS has turned a dull moment of necessary self-maintenance into something enjoyable.


Instead of humdrum traditional flavors like mint and cherry, EOS has created unique, organic flavors like Honeysuckle Honeydew, Passion Fruit, and Pomegranate Rasberry, check walmart.ca for more. Their Visibly Soft Line is designed to make your lips softer and more kissable and comes in Blackberry Nectar, Vanilla Mint, and deliciously creamy Coconut Milk. They even have an active line with SPF 15 or 30 in energizing flavors of Grapefruit and Lemon Twist.


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All of these awesome flavors are put into a round container that engages all five of your senses every time you pop it out of your purse. From the fun orb shape that feels good in your hand and is easy to find in the dark abyss of an overstuffed handbag to the bright colors all the way down to clicking noise the ball makes when you open and close it. EOS is making lip balm fun for the first time. Jump to this page.


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Beneful: Wholesome Ingredients for Your Dog!

Per serving of Beneful dog treats, they typically have as low as 4 calories or as high as 97.6. The product with the lowest calorie count on the Beneful website, beneful.com is Beneful Incredibites: Meaty Minis. They are made with chicken being the first ingredient, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, among other nutritional ingredients. The treat with the highest calorie count are the Healthy Smile Dental Twists (Large), designed to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup in larger dogs.

Coupons for Beneful dog treats can be found at: https://www.beneful.com/coupons/ “where you can save $3 on your next Beneful dry food recipe with real meat being the #1 ingredient!” The highest rated dog treat product on the website are the “Baked Delights Snackers,” they have a total of 53 reviews, an average of about 4.8 stars. They are described as a super-savory, super snackable, oven baked treats with a soft center and made with peanut butter and cheese flavors. And they only have 23.8 calories per piece! For puppies, it is recommended to give them something a little softer until they reach maturity. Costumers would recommend the tender beef Break-N-Bites!

Beneful treats are also great for senior dogs, especially the dental treats, which have been proven to help fight tartar buildup. Tartar and bacterial buildup in the mouth is a huge factor for tooth decay and bad breath! The most highly recommended flavor of dog treat is either chicken or beef, both are pretty well tied. The most popular treat on the site are the Break-N-Bites Crunchy: Chicken. They are new and highly rated by customers. Overall, all treats seem to be made with wholesome ingredients that any dog would love!

Making Money With The Traveling Vineyard Is Easy And Fun

There are many direct selling companies out there that sell products in the skincare, healthcare and technology sector. The Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling company that sells a different product category, wines. Making money by working for the direct selling company, The Traveling Vineyard can be fun and profitable for you for several reasons.

The first reason, making money is easy with The Traveling Vineyard because wine is considered to be in a niche market. There are many people who enjoy wines out there. You already have an established customer base that is in place. Another advantage to salesman or direct sellers at The Traveling Vineyard is that wine is a product that is consumed and needs to be replenished. Reorders are placed constantly, and the salesman for the company can easily earn commissions with minimal effort simply when customers reorder their favorite stock of wine or try new wines through them. This fact, makes it easy to earn commissions, sometimes with little to no work required.

Another advantage to selling wines directly to people, is that you get to try wines along with your customers. As a direct seller for The Traveling Vineyard, you will give customers the opportunity to sample wines for free and at the same time, sample the wines yourself. This is a perk of working for The Traveling Vineyard. Drinking wine with people is part of your job and you can actually make money by doing this!

It is very easy to get started as a wine guide or salesman for The Traveling Vineyard. All you need is to pay upfront for a startup kit which costs a few hundred dollars. You won’t ever have to keep any stock of wine at hand. A guide just markets the wine and is provided with new samples to give to customers to try out. Risk and cost is minimal when you work as a wine guide but the potential for commissions is very high.

Eric Lefkofsky And His Philanthropy

Eric Lefkofsky is highly engaged in philanthropy. He has been funding in the areas of education, human rights, in addition to health care, medical research as well as arts and culture. He is the co-founder of Groupon. Besides, he is the founder of Lightbank venture capital firm too. His net worth is estimated to be $1.65 billion.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation was formed by Eric Lefkofsky and his wife in 2006. This is a charitable trust which supports charitable, scientific, as well as educational organizations all around the world. This Foundation is advancing initiatives as well as research to enhance human life quality.

The foundation’s grants are focused on key areas that include education, human rights, besides art, culture and medical research. The largest donations from the Foundation in the field of arts and culture are in the hometown of Lefkofsky, Chicago.
Eric Lefkofsky started his career at the University of Michigan. He used to sell carpets here as a freshman. After completing his law school, Eric Lefkofsky and his business partner, Bradley Keywell, borrowed money in order to buy Brandon Apparel. This was in 1994. The company did not do well, and it failed. In 1999, Eric Lefkofsky and Keywell came together once again and found an Internet company, This was called Starbelly. It was specializing in promotional products. They sold this company for $240 million. This was just before the burst of the dot-com bubble. Lefkofsky Twitter .

This way Eric Lefkofsky continued to create, buy, and sell one company after another. This eventually led to the creation of Groupon.
The Lefkofskys like to give back to their hometown. Besides, they are funding various other education initiatives too. They are supporting young children in particular. They are giving to charter schools as well as for after-school programs that are organized for disadvantaged youth, in addition to scholarship programs. They are also supporting those organizations which are developing tools for teachers as well as administrators. This includes the group called New Leaders and Educators for Excellence.

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Goetti Continues To Improve

In the air conditioning field, there are a lot of different companies all vying for the same jobs. This is why it is very competitive, and the companies need to be on the ball in order to take the lead if they want to. Goetti has been in the lead because they have decided to take over smaller companies to add to theirs. They have recently added two companies to theirs, and they are going to add more in the future.

The two companies that they just added are Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air. Both of these companies dealt with the residential sector, and now they will be able to also do commercial work. This will be very profitable for all that involved in the mergers. Everyone is very happy about the results that shall be coming since Goetti has taken on 20 new employees. This gives them more hands when it comes to taking on jobs that are in the field.

Goetti was founded by the two brothers in the family over 70 years ago, and they built a great air conditioning company over the years. They are also in the HVAC and plumbing business. Their employees are trained professionals whom are dedicated to their field, and they use their experience and expertise to complete extensively, difficult jobs.

The company was founded in Arizona, and it has since moved to Las Vegas. During the year 2017, the company was voted the best HVAC company in Arizona. Goetti was very pleased with this. They look forward to a great future with more and more work as they acquire more companies.

End Citizens United Fight Against Dark Money in Politics

In March 2015, End Citizens United was formed with the agenda of reforming the campaign system. The Public Action Committee believes that the election financing system needs to be saved from billionaires who try tip off power balance in their favor. The PAC further believes that the Citizens United idea that corporations are people gave way to billionaires and special interests to affect America’s elections through the use of untraceable money in the campaigns. This consequently led to accountability and lack of transparency in the elections.


Reforming Campaign Finance through Power of Many


The political action depends on donations from grassroots donors. They stood firm in showing the voters, candidates, the press, and elected official in the 2016 general elections that the grassroots had the power of fighting billionaires and preventing them from affecting the country’s elections.


To achieve this agenda, End Citizens United performed under a mission of dismantling the rigged political system and combating dark money used in politics. By working towards ending Citizen United, the PAC champions believed they had the power of bringing to an end the use of unlimited and dark money employed in political campaigns.


Their strategy of achieving this agenda included electing pro-reform candidates, making the use of big money in politics a national priority, and depending on grassroots membership as a way of showing political power as compared to use of money to gain politically.


Support for the Democrats


During the 2016 general elections, End Citizens United showed a lot of support to the Democratic Party more than it did to the Republican. This support came as a result of the Democrats effort in fighting Citizens United. The PAC believed that with their leadership, they would realize their agenda of reforming the campaign finance system.


Despite several Republicans and Independent candidates being against uncontrolled spending in political campaigns, they didn’t receive the support of the PAC since they stood in the way of ending Citizen United. The public action group only supports people who are for reforming the country’s broken campaign finance system.

Move to Make their Agenda a Reality


When their agenda may have seemed impossible, End Citizen United had great determination in making their name a reality. Their number one agenda was to overturn the 2010’s Supreme Court decision of Citizen United which saw dark money find their way into politics. When it might have seemed an impossible thing to do, the PAC managed to get over 300,000 followers within the first few months of its establishment.


Additionally, End Citizens United received a huge endorsement of the Democratic candidates which eased their mission. Unlike other PAC’s that concentrate their primary focus on campaign reforms, the End Citizen United wanted more, to have the Citizens United law changed.


Norman Pattiz Achievements in the Broadcasting Industry

Beyond the Darkness, which is the new thrilling show on WWE star Chris Jericho’s Podcast Network, announced Norman Pattiz as the Chief Executive Officer after the release of PodcastOne Network. The show will be presenting entertaining and enlightening conversations with world researchers, and making everything you know about ghosts, demons, ghouls, angels, mysteries, and monster encounters real.

Mr. Norman Pattiz has been the Chief Executive Chairman at PodcastOne from June 23, 2016. Mr. Pattiz became the consultant of Westwood One Inc. and served there until February 3, 1993. Norman Pattiz served as the president of Broadcast Education Association. He also served as the chairman and a member of Board of Governors of Los Alomas National Security, LLC as well as a board member of Lawrence Livermore National Security at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. On November 2000, Mr. Pattiz was appointed by Clinton and reappointed again by President Bush to serve as Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America.

Mr. Pattiz worked hard and enabled the creation of Radio Sawa, the BBG’s 24 hours music, news and radio information network and Alhurra Television, which is US sponsored, and Arabic-language satellite TV that channel to the entire Middle East. He has also worked as the regent of the University of California from September 2001. Mr. Norman Pattiz worked as Director of Foreign Relations of the Los Angeles sheriff’s Department and served on the Region 1 Home Security Advisory Council. Mr. Norman Pattiz also worked on the Board of Annenberg school of Communication at the University of Southern California. Mr. Pattiz served as a member of California’s Commission on building in the 21st century and the board for RAND’s Center for Middle East public policy.

Mr. Norman pattiz 40 years’ experience and his hard work have gained him access to the Americans largest provider of news, sports, entertainment talk and trafficking programming to the broadcasting industry. Under the ownership of Westwood one, he enabled the distribution NBC Radio Networks, CNN Radio, CBS News, NFL Football, NCAA Basketball and both Summer and Winter games. Pattiz’s company PodcastOne became the top producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programming. After Bush had appointed him, he was able to convince and launch Americas Arabic Language Radio and television services to more than 22 countries of the Middle East and Farsi language broadcasting to Iran, which reached weekly to more than 40 million listeners. In the year 2009, Pattiz was introduced to National Radio Hall of Fame and got the Broadcasting Award from Library of American Broadcasting.

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The Importance Of Comparative Law To Global Economy As Outlined By Experts Such as Sujit Choudhry

In the face of globalization, growing trade and other relationships between countries and citizens, comparative study of different legal systems has become important. Comparative law is an academic discipline that involves the description and comparison of different legal systems. Some of the existing legal systems include the civil law, Jewish law, socialist law, Hindu law, common law and the Chinese law. Comparative law can also be defined as the analysis of the similarities and differences of laws between two different countries. In addition, comparative law focuses on a foreign legal system in its own right without the intent of comparison. The field of comparative law has a long tradition in Europe. However, it is relatively new to some countries.  Related post on crunchbase.com

The study of comparative law plays an important role in laying the foundation for the legal infrastructure. This strategy paves way for a common legal understanding that favors the increasing range of activities that occur between nations, organizations and citizens in the interconnected world. This study is crucial in different fields such as e-commerce where transactions occur frequently in jurisdictions that have various legal systems, through modern communication platforms. By studying legal systems of different countries, learners are able to understand the culture, political, social and economic history of a given nation. More reading here.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is an international expert on comparative constitutional law. He is a revered professor of law at the esteemed University of California, Berkley. Sujit has served as a committed dean of UC Berkley School of Law. In addition, he has worked as the Scholl Chair in charge of the prestigious University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law. In 2010, Sujit received the Trudeau Foundation Fellowship. In addition, the Southern Asian Bar Association of Toronto recognized him as the Practitioner of the Year.

Interesting Article on Sujit here.

Sujit was born in New Delhi. He is an alumnus of the University of Toronto. He enrolled in McGill University to study law. Sujit holds an LL.B from the University of Oxford. He also studied at Harvard Law School where he graduated with his LL.M. He started his career by serving as a law clerk for Chief Justice Antonio of the Supreme Court. Sujit Choudhry is affiliated with the Center for Constitutional Transitions where he serves as the founding director. In his career, Sujit has published many articles. Some of his publications include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas and Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration of Accommodation. Presently, he is co-editing two articles, which are Constitution Making and The Oxford Handbook of Indian Constitutional Law.  Continue reading on icon.oxfordjournals.org.

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Equities First Alternative Lending Solutions After The 2008-2009 Financial Crisis

The 2008 financial emergency has affected many people and has now become a blazing theme and last year was not left out in America’s Presidential campaigns. Over the most recent couple of months, we have seen a few noteworthy financial firms taken by other financial organizations, while others receiving governmental bailouts. So what brought about the financial emergency of 2008? This is really the ideal tempest that has continued to brew over the recent years before reaching to its breaking point. That has resulted to many banks tightening their lending terms hence leaving small enterprises without other options apart from seeking for other sources of funding. Equities First Holdings option lending solutions have come at the proper time when small businesses are facing a wide variety of financial challenges. By using stock as collateral, business owners have been able to secure immediate and affordable loans to finance their businesses. Read More Here .

The current market shakiness was brought on by many variables, among the key ones is the dramatic shift in the capacity to make new credit extensions, which carried away the stream of cash and impeded new financial development including selling and buying of assets. This hurt people, organizations, and financial establishments hard, and numerous financial foundations were left holding contract resources that had dropped steeply in value and weren’t gaining the measure of cash expected to pay for hanging loans. That dried their reserve cash and limited their credit and capacity to offer new loans. Today, many startups cannot rely on traditional lending services, let they go back to the ground. For people or businesses in need of working capital, Equities First Holdings provides margin loans and stock-based loans that are termed as the best alternative as indicated by the company’s CEO Al Christy. The loans comes with various benefits and of late, they have become common to many companies and individuals.EFH LinkedIn .

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