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Jon Urbana Is Taking The World In Stride

For Jon Urbana, successes keep adding up. He is involved a number of things that he uses his talents, background and education. Since this is important to him, he continues to keep trying new avenues in order to become a better person.

Jon Urbana And His Lacrosse Camp

His love for Lacrosse started in college. Jon Urbana went to Villanova University, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Since he was known for his excellent lacrosse play in college, the love the sport carried on into his later years. He opened a camp for young people to learn how to play the sport well. With his coaching and teaching of the younger generation, he is able to teach them a lot about working towards a common goal. He instills a great attitude in them and encourages teamwork.

A Talented Man

Jon Urbana is a talented man. One of his loves is that of photography. When he is out and about, he likes to take pictures of the wildlife and the scenery that so enthralls him. Each and every one of his Twitter pictures can tell a story to the audience. His photography is becoming more popular as others on Tumblr see more of it.

His Flying Career Is Impressive To Say The Least

The Federal Aviation Administration gave him an impressive honor for being a great pilot. This is something that is very important to him and there are videos of Urbana flying his airplane online if you know where to find them.

Earth Force Is Another Thing That He Is Passionate About

Earth Force is a fund that he has organized to help people become aware of saving the planet. Saving the planet is important to Jon Urbana because he wants others to be able to enjoy it to, just like he did.

His music activity will continue to grow. He is always looking for new endeavors to put his mind to and accomplish great deeds. He is sure to be a success it what he sets out to do.