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Reputation Reboot: Darius Fisher and Status Labs

An online presence means more now than ever before – we live and die, rise and fall in Cyberspace.Unfortunately it’s also incredibly easy to have our online reputation sullied, either by personal error or the malicious intent of others. All it takes for the internet to change from friendly to hostile is a single absent-minded click of the mouse… and before you know it, your online presence is little more than a memorial to your shortcomings.
All is not lost. While there’s not an app (yet) for fixing this kind of flub there is a man named Darius Fisher. He and his company, Status Labs, specialize in putting a shine on your web presence and cleaning up relations with the online public. Operating on the principle that the first page of Google search results is the digital equivalent of a first impression, Fisher and Status Labs focus on reshaping that first page, managing the content of their clients so as to provide positive exposure right out of the gate.
It’s not a job that has to be difficult. Darius Fisher maintains that if a client is well-prepared and takes preliminary measures to maintain a clean reputation online then errors of the sort he deals with can be handled with little or no difficulty. But if worse comes to worst then Fisher and Co. go to work creating new content to correct the problem. The goal is to fashion a collection of relevant information that highlights the client’s more favorable aspects, giving Google something current to latch on to. With a little work, the new content overshadows the old, and becomes the client’s current first page/impression.
It’s a testimony to both the volatile nature of the internet and the skill of Fisher and his team that Status Labs is doing as well as it is. Managing public relations, online reputations, and digital marketing for a wide slew of clients requires a delicate touch, a touch that Fisher has proven himself to possess. Status Labs provides an invaluable service to the denizens of the internet, and it’s a service that will continue to be sought as long as people make mistakes… which is to say, a long, long time.

Premium Dog-Food Sales Soars

Freshpet Inc. is a private equity-backed maker of refrigerated food for dogs and cats as an alternative to dry or canned food, and sells under brands such as Dognation, Dog Joy and Nature’s Fresh. Dog food contains real, fresh meat and different combinations of leafy greens, vegetables and anti-oxidant rich fruits. The U.S. pet premium food is on an upward trend with the new innovative ways of producing healthy food for pets. It’s a growing innovators $23.7 billion pet-food industry that is winning the hearts of pet owners and are opening their wallets to delectable food that is as good as what you put on your own dining table. This was recently tested at an impromptu tasting on a tour of the Freshpet Inc. factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Richard Thompson, CEO of Freshpet, is proud and obsessed of his fresh products and his manufacturing chief, Michael Hieger, actually demonstrates and picks up a slice of Chunky Chicken and Turkey and pops it into his mouth, just to prove that it is made of the highest and purest ingredients and even good for a human being. Traditional pet-food makers are stepping up their marketing game in the face of stiff competition from upstarts like Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co. Beneful has also been creating dog foods like real meats & vitamin-rich veggies for a 100% complete and balanced diet. They have eight varieties of dry dog food, twenty varieties of wet dog food and eleven varieties of dog treats. Beneful is a safe, nutritious, high-quality dog food. Beneful gives you a behind the scenes look into how the Nestlé Purina Nutrition Research evaluates the safety and ingredients of Beneful dog food. Beneful and the entire Purina family are all committed to helping dogs live long, happy and healthy lives. Beneful Prepared Meals are nutritious and delicious and contain ingredients, like real meat, tender vegetables, and wholesome grains. These come in handy plastic tubs, so it’s convenient for storing leftovers in the fridge. It looks like human food some people could make the mistake. The portion sizes are perfect so they aren’t over fed.

U.S. Money Reserve And The High Standards Of Selling Coins

There seems to be more interest in precious metals these days than in many decades. Gold, not surprisingly, is among the most popular of all the precious metals people wish to invest in. Silver and platinum should not be overlooked. Nor should the added collectible benefit of gold coins. Of course, in order to tap into the precious metals coin market, it is necessary to procure the assets from a company known for reliability and legitimacy. Based out of Austin, TX, U.S. Money Reserve is one such company.

U.S. Money Reserve is hardly a newcomer on the precious metals scene. The company has been in business for many years and has executed thousands of sales over that time period. Having facilitated so many sales in the past makes it easier for the company to help all future customers.

The company is also very much committed to the local community. During the holiday season, U.S. Money Reserve took part in food and toy drives for family’s in need. This does speak a great deal about the positive corporate character and culture of the company.

Those more interested in the actual sales and management approach of U.S. Money Reserve will be pleased to learn the executives of the company do possess significant experience in precious metals investing. The company’s management ensures a great deal of work goes into researching the current coin landscape. In taking these steps, the company focuses its acquisitions only on those coins that are the highest in quality. While no one can predict what the value of coins will be in the future, effective research primes the investor to be in a better position. The random procurement of coins would not likely be beneficial in any way.

The customer relations and business support departments also do their best to make sure the experiences of buying from the company do smoothly. The shipping departments is very diligent and responsible when sending orders off to customers.

Overall, the professionals at U.S. Money Reserve run a well-managed company. Anyone thinking about purchasing precious metals will find it helpful to discuss procurements with one of the company’s customer care representatives.

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Status Labs Reminds Companies How to Handle Layoffs Well

In our contemporary world, the use of social media is a must. Many people find it imperative to have a social media account that is used by them in their capacity as an employee and one that they use in order to help keep in touch with family and friends. In a recent article in Tech Cocktail, the author points out one instance where the Chief Operating Officer of the company may have erred in posting on the media after the company’s round of layoffs hit both employees and the media at large.

As Status Labs president and Co-Founder reminds readers in the article, social media disasters can happen easily. He recommends training to help all involved in such media learn the best possible ways to help head off such problems before they even begin. It is this kind of training that can be important when an issue of any kind that relates to the company pops up in the media. The right kind of training can avoid such problems and make sure that all staffers know how to use all forms of social media effectively.

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm. They offer their clients all kinds of important help including help with coping with a problem of some kind online. When a company has a problem that makes the social media rounds, the result may be decreased sales and a demoralized workforce. Those at Status Labs know that it is important to confront any problem that may arise as a result as soon as possible in order to help companies avoid long-term fallout. The internet can be an easy way to spread bad information nearly instantly.

This is why those at Status Labs know that it can also be an excellent way to help spread good information. They have spent many years working with their clients seeking to correct information that is inaccurate on the net and countering it with good information instead. In doing so, they can help any client make sure that company is able to present the best possible face to the public.

George Soros on How the European Union Should Handle the Asylum Crisis in Europe


via Marketwatch

The way the refugees seeking asylum in the EU countries have been treated has been a cause for alarm. The way the whole fiasco has been approached is raising eyebrows. Many European Union countries have selfishly refused to offer help inform of asylum to the refugees in those countries. As a result, many refugees have been left stranded in Airports and transport terminals with nowhere to run to. The major losers in the situation have been the refugees although many members of public and security officers have also been caught up in the situations. As a result, many humanitarian activists have started questioning the role of the European Union on what they are doing to alleviate the crisis. One such person who has been vocal on the issue is billionaire and business mogul George Soros.


George Soros is questioning the move more so because he is a victim of circumstances. George Soros was born in Hungary. However, at a time when the country was under the Nazi invasion in 1947, he like many people in his country fled to England for security purposes. He worked various manual jobs as a waiter to put himself through to college. He enrolled in the London Business School and after graduation in 1952, he got an entry level job at an investment bank in London. His curiosity and pursuit of happiness, however, took him to the USA where he landed analytical and funds management positions for several banks in New York before he quit to pursue a solo business interest. His company, the Quantum Fund, has earned him millions of dollars years after his retirement from business. He is now actively involved in philanthropy as he seeks to give back to the society.


According to Mr. George Soros, the EU should have one EU asylum and migration agency. The plan will not only make it easy for the union to determine the people who qualify for asylum but will also streamline the operations making it efficient and cost effective to run. Having a joint agency would ensure the establishment for employment rules as well as having the rights of the asylum seekers protected under one policy. Those people who are ineligible for asylum would also be offered a safe return to their countries something that is haphazardly done today.


Offering a safe passage for asylum seeking refugees should also be put into place especially for those refugees being moved from countries like Greece and Italy. In the past, may refugees have lost their lives while on transit because of using unsafe means to travel to their destinations. Having an established operational and financial agreement developed by the EU should ensure that all the refugees and immigrants seeking asylum are treated to the same standard requirements.


In conclusion, should the EU implement some of George Soros’ suggestions, they will have averted one of the hugest time bomb waiting to go off as the refugee crisis will not reduce it will only increase. This is mainly due to the political instability in the Middle East.


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Best Known YouTube Channels and Creators

YouTube is an amazing video-sharing social network that launched in 2005. The website expanded quickly as individual users began to post videos that ranged from individual performances to educational shorts. News networks, business advertisements, and even television networks began to utilize the website by posting segments. YouTube is also the channel in which some have launched their celebrity careers.

Justin Bieber is most likely to be the most famed, now former YouTuber. Bieber’s celebrity status launched in 2007 when music mogul Scooter Braun accidentally came across one of his videos on the website. A recording contract was secured some time later, and the young teen soon launched into international stardom.

Lauren Luke, known for her sweet and down to earth personality, found herself at the height of YouTube fame in 2007. Luke posted cosmetic reviews and tutorials as username Panacea81. Lauren’s charm rapidly gained a following that grew to more than 135 million views and maintained more than 500,000 followers. Luke secured a number of cosmetic contracts and launched her cosmetic line.

Ray William Johnson is another YouTuber that has experienced success as a result of posting videos to the website. Johnson ran a series entitled “Equal Three” on his channel. Johnson’s channel has received more than 3 billion views and has more than 10 million subscribers, making RayWilliamJohnson one of the most viewed YouTube channels.

Laci Green is an educational hobbyist whose “Sex +” YouTube series rapidly gained popularity. Green has been invited to speak at educational forums across the U.S. and was the star of the twelve week MTV series “Braless.”

Wendy “Wengie” Huang is among the most famous Australian-based YouTubers. Wengie majored in technology studies and specialized in online marketing.

Wengie operates several different beauty and fashion related YouTube channels. Many of her make-up tutorials are designed specifically for Asian women. Wengie’s beauty channel has received more than 39 million views and 800,000 subscribers, making the channel the most subscribed-to Asian beauty channel in Australia.

Harley Morenstein and Sterling Toth make up the duo whose YouTube channel is known as EpicMealTime. The channel launched weekly posts in October 2010 and is considered one of the world’s top ten most famous YouTube channels.

Morenstein and Toth’s series gave birth to a short-lived spin-off series. The pair posted videos of themselves preparing and serving high-calorie “man-meals” that often include bacon and whiskey.

How You Can Better Your Dog’s Health

Your dog is a part of the family and deserves only the best when it comes to its food. Just like you put thought and passion into serving your family great ingredients and meals, your dog also needs this type of care. As a person, you know what happens when you live a life on junk and fast food. You are eating and getting your daily amount of calories, but the food you are eating is low quality. The same can be said about the type of food that your dog might be consuming each and every day. If you have noticed that your dog has put on quite a bit of weight, looks unhealthy and generally acts lethargic with a dull coat of fur, it could be that he is not getting a proper diet of nutrients and wholesome foods. This is why it is vital to make the switch to a brand like Beneful. Beneful is a top-of-the-line dog food brand on Purina Store that is often the number one chosen product line by dog owners around the world. Beneful has put the work into creating a line of dog food that is healthy and wholesome for your pup. When you make the switch to Beneful, you will notice a difference in your dog only after the first week. Your dog might have more energy and generally feel and look better than before. It all has to do with the quality of ingredients that the dog is eating every day. Essentially, by switching to Beneful, you are getting rid of the junk food and going with healthier options that are highly beneficial to your dog’s health. This is why so many dog owners are making this switch for the benefit of their pups. You will find that with so many dog food brands on the market, they only put the thought and research into flavors that dogs like. The problem with this is that little thought is put into the quality of the food. By switching to Beneful, you get the tastes and flavors that dogs love without the junk ingredients mixed in.

The U.S. Money Reserve Is Helping The Austin Police Operation Blue Santa Program Via Go Fund Me

Help give back this holiday season by donating to the U.S. Money Reserve Help Austin Police Operation Blue Santa GoFundMe page. Operation Blue Santa is an Austin community program that many families benefit from each year. The program provides a full holiday meal and wrapped gifts for children under the age of 14. When the program started back in 1972, it served roughly 20 families. This year they are proud to announce that they have been able to reach out and help over 5,000 families in the Austin area. U.S. Money Reserve is proud to be associated with such a great program and has created this Go Fund Me donation page to help bring awareness and donations to this great cause. U.S. Money Reserve highly encourages their friends, families, clients and the entire U.S. Money Reserve team to help this program however they can. This is a great program that brings holiday cheer to thousands of families. With donations like yours they can continue to help more families each and every holiday season.

About U.S. Money Reserve
U.S. Money Reserve was founded by veterans in the gold market. These veterans knew that there was a desperate need for a company that could offer knowledge, trust, guidance and top of the line customers service in the gold market. This is just what they created when they created the U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve strives to help charities that are focused on child health and well-being. The U.S. Money Reserve has worked with over 100,000 clients and is the nation’s largest distributor of Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins issued by the U.S. Government.

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Philanthropist George Soros Does His Deeds With Both Money And Words


George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management and Open Society. As a teenager, he was a survivor of the Nazi occupation in Hungary. He fled the communist regime to London, where he worked as a railway porter and waiter. Eventually he went on to become the world’s richest hedge fund manager. In 1979, he gave scholarships to South Africans who were under Apartheid. He provided Xerox machines in the Eastern Bloc to copy banned texts that undermined Communism in the 1980’s.

George Soros has come up with a comprehensive six point plan to ease the refugee problem in Europe. First, he says, the EU needs to accept a million refugees annually for the foreseeable future. The EU should also provide 15,000 euros per asylum seeker for each of two years to help cover health care, housing, and education. Second, the EU must provide adequate funding to Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey to support the four million refugees currently living in those countries. Third, the EU must build a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency and Border Guard. Having 28 separate systems is inefficient, expensive, and doesn’t work when it comes to determining who qualifies for asylum. Fourth, safe channels should be established to get refugees from point A to point B without putting their lives in danger, like crossing the Mediterranean on a raft. Fifth, the EU should establish global standards for the treatment of asylum seekers and migrants. And finally, to integrate more than a million asylum seekers and to mobilize the private sector to act as sponsors.

Soros has also been active in the United States, giving $2 million to PACs backing Hillary Clinton in 2015 and $5 million into the litigation effort that Democrats hope will erode restrictions on voter access that could prove decisive in a close election.


Real Estate Companies in Brazil Help Clients From All Backgrounds

Investing in real estate can yield highly impressive results. Many individual investors and companies have found it very useful to invest in real estate in order to help them grow their capital and expand their business. They have also found it very helpful to work with companies that can provide them with the kind of assistance they need to be able to identify possible places to invest and earn an ideal overall profit. The right kind of company is vital when the investor is considering investing in a new market of some kind such as one overseas where they have not done business before.

One of the places in the world that has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years is Brazil because of how rental demand continues to grow. Companies such as Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos have done much to assist clients as they wish to consider the many ways that an investment in this part of the world can help them benefit. They have also been able to work with this company to help them figure out what kind of investments in Brazil might be best for their specific overall aims, especially as Cabral Garcia continues to grow and develop outward.

It is this kind of knowledge that can be invaluable when a company or an individual investor is looking for help as they seek out the right kinds of investments for them. Those who do so will be pleased to realize just how the company can help provide for their needs and offer them the kind of help they need as they explore a possible investment in this part of the world. They know that it is necessary to make sure that all of the information they have on hand is correct. The company also knows that their clients may be interested in various kinds of investments in real estate including an investment in commercial real estate as well as one in the field of residential real estate.

Those who consider such possibilities will often look to companies such as this one to help them sort through many possibilities when they are going to locate the kind of real estate investments that might be ideal for their needs and plans as well as the kind of real estate investments that can help them expand and diversify their holdings in many areas of possible industries. As the market is expected to grow and expand, so is the interest in investing here in this part of the world. The effect should only help to increase real estate prices and provide people who are going to invest here with yet more opportunities to do so. A skilled investment information company is vital to have on one’s side at all times during any possible real estate investment plans.  Follow Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos on their official realty site or check out the Twitter to see updates in real time.