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Indian Direct Selling Industry Leaders Make Motion to Empower Young Women

It is very difficult for any community to progress if the women are not empowered. This is because women hold a special place in the society. They are caregivers, mothers, wives, professionals and sometimes breadwinners. All these responsibilities require their attention, and it requires a lot of determination to balance everything.

The modern woman struggles a lot to balance all these responsibilities. Sometimes, they are not lucky to get patient bosses at the work place who understands the many responsibilities in their hands, and they end up fired. The men, on the other hand, can concentrate and perform very well in their duties, something the woman is not able to achieve.

To ensure that women get equal opportunities as men, they must be empowered to earn a lot of money and still have time for the rest of the responsibilities. Due to this reason, QNET, one of the leading companies in direct selling industry is offering them opportunities to achieve a better working balance.

The direct selling industry is one of the safest and also convenient ways of making money. The industry is gaining popularity, and many people are benefiting from it. The company has decided that this year, during the international women’s day, they will offer young women an opportunity to work with them. QNET’s employees have been outspoken on Glassdoor about the success they have achieved at the company and their satisfaction with their employer.

Many modern women have moved from formal employments to start their own businesses. However, many of them have been disappointed. Businesses are quite risky nowadays, and it requires huge sums of money to stabilize and so well, something many people cannot afford. Women have not been lucky enough to succeed, and most of them have been left in huge debts due to the businesses that started and failed.

The opportunity provided by QNET is one in a million. There are fewer risks while working with such an international company, and making grave mistakes will not be easy. The company deals mostly with women products, and this will not prove to be a challenge to the young women. They will most likely have an easy time doing the new transactions from the company.

QNET is one of the direct selling companies that are doing very well in the world currently. The company is headquartered in Asia. It has many other branches, and it also has a special wing known as QNET WE CARE, and it is mostly used for giving donations to needy people in the society.

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Darius Fisher Gets Employee Retention

Darius Fisher is the President and co-founder of Status Labs. Status Labs is a firm that specializes in reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations. Darius Fisher and his company Status Labs resides in Austin, New York, with another office in Sao Paulo. The goal of Status Labs is to help their clients rank high in search engine optimization. Together they serve over 1,500 clients in 35+ countries, including Fortune 100 brands and top public figures. Prior to co-founding Status Labs, Fisher worked as a political consultant and copywriter. Fisher graduated from the prestigious Vanderbilt University with honors.
In a recent article on Forbes, Fisher emphasized on the consequences of a high employee turnover rate. Having a high employee turnover rate in indeed a expensive cost to have. ERE Media states that it cost on average 30-50 percent of an annual salary to replace an entry-level employee, and up to 400 percent to replace a senior or highly specialized employee. One way to help reduce such a high turnover percentage is to have incentives for employees, Darius Fisher strongly believes. By doing so, a employer is able to identify what specifically makes a employee happy, therefore persuading them to be loyal to the company in which they are working for.
Darius also strongly recommends frequently acknowledging your employees. In doing so, you are showing those that work for you, that you appreciate their hard work and dedication to the company, very much so. It also helps keep the workplace morale high. Furthermore Fisher adds that it is very important to keep your employees in the loop. By doing so, you make them feel as if they are apart of something bigger than themselves. Keeping employees informed is essential if you want them to not feel as if they are completing task for something they are not passionate about or have no opinion to add to. It is because of these beliefs that Darius and his company Status Labs has become a premier business consultant company that specializes in SEO content, and happily serves various clients throughout the world. Visit his personal website for more news and information.

An Incident Brands a Woman for Life

Melissa Click, a college has achieved fame through her antics. One video has shown her in an altercation against some journalists. This particular video has gone viral and has made her a celebrity for all the reasons that one would not want to be a celebrity. This status has cost her the job, and has put her at risk of some criminal charges. The journalist that Melissa was trying to have removed was covering a protest at the University of Missouri. Because of the incident, Melissa has been suspended from teaching while an investigation is carried out by the University of Missouri System Board of Curators.

This is an example of a digital crisis that one would have a hard time recovering from. In order to maximize the chances of recovering, Melissa would need the help of someone to bring her back into good terms with unforgiving society. Especially with charges like third-degree assault pending on her record. Often times, people are taken completely out of context and unfairly judged. For this reason, Status Labs has come to the defense of Melissa Click. Status Labs has a grasp on the big picture of what went down.

Melissa Click was acting in support of equal treatment of minorities on campus. However, her passion is what got her into a mix up with plenty of people. The team at Status Labs is very skilled at clearing up misunderstandings. They will provide all of the help they need in their public relations campaign so that Melissa Click can have a chance at getting back into the classroom. Perhaps as new light is shed on the story by Status Labs and other sources, the perception may shift in her favor and she may experience an improvement to her reputation as well as a reinstatement into the education industry.

Investment Banking 101

Many individuals do not understand what investment banking is. An investment bank is a financial firm that mostly underwrites the government sectors and also corporations that are charged with the responsibility of issuing securities like bonds, treasury bills and stocks. The organization is also responsible for providing brokerage services to their clients as well as deal with issues such as acquisitions, mergers, private equity placements, and sometimes, they also handle the corporate restructuring. These institutions mostly work with specific clients, and they will rarely offer their services to the private individuals or the small businesses. Any individuals in the private industry or businesses that are still small cannot enjoy these services, and this means that they can only get help from a commercial bank of from the personal bank.

There are two types of organizations in the investment banking world. One of them is known as Bulge bracket firm. These types of organizations comprise of around fifteen thousand up to fifty thousand employees situated in different locations in the world. The other one is known as the boutique firm. This kind of firm uses the services of around five hundred up to three thousand employees. Individuals working in the two firms will agree that the services they offer are quite different from the other. Everyone has a different taste and preference, and this makes people choose the kind of firm they want to join.

These institutions assist companies and other organizations especially in the buying and selling of activities. When buying, they advise the institutions concerned about buying of assets and securities. Organizations that mainly participate on the buying side are the private equity funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds and several others. The sell side is a wide range of activities. Some of these include broking and sometimes dealing securities, investment banking among others.

Martin Lustgarten is a famous investment banker that is based in Miami in the United States. Martin Lustgarten is respected for his contribution to the investment banking industry, and he boasts of the expertise he has acquired over the years he has been in the industry. Find Martin on Facebook for more news and information.