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White Shark Media Improves Communications Efforts to Satisfy Customer Complaints

White Shark Media has recently been a topic of discussion among business news outlets because of the company’s decision to revamp communications efforts in response to customer reviews. One of the major causes of concern for many of White Shark Media’s consumers was the fact that the communication between the client and the company left room for improvement. Read more: White Shark Media Promises Continual Improvement In Response To Complaints

After discovering that this was the case, White Shark Media took initiative and implemented several programs that were designed specifically to reduce the communication problem within the company.

Although many of the programs within the company have been effected by the attempt to improve communications within White Shark Media, a few of the programs stand out with regard to the development of communications standards in the company.

According to their Google+ page, White Shark Media implements procedures that allow customers to have direct communications with an assigned customer care representative throughout the course of their partnership with the advertising company. When the leaders of White Shark Media questioned the clients regarding their communications issues, a significant number of clients suggested that they were not pleased with the fact that they had to work with several different customer service representatives during the time that they were building their advertising campaigns. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Many customers felt that information was being lost because of the amount of customer service representatives that worked on the cases. White Shark Media has attempted to correct this communications error by assigning individual customer care agents to clients when they begin their advertising campaign process with White Shark Media.

After being assigned to a specific customer care agent, the client is now allowed to work with that particular agent throughout the life of the project. This allows the customer to feel in control of the project.

White Shark Media also implements monthly calling systems to effectively communicate
strategy with clients. This issue was also raised by clients of White Shark Media. Clients stated that they were not being informed about the progress of the advertising campaign on a regular basis. Read more: White Shark Media Reviews: Testimonials & Case Studies from Clients

After learning of this error, White Shark Media Complaints implemented this calling system to ensure that customers were always made aware of the status of their accounts. In addition to the monthly calling systems, White Shark Media has implemented phone systems with direct extensions to customer service representatives. Clients now have direct access to customer care agents and do not have to wait on automated systems in order to contact them.

Susan McGalla Is A Modern Businesswoman

The world of business has changed a great deal in the last few decades. During this time, businesses have become increasingly more welcome of new voices. People from different backgrounds have found it easier than ever to enter the business world and do well there. This is where someone such as Susan McGalla has been to do well in this field. McGalla is a pioneer in the business field who has helped forge new paths that she hopes will be of use of other women who want to follow in her footsteps and also enter the business world as she has done.

Her Own World

McGalla has sought, from the very beginning of her career, to make her own world within it. After graduating from college, she decided to enter the field of business. At Joseph Horne, McGalla was noted for her ability to manage many tasks at once and do well at all of them. Her work there was about being there for her customers and helping her fellow employees manage the needs of the store’s customers even more efficiently. She knew hat it was imperative for her to be right there at every turn, offering ideas that were of use to every member of the team.

Read more: Susan McGalla As A High Performing Business Woman In The Corporate World

Her Skills

In the last few years, Susan McGalla has developed many important skills. She has demonstrated a full understanding of the many important techniques necessary to help any retailer succeed in this highly competitive world. As she reveals in a recent press release, she is right there for her many retail clients at every turn. Her aim is to provide the kind of expert advice and assistance on Wikimedia that can help reach out to new customers and help existing customers realize how much they can enjoy shopping in such spaces even more.

Looking To The Future

As McGalla looks very much to the future, she is highly hopeful that she will be able to continue to offer superior insights and be there for her client base. As a consultant, McGalla knows that she can bring true value to the table and help provide her clients with retail expertise so necessary to succeed in the modern world right now. This is why her consulting business has done so well. It is because of her personal devotion to the world of business retailing and marketing and her many years of vast experience in the field. See:

Kevin Seawright Speaks About RPS Solutions LLC

Recently on the Larry Young Morning Show, Kevin Seawright from RPS Solutions touched on an exciting new venture partnership seeking to revitalize the urban sectors of the Baltimore area in an attempt to get more people into affordable housing, and how this commonsense project is both good for the city and in line with the company’s goals for the future.

In quite the candid interview, expressed that increased home ownership in big urban centers like Baltimore is not just a desire he has for people all over the country, but really something RPS Solutions is personally invested in. A great number of RPS’ clients are buying their first home or property for the first time in a market that is still trying to find its bearings after the housing crisis that sprang up between 2007-08. They’ve committed themselves to getting their clients situated in an area that isn’t just a good investment for both sides but also a location where they can eventually be part of that neighborhood’s identity. It’s a sense of satisfaction and pride, Seawright said, to see that their clients are proud of the places they come to call home and do are they.

Currently, the ownership rate of homes in the Baltimore area is approximately 48%. RPS intends to increase that number in a timely fashion by getting their clients into homes in underdeveloped areas, increasing investment in these corners of the city to boost their visibility and invite new businesses and talents to call Baltimore home.

You can hear the interview in its entirety by visiting The Larry Young Morning Show’s website.

Kevin Seawright is an experienced project manager that has made the city of Baltimore his base of operations. Having enjoyed careers in the private and public sectors, Seawright has worked to help businesses find their footing, provide housing for the elderly and reinforce the infrastructure of public schools.

Seawright has even work for Maryland’s Departments of Recreation and Parks in the position of Chief Financial and Facilities Officer. This position put him in management of more than $50 million in federal, state and private money in order to revitalize the states parks.  He also holds a position as VP of the NCEDC.

Helane Morrison: Never Afraid of a Challenge

When one looks at the career of Helane Morrison, is nearly impossible to not be impressed at her resume. At the present time, she is working at Hall Capital Partners LLC as Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer. In case that wasn’t enough, she’s also a member of the firm’s executive committee. It’s safe to say that not a day goes by where she isn’t doing something or working on a project. She is someone that loves to work and she loves her job. She wakes up every morning with a smile on her face and she is ready to do whatever the job requires and whatever is asked of her. She doesn’t run away from it and she doesn’t shy away from it.

Helane is well versed in her career as she also practiced law in the past in San Fransisco. This shows that she believes the old adage that knowledge is power. She is not afraid to learn as much as possible and gain as much information as she possibly can. There is no such thing as too much knowledge or knowing too much. The more you know, the better off you will be in the long run and you will be ready and prepared for whatever is on your docket.

Knowing the law is especially vital as you can offer expertise in other areas that others might be unfamiliar with. That’s another wonderful trait about Helane Morrison is the fact that she is willing to help her peers. She has an open door policy and is always there for the company. If anyone has a question, concern, or needs some clarification on something, she is more than happy to offer a helping hand and guide them down the right path. She knows that no one can do it alone.

That is the beauty of what she does and the type of person she is. She knows that every company, every one that is successful for that matter, works best when they work as a team and everyone is on the same page. When that happens, there are no obstacles they can’t overcome together. They have a team-focused mentality and they have leaders with knowledge, experience, and wisdom. They have been through it all and lived to tell about it. Because of this, nothing is going to catch them off guard or scare them. They will face it without fear.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Career In Finance And Communications


Shaygan Kheradpir was first born in London, and his father worked as a physician. He immigrated to the United States for college. He attended Cornell University with a doctorate degree in electrical engineering. This degree has given him a very high level of expertise in working in the communications industry. He got his first job in the field in 1987. This job was with GTE, which is a communications company. While there, he served a variety of important functions, including the management of the company. However, this was only the beginning of his career. He began to have a number of other successful jobs.

He is now a very successful CEO of a major corporation, and he has successfully helped to run a variety of very well known companies. He has been a successful executive working with Verizon, Juniper Networks, GTE, and Barclays. Juniper Networks, GTE, and Verizon are all communications companies. Barclays is a major financial institution, and they are responsible for a very large amount of assets. Furthermore, the bank operates throughout different regions of the world. However, he recently has gotten an executive position at a company called Coriant. Coriant is a well known optics company, and they operate throughout the world. Their technologies are used in the communications industry.

In addition to being a successful business executive, Shaygan Kheradpir also has served on a number of important boards. He is part of a council at Cornell University and for NIST. In addition, he served on a board for YMCA for several years. His work on these boards has helped these organizations to truly thrive.

Now, Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO of Coriant, and it may appear that he entered the company suddenly. However, this is not true. In fact, he has had a long term relationship with those running Coriant. He also is very experienced with running similar types of corporations, as he is very experienced in the telecommunications sector. This is likely to help him be a very effective executive for Coriant. Those in other levels of management and the former CEO of Coriant are expecting that his leadership is going to help the company to grow. They also feel that he has a very strong track record with the company, during his previous involvement with the company.

Coriant is an extremely large company, and his getting a position there is a big step for the career of Shaygan Kheradpir. If he is successful in this role, it will certainly provide extremely strong evidence of Shaygan Kheradpir’s skill in managing a company. Coriant not only is a very large company that earns approximately a billion dollars per year, but they are seeking to expand and diversify the services that they provide. In addition, Coriant faces some very fierce competition from a number of very well known and powerful companies in the communications sector. For instance, they are competing against companies, such as Lucent and Cisco.



Brian Bonar’s Latest Venture is Bellamy Restaurant in Escondido

Escondido’s newest culinary venture aims to please with a taste of France, and the hard work of chef, Patrick Ponsaty and Bandy Canyon owner, Brian Bonar. The spot isn’t new, nor is the idea for a fresh, clean menu serving French fare without flair. What makes Bellamy special Pugh, is the chef, a native Frenchman looking to turn The Ranch into the place everyone wants to be when they visit Escondido. To match the goals and vision for the new place, a complete redesign is in the works.

Bellamy has come a long way under the direction of chef and owner, but there is still a lot to be done, and the necessary loyal crowd to turn it into the success that it can be. Neither chef nor owner run in culinary circles, or have the backgrounds that would bring them an established following to the new project.

The menu is impressive by any standard, and the chef has been give free reign to create the menu as he desired. Brian Bonar knew that he has to work and lead in those areas where he was strong, but allow his employees to work and create where they excelled.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Both owner and chef are decorated and the winner of prestigious awards in their respective fields. Brian Bonar has been investing in and working on projects In order to breathe new life into businesses and markets around the state for years. His business acumen is his main strength, but he has the ability to sense what businesses will fare well in the new future and have enough of a demand to create the revenue to offset the cost of an initial investment.

Over the years Brian Bonar’s investment interests have been less hands on than a restaurant requires, consisting of buying and selling properties, so this is an entirely new arena for Bonar. Bellamy will be a true test of Bonar’s ability to cater a business around the current needs of consumers.
Read more:

The New Frontier


How Does The US Money Reserve Make Gold Coin Investment Easy?

The US Money Reserve and their president were on EPNS Radio, and the company wants people to know that they can make a lot of money when they are buying gold coins. Gold coin ownership is something that Philip Diehl believes in, and he runs the US Money Reserve with that in mind, and he wants to show people that they have much better options for making money.

There are a lot of people who are going to notice that they can easily figure out how much gold costs, and then they can start buying gold coins because they offer the best options for people who are trying to make money. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

All these people are going to have a good chance to keep collecting coins, and then they are going to feel free to keep investing as much as possible. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

They might come up with a big collection, or they might have a few coins they will keep in a safe until they are ready to sell them. Everyone is different, and everyone can buy coins from US Money Reserve that will help them.

There are always new designs that come out from the company, and they are all made to make people happy. They will find something that is fun to look at, and they might have such a large collection that they can sell it for a large profit in the future. Read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials – and U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

Everyone who is really thinking about how they are going to make the most money from their investments needs to remember that they have a better chance of that at the US Money Reserve.

The company has better designs that people will enjoy, and they are all going to have a nice time because it is a place where anyone can come to buy a gold coin of their choice.

SEC Makes More Provisions for Whistleblowers

To help battle the financial crisis, in 2010 Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was the biggest governmental revolution in the U.S. since the Great Depression. This particular act provides incentives for individuals to report wrongdoing to the Securities and Exchange Commission when it is recognized. The rewards are awarded only when the sanctions reach at least $1 million. This is why it is known as a whistleblower program. The government well recognizes that whistleblowers are an imperative element in defeating corruption in the financial world.

Cleaning up these discoveries means helping maintain the integrity of the U.S. financial landscape. They are key in helping them identify this corruption wherever it is found. This move by the government discouraged law firms all across the country to get involved. The firm, Labaton Sucharow, was the first firm in the U.S. to set up practices that would were focused entirely on this act. These practices are encompassed by the Whistleblower Representation Practice, which is led by Jordan Thomas, the former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel.

Thomas has done more for the program than just lead it. He was also instrumental in founding and developing it. The program pays out 10-30% of any monetary gain as a result of their whistle-blowing for violations of the Commodity Exchange Act. In addition, they may be able to get an additional payment because of side things that may result from their whistle-blowing. Congress has authorized that all of these payments be made from its Investor Protection Fund. However, the Dodd-Frank also protects the whistleblower against any retribution or retaliation by the offending company against the whistleblower.

If a company or institution does make retribution or retaliation against an individual, there are ordained things that can be done to legally protect them from any kind of persecution. You can request further details about the SEC Whistleblower lawyers via telephone, email, or contacting the website. During this inquiry process, prospective will not have to identify themselves with any personal information. For such persons who don’t know English, translation services are available by request.