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James Dondero and Highland Capital Awards The Family Place $1 million grant

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has aimed at fighting violence. He has strived to build a community that cares for the family as a whole. He raised a challenge to several philanthropic organizations in Dallas, Texas. James Dondero of Highland Capital Management group heard the challenge and donated a grant worth $1 million.

The grant should go towards the Family Place and its Legacy Campaign. The team aims at assisting the Dallas community to stop family violence. The Family Place has undertaken various efforts to educate the community, come up with preventive measures and provide intervention for domestic violence.

The Family Place is the largest foundation of its kind. The firm has been in operation since it was established in 1978. It has been able to help over 225,000 victims since it started operating. The plan of the organization is to provide a violence shelter for women and their children as from 2017.

The firm aims at getting the amount to build its Counseling Center. The amount should go towards enriching The Family Place with various resources. After the announcement, other organizations were able to raise $200,000. The Highland Dallas Foundation met the challenge by matching the amount with an additional $100,000.

James Dondero is popular for his philanthropic ventures. He said that the recently raised grant should answer the call of Mike Rawlings. The Dallas Mayor posed a challenge to James Dondero and his Highland Capital Management Group. Mr. Dondero serves as the current president and founder of HCM. The Highland Capital Management is one of the biggest collateralized loan obligation firms. He serves as the chairman of the board at HCM Acquisition Company. Dondero has amassed over 30 years experience in the credit markets.

According to PR Newswire, before establishing the Highland Management in 1993, James Dondero served in other financial firms. He is known to assist in building and growing Protective Life to $2 billion from 1989 to 1993. Mr. Dondero has an extensive portfolio manager experience. He has gained skills in emerging market debt, preferred stocks, common stocks and high-yield bonds. Between 1985 and 1989, he played a leading role in increasing $1 billion income funds for the America Express.


Josh Verne and His Secrets to Success

Josh Verne recently appeared on the Knowledge For Men podcast with some advice. An entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in starting, growing, and leading businesses, Verne is currently the CEO of, which he launched in February 2016. Flocku is a Pennsylvania-based mobile peer-to-peer exchange designed for college students; essentially, it is a platform for college students to speak directly to their peers on a whole range of issues. Verne employs over 400 college students who call themselves Flockers who write about anything and everything. Verne decided to start FlockU after noticing that there was a need for a platform that targeted the demographic of nearly 17-20 million people and gave them a voice. Since launching earlier this year, FlockU has partnered with The Huffington Post with 3.8 million monthly impressions and 35 percent click-thru rate.


A self-proclaimed underdog, Verne did not follow the traditional path and go to college after high school; rather, he was always entrepreneurial in nature and had his first business at nine years old. Since then, he has achieved a lot of success; an experienced businessman and entrepreneur, Josh Verne previously founded work, an online marketplace that deducts purchases from your work payroll, which was successfully sold to Global Analytics Holding in 2014. Before that, Verne had a long-running furniture business with a partner that they sold in 2011. Having trained thousands of employees over his lifetime, Verne spoke with Knowledge For Men with sound advice for young and budding entrepreneurs.


First, he mentioned the importance of being a leader and not a boss. Unlike someone that takes advantage of the title to get people to do work or earn respect, it is more important to respect people first and set a good example to work together on achieving a common goal. The second piece of advice he gave was to think win-win. The win-win mindset allowed him to continue to reach for the stars no matter how bleak the situation looked. By thinking win-win, Verne was able to keep moving forward, even if there were some falls along the way. If failures do happen, as it has for Verne on a few occasions, he emphasized having a system in place to evaluate why the failure occurred and how to fix it so that it will not happen the next time.


Josh Verne also emphasized the importance of listening. The less you speak, the more authoritative you will appear, and people will want to hear you voice your opinions. He also mentioned having a balance in life. While having a successful business is important and is the goal, maintaining good health and a personal life are just as important. Balance is about making progress in all aspects of life, not just in business. Finally, Verne concluded by saying that if you want to be successful, you have to find a passion. Take time to figure out what it is that ignites you and will wake you up in the morning ready to get to work. Finding that passion and inspiration are important in allowing you to continue on a journey, whether it may be a few years or several years.

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Technology Is More Than Just The Technology

The business world is an interesting world where people provide products and services to serve specific purposes. However, the people who purchase the products and services have their own reasons for making the purchases, which is sometimes different than the purpose of the provider. People buy products and use services to satisfy a need or desire. Sometimes it is both. One of the areas of the business world where products and services are purchased to meet both needs and desires is the technology industry.


Technology has become much more than just technology. In the past, people purchased a desktop computer because they needed a computer. In the past, people purchased a television because they needed a television. However, in the world today, technology has become a way of making a statement. Many people purchase smartphones because they want a smartphone. They desire a smartphone. In addition, people will purchase a certain color smartphone because they like the color.


The use of technology as more than technology has been occurring for a while now, but many people are moving a few steps further with the use of technology as more than just the technology. With access to technology almost anywhere, people have started to use technology as a status symbol. A way of showing what they have and what they can have. In many ways, technology has become a fashion statement.


This is interesting in many ways because the fashion world has embraced technology. Some fashion designers have started to use technology in their fashion designs. The move is to try something different, but also the use of technology in fashion is showing that technology is about a certain look or a certain style. Combining technology with fashion is simply putting it out for the public to consume. There are people who have been using fashion and technology on a personal level already. The fashion world is just taking the idea mainstream.


The use of technology with fashion is beneficial to the fashion and technology industries. Both industries are very popular. The use of fashion and technology together in some aspects is taking the individual popularity of the industries and combining the use of the industries, which in many ways will bring new fans to both industries.


Chris Burch is a well known businessman in both the technology and fashion industries. He has started successful companies in both industries. He has a good understanding of what it takes to be successful in the technology and fashion industries.


Chris Burch has a variety of business interests, and he has amassed a very impressive investment portfolio that shows the success he has achieved in the business world.


Why Every Business Needs Active Investors

It is very rare these days to find a person who has stayed with the same company for several decades, by Capital Group’s Tim Armour has done just that. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College, Armour went to work for Capital Group as a member of the associates program and moved up to the Chief Executive Officer position thirty-two years later in July of 2015.

During his time with Capital Group, Armour has done great things for the company. The company fell behind because they chose to use active funds managers instead of passive. It was up to Armour’s team to research and show that being active could produce better results. They found this to be the case so long as the investor handled the situation appropriately. After finding this out, it was up to Armour to present this new information to the public. Before assuming his position as the CEO, Tim Armour was a member of Capital Group’s eight person round table. The company does this in order to make sure that multiple people have a say, running the business in a more collegiate fashion. Part of the reason Armour was on the team was because they were preparing him to take over Jim Rothenberg’s position as the CEO. The company trusted the man who had been with them and shown what he was capable of.

If a company as large as Capital Group trusts his judgment, then when he speaks, people listen. In October 2016, he wrote an article for Wall Street Journal talking about why active investing is beneficial. He makes note that a person would want someone who is researching what is really happening in the world, making sure to get the best profit for their investor. A good example would be countries like China.

Tim Armour makes a point to note that traditional tools to determine the country’s economy are unrealistic as they are transitioning from a closed, investment led country to a open, consumer-led country which is a difficult thing to do; however, there will be strong companies emerging. That is where active investors come in.

MB2 Dental Provides Some of The Best Dental Services in the Entire Area

If you want to attain a better set of teeth, then you may want to consider hiring the services of a proficient dentist/orthodontist at a clinic near you. Unfortunately, there are a vast array of people today who do not have the condition of teeth that they would like to have. Having a straight and healthy set of teeth is more than just having a nice smile. Having a straight and healthy set of teeth can have a great effect on the overall quality of one’s life. If you have undergone the treatments of braces in the past, then you may be well acquainted with the effects of changes that you have experienced. Transforming a set of crooked teeth into straight ones can actually be quite life changing.


Some of the changes that occur in one’s life from having a better and healthier set of teeth is being able to sleep better. Oftentimes, crooked teeth can mean one is undergoing certain types of pains. Such pains can have an effect of keeping one awake throughout the night. Another common problem among people with crooked teeth is the inability of being able to chew their food properly. This often ends up in such people having digestive problems, which can cause a myriad of problems to one’s overall health and well-being. MB2 Dental professionals are very eager to assist you with any issues you may be experiencing with the health of your teeth.


If you would like to undergo orthodontics treatment, you may be able to ask the professionals of MB2 Dental what your best options are. They will be more than happy to have a checkup conducted on you to determine whether that is the most viable option for you to undergo. If you are unsure about whether you will be able to cover the expenses of acquiring the treatment options that are offered by MB2 Dental, then please do not hesitate to ask about the payment plans that are available for clients to take advantage of. The dental clinic is always willing to work a payment plan that is most beneficial and convenient for the client so that they can attain better health without prolonging such necessary treatments.


Bob Reina: The Unselfish and Kind CEO


There are two types of CEO’s out there. There are the CEO’s that are only interested in helping themselves out and getting their pockets fat and rich. They are the type of CEO that should be avoided at all costs. They do not have other people’s intentions in mind. They are simply looking out for themselves, and that is all that matters to them. There are also the types of CEO’s like Bob Reina of Talk Fusion that see their position in life as a chance to give back. For Talk Fusion and Bob Reina, quite frankly, it started as soon as the company opened back in 2007.


It is hard to believe that the company has been around for almost a decade. In that decade, they have done a lot of good for a lot of people. There are not many companies out there that can say that and live by that. Talk Fusion is one of them, however, as is his Bob Reina as the CEO. He knew the product was a great one with video chat, video newsletters, video emails and video conferences. These would all help the modern businessman or businesswoman with their business. A lot of people are busy and on the go, and they need the chance to talk to people wherever there is Wi-Fi.


More than that, Bob Reina wanted to make people happy again. He wanted to see smiles on the faces of everyone that he encountered. He didn’t want to see anyone unhappy or living a life that was not to their liking. With Talk Fusion, they can now be their own boss and they can even work from home in their comfy PJ’s! With the money Bob Reina has made from Talk Fusion, he made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. It is safe to say they appreciated it, as did the animals. He also encourages his employees to give Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing and he is currently offering thirty-day free trials of the product to people out there that want to give it a go and see what it is all about.


IAP Worldwide Services Are Fantastic

The company, IAP Worldwide Services is known for many different reasons. They hire quite a few people in the United States, making them one of the top employers. They assist the government in many ways, and at any time they are called upon, they complete their mission to the highest of standards.

IAP Worldwide Services Helps With Hurricane Matthew

IAP Worldwide Services is helping with the event of hurricane Matthew. They have given their teams the deployment to help in both Florida and North Carolina. They have assisted with many different aspects, giving the area much needed help that will continue to improve the areas that were most hit by the hurricane. In a disaster situation, people know that they can count on IAP Worldwide Services for their expertise and assistance during difficult times. This is extremely important to the people that are hit the hardest in areas that had difficulty with the hurricane, and need help in terms of housing and repair.

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The Common Ground System Receives IAP Worldwide Services Assistance

A total of 53 million dollars is what IAP Worldwide Services has contracted in order to assist in the Common Ground System. With training support, field services, and more they are assisting in outstanding ways. In all aspects, they have done quite a bit in order to make sure that everything works as ordered. With their mission at hand, their trained, and educated professionals on their team are experienced at what they need to do. The government knows they can trust them with anything that they need to do in order to complete the necessary work that they need.

IAP Worldwide Services Provide Power Structures

There are many people all over the world that depend on IAP for their help with power structures. With all of the technology that IAP Worldwide Services has to offer, they will be able to have power generated for them. In all aspects, the professionals that are employed by IAP Worldwide Services work extremely hard to deliver just what people need, and that is why they are always in high demand.

IAP Worldwide Services will continue to do amazing things in the future. With great strategies and a committed team, IAP Worldwide Services is in demand for many issues that arise all over the nation. Every mission that they take on is planned for success, and they will continue to complete extraordinary accomplishments.

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Get Service That Is Truly Free Of Cost From FreedomPop

Any carrier can claim that they have free mobile service, but truly free service is offered by FreedomPop and has been offered by them for years. Take a FreedomPop review for instance, an engaging review that was written in 2016 gave an update on the great services offered by FreedomPop, especially about the free cell phone service. Before things changed, FreedomPop was only offering 200 minutes of talk time, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data. Although the plan has gone through several changes, it’s pretty much stayed the same but now has unlimited text messages.


FreedomPop is even generous enough to inform their customers about how they can gain free data because many feel that 500 MB of data isn’t enough, even if the user is only sending text messages and is not surfing the net. With the FreedomPop offers that are available, each one that is filled out or completed should gain the user at least 10 MB of data or more. Anyone who is a current FreedomPop customer should also consider adding a FreedomPop friend because doing so can help them gain constant access to additional data each month for free.


FreedomPop knows that not everyone is willing to complete offers or surveys, so it’s suggested that the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop be the main source of data for those who need it. After only paying a five-dollar monthly fee, the FreedomPop customer will have access to over 10 million hotspots that span across the great United States and connects to 4G LTE speed Internet. Anyone using a cell phone that connects to Wi-Fi service can start getting more data for free and at high speeds and can even make calls and more while using Wi-Fi service.


Also, don’t forget that FreedomPop also has two more additional plans on top of the free cell phone plan, which is the paid plan for $10.99 as well as the truly unlimited plan with unlimited data for $19.99. The portable hotspots are also available from FreedomPop when a refundable down payment has been paid for the hotspot. The portable hotspot will have to be shipped out to the home of the customer but will always receive at least 500 MB of free data every month, but the user is encouraged to choose one of the several plans offered from FreedomPop to constantly keep data on the hotspot.

Holiday Beauty Tips From Wengie



Wengie wants all her viewers to be prepared for the holidays, and she believes each is quite fun as her viewers take a peak at her videos. This article explains a few hacks Wengie offers for the season, and her sunny disposition makes the hacks all the more appealing. Getting ready for the holidays is more fun when ladies use Wengie’s makeup tips and her holiday hacks.


#1: Blotting Foundation


Every lady who wishes to wear a full face during the holidays often has nowhere to do their makeup. Blotting foundation is quite simple, and Wengie demonstrates a few dots of foundation on the face. Spreading the foundation with a brush ensures proper coverage, and the foundation goes on in moments.


#2: Party Planning


Holiday Santa cups are nothing more than black ribbon, a gold button and a bit of glue. Wengie recommends using red Solo cups that are ubiquitous in society, wrapping a bit of black ribbon on them and dotting them with a gold button. Every visitor at a party will have a lovely cup to drink from, and the party will feel more festive.


#3: Homemade Snow Globes


A bit of pixie dust in a small jar helps create a snowy scene. The scenery is glued to the undercarriage of the lid, and the jar turned upside down when the snow is inserted. Each snow globe may have its own coloring, scene and people.


#4: Sock Cozies


Drink cozies are quite popular in the winter months, and they may be created using the socks everyone got for Christmas this year. The socks may be cut in half, and one end sewn shut over the base of the jar glass. A few stitches will complete the job, and the viewer may create several different cozies for friends and family.


The finest holiday hacks are all available on Wengie’s blog as she talks about makeup and keeping the holiday festive. Her ingenuity is quite infectious as viewers will find their own adaptations of every hack, and Wengie will continue to make makeup and home decor for fun for everyone.

Community And Business Collide In The Career Of Vijay Eswaran

The direct sales business leader Vijay Eswaran has brought his skills as a highly educated financial expert to the industry after beginning his career as a student at the London School of Economics graduating in 1984. Eswaran returned to his native Malaysia determined to make a name for himself in the direct sales industry, but he also believed a successful business should provide much more for the people of the local community than just employment; Vijay Eswaran and members of the QI Group have become famous for the success they have achieved in the direct sales industry, and for participating in community events and programs to help protect the people who work with the company.

QI was established in 1998 and quickly made a splash on the global stage when the direct sales company won the right to sell commemorative coins for the 2000 Olympics across the Pacific Rim; despite many of their rivals winning their rights to sell these precious coins years before QI, the company became one of the top three sellers of coins over the course of the sales period. The QI Group is now one of the top direct sales company’s across Asia and has been one of the top entrants into the Indian market many see as the next great area of expansion for the industry.

Vijay Eswaran is always looking to change his own skills and approach to success in the business arena, which he has shown by now looking to finding people with a similar approach to business to himself to his company instead of the traditional approach of choosing the best educated candidate for any position. This new and different approach can also be seen in the way QI has developed its position as a part of the many communities it is now found within; Vijay Eswaran has looked to lower the impact of his company on the environment and local people through the use of solar power and a paperless approach to conducting business.