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Money Outweighing Human Rights Violations For Celebrities

Celebrities are in a unique position to determine where they will perform and how much they will net for each performance. Unfortunately, some celebrities simply do not use the better end of their common sense when they make these decisions, or do they. It seems that a growing number of celebrities are choosing to perform for dictators and oppressive governments.

Nicki Minaj has joined this latter group. Recently she chose to give a 2 million dollar performance in Angola. The problem is that this is a country that is being held captive by a dictator who seems do not seem to care about his people. He is also well known for exploiting both the diamond and oil sectors of his country’s economy.

Ms. Minaj was well aware of these and other human rights violations for the Human Rights Foundation contacted her to let her know exactly where the 2 million dollar payment was coming from. Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the foundation begged Ms Minaj to not do the performance. He stressed the nature of the government and where the money was coming from.

Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation to help put a stop to the mistreatment and abuse of peoples around the world. The fact that Angola is starving and oppressing their people, and this is coming from the governments troubling to say the least. It s also not very conducive to the equality of every person who is an Angolan citizen.

It is rather surprising that Ms Minaj would take the stance that she did. She came from a very poor family and would be in the best position to relate to the hardships that Angola’s people are going through. The lure of the money must be an extremely strong enticement to move Ms Minaj to not support the people.

Minaj is not the only one though. Jennifer Lopez is also from a poor background and is also associated with performances for the Turkmenistan government. Kanye West performed in Kazakhstan, Sting Usher, Mariah Carey and even Beyonce are all associated with giving performances for oppressive rulers around the world.

What Ricardo Guimarães Does With His Banking Business

Not only does Ricardo Guimarães own one of the most successful banks in the country of Brazil, but he also works to make it a point to use his influence over the world to improve the way that people are able to bank. He does this by allowing them the best banking experience possible.

He works to help customers with their goals. Goals are very important and Ricardo Guimarães is able to recognize someone who is setting admirable goals when he sees them. He makes sure that the customers know that their goals are important and that the bank is able to help them in any way possible to make the goals a reality. While the BMG bank will not do everything for its customers, it will strive to make the goals of the customers more reachable.

He supports hard working athletes. As with the goals of customers, Guimarães also supports the goals of hard working athletes. He knows that most athletes work hard to where they are, but he pays special attention to those who are striving toward goals that may seem unreachable. The athletes that he currently sponsors are ones who play on an international level, so it does give him some exposure in other countries. The main reason for his sponsorship through the bank is to give hard workers an opportunity they may not have had otherwise without the help of the bank.

He ensures people in his community are looked after. A community is a very special thing to Guimarães because he does not believe he would be where he is today without the community. Because of this, he works to make sure that his community is taken care of. He knows that without a community, many people and institutions would not be where they currently are. He also knows that many people would be without jobs, homes and opportunities if they didn’t have their communities. By always working to make the community better, he has been able to give back to something that gave him so much before he became successful.

He uses his bank for good. The bank is not to be used for ill purposes and is only used to enrich the lives of the people who are members of the bank. While there are certain fees and penalties that may be associated with the bank, these issues come only as a result of misuse of the bank. Ricardo Guimarães makes sure that the bank is only to be used for the better of the people because he knows that the people are the driving factor behind whether the bank is able to profit and succeed or whether it will fail during the year.

Boosting Business Exposure with Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the website that seems to always be there. It has the answer to everything and is able to provide individuals with the ability to edit and add information to a topic if they believe they have helpful content that would assist in the education of others. The open editing and creating platform makes it such an easy opportunity for individuals around the world to gain the information they seek. With that being said, it is possible for companies to make a Wikipedia page. Now, why would someone what to do that? Well, Get Your Wiki points out exactly the benefits of creating a Wikipedia page and how it is able to assist in the growth and development of the business. 

What is Get Your Wiki?

By creating a Wikipedia page, it expands the possible connection points individuals have with the business. It also makes the company appear more authoritative. The additional access comes across as professional and when a business has a wikipedia page, it shows it is not just some small business, because after all, it is important enough to have its own page. Naturally, the more information included in the page the better off it is going to be as visitors want to see a longer, in-depth page (something with just a few sentences does not come across as all-to professional but instead just thrown together). Of course, creating such a page can be tricky for individuals new to the Wikipedia page requirements. That is why Get Your Wiki offers the best Wikipedia writer for hire for its customers and can create a page for individuals easily. This way, they automatically have the authoritative page that gives the most information about the business that is also accurate about the business.  Essentially, Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing service that is a collection of the best, most experienced Wiki writers on the web. This ensures that your business Wiki page will end up at the top of search results with the most relevant information about your business.

Wikipedia business page creation can help create more authoritative backlinks. Search engines such as Google especially like to see authoritative backlinks and it can help boost the search engine ranking of such a website. This way, the creation of the page makes it easier to receive more direct visitors to the website while boosting its recognition on other pages as well. There really is no downside to having a Wikipedia page created. All that it requires is someone who knows what their doing and can create such a page on their own. Get Your Wiki can provide this exact service, making it a strong service provider for customers and businesses looking to grow their online footprint.

Small Contributions Can Go a Long Way in Helping Others

If many people contribute small donations to a certain cause, over time, there will be a lot of money that can be used toward that cause. This is the idea behind the Go Fund Me campaign that has been set up by Majeed Ekbal. He hopes to raise $10,000 that will be used to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake that took place in April 2015. Even if people can only donate a little, their combined donation can do a lot of good. The money that is raised through that Go Fund Me campaign will be contributed to a crowdrise fund. That crowdrise fund has the goal of contributing $1 million to the victims. Majeed Ekbal has already personally donated to this fund. This cause is especially important to him because he knows people who live in the country and has heard their experiences firsthand. He also has a Soundcloud account which is updated regularly.

A 7.8 earthquake took place on April 25, 2015 in the country of Nepal. Many strong aftershocks followed. This caused severe devastation in the country. There were thousands who were killed and even more who were injured. It has been estimated that hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes and businesses. Even well-known buildings were completely destroyed. The earthquake was so strong that it triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest, killing 19 people. That proved to be the deadliest day in Mount Everest’s history. Even though many individuals have contributed to funds that have been set up to help the victims, more help is needed.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Majeed Ekbal is well known in the Chicago area. He is the owner of the company Expresso Inc. This is a grocery delivery company that helps individuals who lead a busy life. Customers can choose items through the website set up by the company and have them delivered for a small fee. Even individuals who do not live in the Chicago area can use the website to have grocery items from Chicago stores sent to them by means of Federal Express. Majeed Ekbal is also in the real estate business and is well known for many of the investments he has made.

BMG Bank Is Making Payroll Loans More Accessible To Employed Brazilians

The economy in Brazil was so strong in 2010 that the unemployment rate was exceptionally low especially when economists considered the people that never work. Brazil was the fastest growing economy in Latin America. The country was one of the driving forces behind the growing world’s economy. But all that changed in 2014.
The major factor that hurt Brazil’s economy was the falling oil prices coupled with China’s meltdown. Brazilian exports suffered and since the government depended on exports to fuel the economy, the economy stalled. And no one expects Brazil to recover next year. Even the banks are bearish when it comes to talking about growth.
But one bank talks about nothing but growth. BMG Bank is on a roll, and the bank plans to continue rolling into 2016 and beyond, according to BMG’s Bank Director Marcio Alaor. Alaor is the one of the architects that designed BMG’s amazing popularity and success. Alaor is a grass roots kind of guy that still helps the people in his hometown even though the bank has moved it headquarters from his state to the bustling city of Sao Paulo.
Alaor got his start in the farming city of Santo Antonio do Monte. He started his business career shining shoes and thanks to his experiences in that low income, but high energy town, Alaor became a successful banker.
BMG Bank has a similar story. The bank started as Banco de Crédito Predial S.A. in 1930. The Guimarães family opened the bank, and they worked hard to build a reputation as a bank that cared for the community. BMG did a profitable vehicle loan business for years, but when the grandson of the founder became president, he wanted the bank to be recognized nationally.
Ricardo Guimarães was appointed president in 1998, and it took him a couple of years to develop his marketing plan that is now considered one of the smartest moves any banker in Brazil has ever made. Ricardo invested in sports and the rest, as they say, is history.
Today, BMG Bank is one of the most recognized banks in Brazil with a strong bottom line and a client base that keeps growing thanks to Brazilian sports. Several soccer clubs wear the BMG logo on game days, and that publicity has made BMG Bank one of the most profitable banks in Brazil.
Thanks to the recognition BMG Bank gets from football, more Brazilian are able to get a loan if they have a job. BMG Bank’s payroll loan product is designed for employed people that are willing to use their income as collateral. Payroll loans have been a huge success even though the country is experiencing a devastating recession and out of control inflation.