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Makeup by Doe Deere that actually speaks to you

The society we live in does not always consider the needs of everyone who lives in it. If you think about it you will realize that everything is made to suit the majority of the buyers in the market. A shop that is frequented by ladies who wear size eight tops will have most of their stock in that size. The same case applies to makeup. Most makeup manufacturers only concentrate on products that are consumed by a majority of the buyers. These manufacturers forget that there is a population out there that wants to stand out from the rest. There are people who do not desire to look ordinary at any point in their lives. These people have been neglected by the makeup industry.

Not all ladies like to wear nude lipstick that does not really show. Some actually want it in a shade that really screams and draws attention to their lips. The same applies to other makeup products. There are some ladies who prefer clear mascara that is invisible while others want it to be visible. However, it is unfortunate that most products in the market do not have enough color and life to attract those ladies with a strong and vibrant personality. This leaves them with very few makeup options to choose from or none at all.

If you think you are one of those individuals who consider standing out a necessity, then the makeup products manufactured by Doe Deere are for you. Doe is the beauty and brains behind the Lime Crime line that consists of products on that have never been seen before. Doe does not shy away from experimenting with colors. Her line of products can be described as both colorful and daring. Most makeup manufacturers have been fearful about producing colorful makeup because of the fear that they will not get many clients. This is not the case with Doe. These manufacturers are actually missing out on business from very many clients.

Lime Crime is a makeup line created for those individuals who do not fear expressing themselves to the public. Wearing any makeup product from Lime Crime shouts out to the world that you are not an ordinary person. The colors that the products come in are for strong personalities and people who cannot be put down by others. This line is for every person who feels like other makeup products do not speak to them. It is an expressive line meant for those who feel constricted by other products that they have used previously. People who use Lime Crime products have a story to tell.

Make a point to visit the Lime Crime website and check out the great variety of products available for you. You cannot miss a great product on the site whether it is flashy lipstick or colorful eye shadow. Do not feel restrained by other makeup products anymore. Try anything in the Lime Crime line by Doe Deere today and change your look completely. You will not regret it.

Is Sergio Cortes Akin To Michael Jackson?

From a very young age, Michael Jackson wowed millions of fans the world over. Born from a richly musical family, he went on to become the greatest musical performer of the late 20th and Century. His death came as a shock to his worldwide audience and as such, many were led to believe that that was the last they would hear and see of live performances by the renowned King of Pop.

There is however an artist performing live concerts in front of thousands of Michael Jackson fans each year even after his untimely demise. This performer exhibits the elegance, grace and choreographic mastery that have compelled many people to associate his persona with Michael Jackson’s ancestry. Born in the Spanish city of Barcelona, the 44 year old Sergio Cortes Parra is the closest you can get to a live Michael Jackson performance. This is especially the case for the young people who never got the opportune moment to watch the King of Pop perform live.

Now an internationally respected performing artist specializing in re-animating past Michael Jackson performances, Sergio Cortes has put a lot of hard work and dedication to attain what he has been able to build so far. He gives much credit to his mother, who herself being a staunch MJ fan played a significant role in his eventual exploits as the iconic musician’s double. She introduced him to recordings of the Jackson 5 group as a young child and more so, emphasized that he emulate the groups lead singer, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s introduced the so called Bad Era with his hit song “Bad” and this also had significant influence towards molding his eventual career path as an MJ double. He has the fluid moves that are unique to MJ and surprisingly so, also has stunningly similar looks and voice. His looks are indeed natural though he has had to put in much effort in training his vocal cords to resemble Michael Jackson’s.

It’s said that during his teenage years, one reporter in his home city asked Cortes to pose for photographs as MJ. These pictures were published with great effect and paved the way for Cortes to take up roles as the King of Pop’s double. He currently tours the world entertaining millions of MJ fans with his signature live performance which are reminiscent of the MJ era.

Why You Should Invest In Gold

Gold is commodity that is recognized to be very precious. This is why many people have always been investing in it over the years. Even in the old times, when barter trade was being practiced the value of gold was considered to be very high. Everyone wants to have gold in their possession. This gold trend has been transferred from one generation to the other over the years.

The main reason why everyone loves gold is simple, it has always maintained to be precious and very valuable, no matter what. When you invest in gold, it will always pay you back, a greater price that what you had invested. Gold is used to measure the economic situation of a country all over the world, and it is actually an indicator of the international market trends.

Currently, the business world has developed various solutions for the investment purpose. People can actually invest in the stock exchange; buy some shares from multinational companies; purchase foreign currency, the prize bonds and among others. But none of them is as simple and profitable as gold.

There are mainly two ways that you can invest in gold: buying the solid gold or even investing in gold in the stocks. There are some pros and cons for each of them, but they will both be very profitable at the end of the day. Buying the gold in the solid form is preferred by many individuals, preferable the ones who are interested in investing in small quantities. They can invest in the international gold exchange, a safe and reliable place.

For many individuals,Investing in the gold commodity is quite easier than investing in any other commodities. It is possible to start to start with your little savings, buying just small gold bars or even the coins. The gold can be available in 24k or 18k among others. These are easily available in regular shops, and people who deal with gold. Other forms of investments will require a lot of time from you, and you will have to spend a lot of time, learning about the products. They are even tax deductible, which doesn’t happen in gold investments.

The U.S. Money Reserve was actually founded by the gold market veterans who had previously recognized the need to bring together the top-notch customer service, the expert market knowledge and the kind of trustworthy guide that is found to be very important when buying any precious metals, especially gold.

Put Stock In Investment Plans

Most people would love to have extra money to put in their retirement fund. In fact, the need to pull in more cash is probably one of the biggest reasons folks begin investing. However, take a moment to set goals, make a plan and learn a little about the world of investing before blindly jumping in with both feet. One may find investing in a plan comes with the greatest return.

Investment Goals

Beginning investors should sit down and establish a plan before leaping into a fast paced world they aren’t familiar with yet. For example, one may want to earn enough to pay for a child’s college education or to purchase a new car. No matter the goal, this gives an investor a clear objective to aim for and a better idea of how much to invest. One also wants to make a distinction between investments and savings, keeping the two separate at all times.

Plan Investment Mix

Few people have unlimited funds to dip into and even less to invest. Yet, several folks put their entire investment fund into a single stock, hoping to double their money. Chances are more likely they’ll simply break even. A good plan is to split the money and purchase a few different stocks. After all, diversification is key. For example, try putting some money into an exchange-traded fun and some into a no-load mutual fund.

Know Your Investments

The more one knows about a business before purchasing the company’s stock, the more likely one is to see a return. Publically traded companies are required to release quarterly and annual reports. Study the reports, discover how the company makes money and determine which stocks are more likely to see a return. More importantly, get into the habit of reading those investors reports to stay ahead of the game.

Invest in Financial Advisory Services

There is no shame in seeking professional advice, especially when first stepping into the investment world. Madison Street Capital is more than willing to guide one through the process of selecting and purchasing stock. In fact, the international investment banking firm takes the time to ensure the best match between sellers and buyers, ensuring one will always make the best investment choices possible. In the end, turning to Madison Street Capital to guide one along the way is an investment in peace of mind.

Investing In The Right Companies Takes Some Research And A Little Help

Investing for the future is a good strategy. The stock market is a great place to build a nest egg, but it changes all the time. What was a great investment a year ago, may be a financial bomb today. A good example is the Chinese company, Alibaba. Last year Alibaba was the darling of the e-commerce market in China, and every investor wanted to own a piece of it. Today, Alibaba has lost over half its value, and no one is sure what the future looks like for the company. The point is with all the financial turmoil that is going on around the world it’s hard to decide where to invest money and how long to keep that investment.

Most investment firms like Madison Street Capital, a corporate investment firm based in Chicago, are constantly coming up with strategies for their corporate clients. Market Street helps them get the best return on the money they invested. The executives at Madison Street Capital tells their clients what stocks look good right now and what might be good a few months for now. There is no guarantee that the stock market will give investors what they want, but based on history the stock market is the best place to get a decent return on the money invested.

Madison Street Capital and other investment firms have sophisticated analytic and financial modeling tools that help investors pick the right stocks at any given point in time. In order to invest in the stock market, an investor has to do some research and get a little help. Not everyone can ask Warren Buffet or Carl Icahn what stocks are going to give them the best returns, but there are firms out there like Madison Street Capital that can help cut through the stock market confusion and pinpoint the best investment road to travel based on the amount of money available to invest and the results an investor expects.

There are a few stocks that could be solid winners in 2016, according to Market Street Capital executives. The first company to invest in is Precision Castparts Corporation. That company makes parts for the aerospace industry. Another company that looks good to Market Street is Eagle Pharmaceutical. The executives also say don’t forget oil stocks like Shell and Philips. Buffet just bought a huge amount of Philips stock. Buffet is a good example of an investor that knows where and how long to invest his money.

Kenneth Griffin On How To Be A Great Leader

The CEO of Citadel LLC, Ken Griffin, is known in the financial world as a heavyweight. Citadel is one of the most successful hedge funds globally and Kenneth Griffin has even been included in the Forbes list for his work in Citadel LLC. He is not just known for his work in the investment industry but also for his charitable donations. He has donated over $500 million to various organizations and charitable institutions and he donated $150 million to Harvard in 2014, making his the largest donation of the time for the university.

The leadership of Kenneth Griffin is a much discussed topic and he is often hailed as a shining example for other leaders in the industry to emulate. In the following points are some vital leadership tips revealed by Kenneth Griffin –

Nothing Can Replace Interpersonal Skills – Ken Griffin is known on businessinsider for his communication skills, not just in professional peer circles but when it comes to employees as well. He likes to know about what his members are up to and what their ambitions are. Kenneth Griffin takes a personal interest in the life of his employees not because all leadership books ask leaders to do that but because he is genuinely interested in the wellbeing of his team members. As such, his great interpersonal skills have helped him establish an environment of trust in Citadel LLC that has greatly helped the success of the company.

Employees Are More Important Than Anything – Kenneth Griffin is a strong supporter of the fact that employees are the best resource that an organization has. While other leaders shirk away from caring for their employees and wish to have a no-nonsense approach to leadership, Kenneth Griffin has found the opposite approach to be more rewarding. He says that leaders and members have a symbiotic relationship because they help each other grow. If a leader is good to employees, those employees will reward the leader by performing more efficiently. A leader’s job is to ensure that employees are achieving their personal milestones as well as professional ones.

Training And Team Building Are Vital – Kenneth Griffin is always supporting team building events where leaders get to know more about their employees and vice versa. He believes that team building exercises can help to elevate the efficiency levels in an organization because they allow people to have fun on the job and stop treating it as a chore. This is probably the number one reason behind the high retention rates in Citadel LLC. By introducing training for new technology and tools, Kenneth Griffin has ensured that employees are no longer afraid of change but welcome it. It also allows employees to grow professionally and gives them greater job satisfaction.

Kenneth Griffin also recommends setting time apart for hobbies and interests in order to achieve a good work life balance. He frequently spends time with his family and takes up various interests so that he is mentally refreshed at his workplace. This approach has helped him achieve much success.

QI Company Is Awarded Certificate From NGCN

According to Yahoo Finance, QI Group was acknowledged as an affiliate of the United Nations Global Compact Network. The company agreed to adopt ecological and accountable professional practices under a UN conference held in Singapore recently. These companies vowed to use the most 10 commonly acknowledged principles in the areas of philanthropy, labor, environment and a peaceful existence. QI participated in this commitment and guaranteed to their customers and fellow business professionals that they would be a business that was both socially and economically sound to help them with their achievement and expansion.

Their Group Managing Director, Mr. Joseph Bismark, was given a certificate from the General Counsel’s Chief, Ursula Wynhoven. She is in charge of social sustainability and governance over the UN. QI Group feels privileged to be a part of the UNGC and wants to adopt a globally recognized policy for their development, disclosure, and implementation. Adopting these practices will make the company more transparent and accountable for their corporate governance. It is also beneficial that the UNGC is a beneficial platform and they have emerging practices and since they have a large range of partnerships with governmental agencies, stakeholders and others in high places, it provides a direct link to businesses across the globe.

Joseph Bismark is no stranger to humanitarian efforts whether it be for business or pleasure. He co-founded QNet and then took over as managing director in 2008. Many describe him as a gifted, energetic and resourceful leader; Joseph Bismark survives by the proverb that every person has the ability to do great things. Not only does he have a thirst for knowledge, but he adapts these areas into his active lifestyle. Bismark is a yoga teacher, bonsai major and martial arts aficionado. He and his wife are very passionate about their Vegan lifestyle and educate others on living this healthy way.

QNet, along with Bismark run the company with spiritual integrity. Part of their holistic beliefs run hand in hand with keeping the body as a holy temple, and monitoring what is put into that temple. He had a life changing event happen as a teenager. He got the opportunity to study under the founder of the Hara Krishna group. It was during this time that he made efforts to change his inner man, which ultimately affected the outer man. Using wise spiritual concepts to run his business is how Bismark and his partner have kept QNet on the forefront of other multi-level marketing companies.

Brian Mulligan on Facing a Shrinking Media Dollar


The trend of cutting the cable has become the undoing of the main entertainment media, particularly Big Sports. Brian Mulligan, ‘a CEO, Chairman, COO and CFO across virtually every media/entertainment vertical over a 30 year career,‘ states that the economy of this industry is in sharp decline. He has applied his expert intuition and interpretation of leading indicators to come to this conclusion. It is easy to understand how he has come to this conclusion upon surveying the trends.

As he advanced through his career as a CEO,CFO, COO or Chairman of the board for a media entity, he observed that each tended to have sports as the bread winning engine of their programming revenues. He headed up analytical teams that spotted and documented the symptoms of a dying revenue stream. Households by the thousands were cutting their cable and cancelling their cable subscriptions for the use of the internet for their entertainment appetite.

He compared the best case scenario which was a rate of cancellation of 5 percent over the next five years to the most probable rate of 10 percent and then the most pessimistic rate of 15 percent. This of course was due to the economic conditions that the nation was in as those who once could afford a monthly cable bill had lost jobs or had their household incomes devastated by pay cuts, hours cut or requirements of the Affordable Care Act. A fellow analyst found that the cable cutting phenomenon at 10 percent meant that those who distribute cable or media content would lose their tight profit margin and be operating in the red, soon to go out of business because of fixed operating costs of programming.

Fortunately, if there was to be any good fortune in this trend, this scenario of 10 percent cable cutting would not actually close the doors of most content distributors, however, the future value of sports programs is still in grave danger of extinction over cable entities according to Mulligan. Media sources such as the New York Post have published the outlook for Time Warner Cable to be bleak should they take a loss of $1 billion in revenues on its Dodger’s contract. The basis of this projection is the reality of the ratings for television broadcasts in general being on the downward path. Brian Mulligan concludes that it is important for television business models now to find ways to survive by seeking more cost cutting methods to target consumers.

Achievements of the Legendary Brian Mulligan

Some people will always leave an indelible mark in their lines of career. These are the people who made historical achievements through their exceptional performance. Ones such history-maker is Brian Mulligan. Brian is a renowned American operatic baritone. He was born in New York, US. He attended the Juilliard School for his secondary studies before later joining Yale University. Mulligan is a holder of dual citizenship with Ireland and the United States. The American voice guru was also lucky to learn from the best. Mulligan protege was Steve Smith, the famous American voice coach.

The voice wizard kicked off his career at the Metropolitan Opera in the year 2003 in Die Frau Ohne Schatten while still studying at Juilliard. Since then, Mulligan has been acting in some of the world’s most prestigious opera houses. They include San Francisco Opera (featured in La Bohème as Marcello), Opernhaus Zürich (featured in Pique Dame as Prince Yeletsky), and Lyric Opera of Chicago. Mulligan has also performed in Oper Frankfurt (featured in Adès ‘the Tempest as Prospero), Canadian Opera Company (featured in Lucia di Lammermoor as Enrico). And Houston Grand Opera (featured in La Bohème as Marcello).

Mulligan has also featured in many of the finest orchestras in the US. They included in (Songs for Adam) by Chicago Symphony Orchestra, (A Sea Symphony) by Cleveland Orchestra, (Carmina Burana) by the Baltimore Symphony. He was also in (Paulus) by the Houston Symphony and in (Mahler Symphony #eighth) by Los Angeles Philharmonic. He also performed in the Mahler’s eighth Symphony that was conducted by Gustavo Dudamel, recorded by Deutsche Grammophon and ultimately launched on DVD in the year 2012.

The maestro has recently performed together with Bertrand de Billy in Amfortas in Parsifal at the Oper Frankfurt. His other current collaborations include with Donald Runnicles in (Les Troyens) in Chorèbe, (Un Ballo in Maschera) in Renato with Nicola Luisotti at San Francisco Opera. He has also performed in Carmina Burana with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, in Aida with Gustavo Dudamel, in Peter Grimes with Amonasro and Balstrode. Brian has consequently earned tremendous and critical acclaim in his illustrious career, particularly for his performances in Nixon in China as Richard Nixon with San Francisco Opera. He shined in Lucia di Lammermoor as Enrico of a Canadian Opera Company, David Alden production. He also shined in Hamlet of the English National Opera and Faust as Valentin at the San Francisco Opera and Metropolitan Opera. These and other Mulligan’s achievements have made him become one of the most successful baritones so of all time.

For Flipora, Innovation Reaps Rewards

The team at Flipora have been working hard to bring their company to the masses for the better part of the past five or six years. Flipora, formerly known as InfoAxe before a rebranding attempt, is an innovative discovery based search engine that leans heavily upon artificial intelligence. Since 2010 the company has raised over $4.5 million in investment dollars, pulling in some big names along the way, and they’ve grown their brand at a meteoric pace. Now Flipora is ready to compete with the bigwigs though they are still trying to get their name out there. Let’s take a look at how Flipora has been doing and what they’ll attempt to do in the coming years.

Before you can truly appreciate how Flipora operates you need to have a reference point to compare it to. When you want to search something on the internet you’ll end up at an engine and there you’ll type in a string of keywords. These keywords serve as functional coordinates to lead you to the right data. You have to hope that the data you want has been indexed by your search engine and even then you’ll have to browse through page after page in order to find what you want. Obviously this works but this is not an efficient way to search. What Flipora does is much more effective and unique in a social way.

Flipora operates by putting users together in a giant networked searchable database. Users install Flipora into their browser where the program then monitors their searching habits. These searching habits are then indexed in the Flipora cloud where they are sorted and then shipped out to the users in order to curate content. Like minded individuals will be connected where their similar searching habits will help one another connect to new websites. It’s a socially aware way of sharing content that focuses on quality rather than quantity. The program can be turned off at any time and it is completely secure, for those that worry about their searching habits going public.

Right now Flipora is coming off of raising an additional $1.5 million which will go toward setting up their engines in the iOS and Android device marketplace. With more and more users focusing on mobile usage it only makes sense that Flipora wants to get in on the action. Their Discovery Engine is raising a ton of attention and could become the norm sooner than later.