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Flavio Maluf: Making Ideal Investments for Eucatex Group


Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex Group, a company that operates in the sectors of furniture and construction industry. Mr. Maluf is also the president of GrandFood Group, the owner of Golden and Premier Pet brands, among many other investments.


  • Flavio Maluf’s Background


Flavio Maluf studied mechanical engineering at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). After finishing his studies, he relocated to New York City where he resided for some years. Mr. Maluf studied Business Administration at the New York University and later worked for various firms including CitiCorp. Flavio Maluf returned to Brazil after gaining enough knowledge in the business sector.


  • Transition Point


Flavio Maluf started working for Eucatex Group in 1987. He worked in the trade department before moving to the industrial division of the company. Mr. Maluf was a hardworking employee and undertook his responsibilities dutifully. His efforts were recognized and he was invited to join the frame executives of Eucatex Group.


In 1997, a family agreement enabled Mr. Maluf succeeded his uncle as the president of the company.


  • Leading Eucatex Group


As president of the company, Mr. Maluf integrates a unique set of skills defined by LinkedIn – engineering and business to keep Eucatex at a competitive edge. He is open to innovative solutions that facilitate the growth of the company.


In 2010, Maluf spearheaded the implementation of a new industrial plant in the state of Sao Paulo. The plant operates as the production line of T-HDF/MDF (Thin High-Density Fiberboard and Medium Density Fiberboard.


Mr. Maluf is always attentive to the activities that contribute to the environmental conversation. He is mainly keen on the forests from which Eucatex obtains its raw materials. He even implemented the Eucatex Recycling Program that uses wood residue to produce energy hence reducing pollution to the environment.


  • Certifications


Under Maluf’s leadership, Eucatex has been recognized for its efforts to conserve the environment while producing its products. Eucatex is currently an ISO 14001 certified company. ISO 14001 is a global acknowledgment to businesses that comply with the strict standards that promote environmental protection. The certification was created to control residue and pollution, creating a responsible relationship between companies and the environment.


Eucatex also received the FSC Green Label Certification, a certificate that guarantees consumers that a product was produced with raw materials from certified trees.   Flavio is also pursuing a career in politics.

Brad Reifler’s Financial Words of Wisdom

Learning how to manage finances and secure economic prosperity for oneself is one of the most important things that people can learn. How to do this, simply ask none other than Brad Reifler.

Brad Reifler, who is the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, has been involved in the financial industry for years and after the release of the film “Money Monster,” he has dished out some words of wisdom for people who want to take part in investing in their futures. This is especially because he has experience in dealing with both sides, the top one percent with all the power and the other ninety-nine percent who don’t have access to such wealth.

According to a recently published article, Reifler has given his insight on financial investments and comes with three different pieces of advice. His advice is to first, never invest all of the money available in the stock market and consider the safety of that money as a factor that plays into it. The second bit is to know all about the fund managers working alongside someone, because it is crucial to be able to trust whoever is investing money with someone else. The last bit of advice he gave was to know exactly why someone is investing in the first place and to keep adding funds towards it if the first investment turns out to be a success.

The advice given should be helpful for anyone, since Brad Reifler is all too familiar with how the financial and investment world works. Reifler got his start first when he graduated from Bowdoin College with his degree in economics and political science. From there he started the Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982, which eventually became part of Refco in 2000.

In addition to starting his own trading company, Brad Reifler has taken part in some other endeavors, such as starting other companies like Pali Capital in 1995 where he spent 13 years there as the CEO. Forefront Capital was his biggest claim to fame, acting as the CEO and accomplishing goals like building and maintaining multiple business subsidiaries.

Expert Investment Advisory Bradley Reifler and His Team Invest to help Veterans

Are you in the market for a trusted trading and investment advisory firm? Successful Entrepreneur Bradley Reifler, founder and CEO of Forefront Capital Management, a trading and advisory firm in New York City, has over three decades of expert consultancy and investment advisory services. According to Marketwired website, Reifler and his team entered into partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center, in Feb. of 2016, to help veterans and their families with programs such as: education and advocacy, care-giving training services, health and wellness, and job training.

Reifler said on his CrunchBase site that he is also helping middle America invest in products for 1%, i.e., accredited investor. Forefront Income Trust, is a public non-traded interval fund, a 40 Act Fund, and he’ll donate 3% to military families and veterans, says Reifler on Twitter.

For investors who seek safe investments with a successful return on investment (ROI), as originally reported by, 2014, Reifler said that investors should consider these five tips:

First, be careful how you invest by creating goals, evaluating your assets and considering risks, charges, and expenses.

Second, be concerned and know about the safety of your money.

Third, do not invest all your money into the stock market.

Fourth, not only do you need to know whose investing in your money, but also develop trust with the manager of your funds.

Fifth, understand and recognize why you are investing, consider your investment objectives, and be careful with how much you are investing in. Reifler says that if you see something working and worth investing in, then add it to your portfolio, according to a press release on Feb. 24, 2014, on Reuters website.

Overall, Forefront Capital Management, is a trading and investment advisory firm with expert management and investment advisory team that you can trust. has more information on Brad Reifler and his achievements to this point.

Why You Need to Be Using Brazil Real Estate Companies

For anyone who is moving to Brazil, it is absolutely vital that you find the right agent with whom you can work on finding the perfect home or apartment. One of the great things about moving to Brazil is that there are lots of properties available and an immense opportunity for you to grow and have a place to truly call home. The issue comes with actually finding one of these properties and knowing what it is that you want in a new place to live. This is why working with professional Brazil real estate companies is definitely the best bet.

One such real estate company is known as Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos and these experts are working in Brazil where demand for rental has gone through the roof. They have helped thousands of people to find the perfect home to meet their needs. When working with the professionals of the Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos company, you can tell them what you are looking for in a home or apartment and the price that you are looking to pay. Instead of doing all of the research on your own, the Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos experts will do the homework for you or provide you with tons of listings accurate to your needs.

When you are working with the Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos professionals, it will not be long until you find the ideal apartment or home in Brazil to meet your needs. One of the best aspects of using the Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is their expertise and knowledge of the area. For those who are new to Brazil and do not necessarily know what they should be looking for, having an agent to work with who knows the area is definitely a benefit. You will want to get into contact with the Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos company as soon as you make the decision that you would like to move to Brazil and make it your new home.

Brazil is a great place to live whether you are looking to work in the area or just want a place to call home that you know you are going to love. The key is to work with the perfect agents who will help to find you the home of your dreams. You will want to get into contact with one of these agents so that they can begin working on finding you the right house. You will find that Brazil, in particular, has a lot of opportunities and advantages when you are looking for a place to move.

Is Sergio Cortes Akin To Michael Jackson?

From a very young age, Michael Jackson wowed millions of fans the world over. Born from a richly musical family, he went on to become the greatest musical performer of the late 20th and Century. His death came as a shock to his worldwide audience and as such, many were led to believe that that was the last they would hear and see of live performances by the renowned King of Pop.

There is however an artist performing live concerts in front of thousands of Michael Jackson fans each year even after his untimely demise. This performer exhibits the elegance, grace and choreographic mastery that have compelled many people to associate his persona with Michael Jackson’s ancestry. Born in the Spanish city of Barcelona, the 44 year old Sergio Cortes Parra is the closest you can get to a live Michael Jackson performance. This is especially the case for the young people who never got the opportune moment to watch the King of Pop perform live.

Now an internationally respected performing artist specializing in re-animating past Michael Jackson performances, Sergio Cortes has put a lot of hard work and dedication to attain what he has been able to build so far. He gives much credit to his mother, who herself being a staunch MJ fan played a significant role in his eventual exploits as the iconic musician’s double. She introduced him to recordings of the Jackson 5 group as a young child and more so, emphasized that he emulate the groups lead singer, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s introduced the so called Bad Era with his hit song “Bad” and this also had significant influence towards molding his eventual career path as an MJ double. He has the fluid moves that are unique to MJ and surprisingly so, also has stunningly similar looks and voice. His looks are indeed natural though he has had to put in much effort in training his vocal cords to resemble Michael Jackson’s.

It’s said that during his teenage years, one reporter in his home city asked Cortes to pose for photographs as MJ. These pictures were published with great effect and paved the way for Cortes to take up roles as the King of Pop’s double. He currently tours the world entertaining millions of MJ fans with his signature live performance which are reminiscent of the MJ era.

Achievements of the Legendary Brian Mulligan

Some people will always leave an indelible mark in their lines of career. These are the people who made historical achievements through their exceptional performance. Ones such history-maker is Brian Mulligan. Brian is a renowned American operatic baritone. He was born in New York, US. He attended the Juilliard School for his secondary studies before later joining Yale University. Mulligan is a holder of dual citizenship with Ireland and the United States. The American voice guru was also lucky to learn from the best. Mulligan protege was Steve Smith, the famous American voice coach.

The voice wizard kicked off his career at the Metropolitan Opera in the year 2003 in Die Frau Ohne Schatten while still studying at Juilliard. Since then, Mulligan has been acting in some of the world’s most prestigious opera houses. They include San Francisco Opera (featured in La Bohème as Marcello), Opernhaus Zürich (featured in Pique Dame as Prince Yeletsky), and Lyric Opera of Chicago. Mulligan has also performed in Oper Frankfurt (featured in Adès ‘the Tempest as Prospero), Canadian Opera Company (featured in Lucia di Lammermoor as Enrico). And Houston Grand Opera (featured in La Bohème as Marcello).

Mulligan has also featured in many of the finest orchestras in the US. They included in (Songs for Adam) by Chicago Symphony Orchestra, (A Sea Symphony) by Cleveland Orchestra, (Carmina Burana) by the Baltimore Symphony. He was also in (Paulus) by the Houston Symphony and in (Mahler Symphony #eighth) by Los Angeles Philharmonic. He also performed in the Mahler’s eighth Symphony that was conducted by Gustavo Dudamel, recorded by Deutsche Grammophon and ultimately launched on DVD in the year 2012.

The maestro has recently performed together with Bertrand de Billy in Amfortas in Parsifal at the Oper Frankfurt. His other current collaborations include with Donald Runnicles in (Les Troyens) in Chorèbe, (Un Ballo in Maschera) in Renato with Nicola Luisotti at San Francisco Opera. He has also performed in Carmina Burana with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, in Aida with Gustavo Dudamel, in Peter Grimes with Amonasro and Balstrode. Brian has consequently earned tremendous and critical acclaim in his illustrious career, particularly for his performances in Nixon in China as Richard Nixon with San Francisco Opera. He shined in Lucia di Lammermoor as Enrico of a Canadian Opera Company, David Alden production. He also shined in Hamlet of the English National Opera and Faust as Valentin at the San Francisco Opera and Metropolitan Opera. These and other Mulligan’s achievements have made him become one of the most successful baritones so of all time.

Why Apartment Living in New Jersey Makes Sense


Deciding whether or not to live in an apartment can be a difficult decision. However, there definitely are some benefits. For one, you aren’t responsible for any repairs. The landlord of the apartment is the one who has to fix the stuff that breaks. Two, you have access to a lot of amenities most homeowners don’t. Three, you will have the comfort of the apartment complexes security. Not all complexes will have the best security, but all do have it to some degree. And four, you usually do not have to make a long commitment.

Introducing the best of apartment living in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Here you will find The Aspire. The Aspire is a very classy 17-story luxury apartment building, very near the New Brunswick Train Station, the Robert Woods University Hospital, Rutgers Medical School, and Rutgers University. The beautiful complex boasts 238 one and two-bedroom apartments with lots of space, optional terrace and balcony, amazing view from the enormous windows, and floors with both hardwood and carpeting. In each apartment you will also find gourmet kitchens, custom-built cabinets, quartz countertops, and stainless-steel appliances.

Each occupant will enjoy a dining table that seats 12, a pool table, several flat screen TV’s, and WiFi availability. The complex also has a restaurant and even retail stores. Perks include 24-hour doorman service, a complete fitness center, fulltime maintenance and management staff, and a parking garage that can be accessed via an elevator in the lobby. You can even relax on the roof deck which is equipped with electric barbecues. In March, Boraie Development LLC opened up its leasing office for apartments at the posh location. Studios will start at $1, 650, one-bedrooms at $1,800, and two-bedrooms at $2,700.

Boraie Development has a long track record of quality real estate ventures like this and some even better throughout New Jersey. They have been doing so for over 30 years! Over that time they have well learned all the best funding techniques of the trade. In addition to their own considerable resources, they use large commercial bank to fund their projects. They have also learned the best way to market to attract tenants and residents. They have earned the trust and high respect they have received. Follow them on Facebook.

Spinal Surgery is on the Rise Today in the Medical World

Nowadays, many people suffer from terrible back pain, which causes them to not be able to enjoy their life fully because it stops them from doing so many different and fun things and it also stops them from being able to do their highly important and mandatory everyday tasks. However, people are now starting to find the greatest, easiest, and fastest ways to finally free themselves of their back pain. In fact, one of these amazing ways is by going under the process of spinal surgery. Spinal surgery is a surgical procedure that is proven to correct the weakened parts of the spinal cord and back in order to remove pain and leave patients feeling relieved.

As said before, many people today are now turning to spinal surgeries in order to relieve themselves of unwanted back pain. Thankfully, there are many different spinal surgery centers around the world who specialize in these back surgeries and are willing to help anyone out there who wants and needs immediate relief. Many of these spinal surgery centers are known for their great work and their many different types of back surgeries they perform. Most of these spinal surgery centers state that it is extremely important to have a wide range of different surgery options and procedures because everyone’s back and spinal cord is made and functions differently. The more surgeries the health center provides, the more options the patient has to choose from and it is most likely they will choose the surgery that fits their back pain situation the most. For example, some of the best types of spinal surgeries provided today are disc replacements, discectomies, foraminotomies, spinal fusions, and laminectomies. However, one of the most performed and best surgery out of the five is the spinal fusion. In fact, one of the best spinal surgery centers to perform these spinal fusions is known as North American Spine.

North American Spine is a spinal surgery company that helps patients by performing life-changing and quick spinal surgeries on them. North American Spine doctors have created an extremely great surgery known as the AccuraScope Procedure where they use spinal fusion to treat the spinal cord, neck, and lower back. This surgery has been performed several times on many different customers and the reviews are great. Customers state that the surgery is quick and afterwards, the healing process is smooth and fast! North American Spine surgery centers are currently located in Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, and Minnesota. They are currently trying to spread their work all over the world by expanding the business to other locations. Overall, North American Spine’s goal is just to help as many suffering people as possible and to change their lives for the better.

Overall, it is important that no one live their life in pain and fortunately, people can stop living that way with the many spinal surgery centers around the world that are on the rise. PR Newswire implied that it is companies like North American Spine that are making huge differences in people’s lives and allowing them to feel the amazing relief and relaxation everyone dreams of.

Writing Better Wikipedia Articles

Editors for Wikipedia have the unenviable job of being guardians over a virtual labyrinthine maze of information. With millions of pages of data accessible at the click of a button or the search of a keyword, editors have to be consistent in their approach to editing. With Wikipedia being an open source platform, with anyone able to edit, many faulty contributions tend to surface only to be deleted or modified shortly thereafter. For editors who are interested in succeeding in creating a Wiki page, they would do well to follow this short compilation of instructions provided by GetYourWiki. Editing on Wikipedia is easy, keeping those edits online is hard when the rules are not followed.

Prepare all citations.
Any edits that get logged into Wikipedia must come bundled with reliable citations that adequately source the information being logged. Citations must be both professional and enduring, as Wikipedia has no date for being shut down. Citations that can be lost at any time, such as a message board post, should not be considered useful and are to be avoided.

Do first edit in the User Space.
The User Space is a page given to editors by Wikipedia where they can learn the ropes without having to put any of their content ‘live’. This subpage allows editors to take their time, go over their work, and even get help from other editors in order to make sure that it is ready for ‘prime time publishing’. Once the page is ready to go it can then be transferred over and published live in the main article space. This is an invaluable tool that regularly goes underused.

Avoid personal biases and opinions.
The most important thing an editor should take from this guide is that they should leave any biases or preconceptions at the door when they step into the Wikipedia editing area. Wikipedia thrives on being a neutral source of information that does not cater to the whims of the volunteer force that comprises all of the writers. Personal essays, advertising, opinions, and insults need all be left out of content or else repercussions will ensue. Repeated transgressions can result in a user losing their ability to actually edit and contribute to the Wikipedia.

Maintain notability guidelines.
Wikipedia users must understand that the encyclopedia is not a compendium of everything to ever exist. All content on the page must meet the notability guidelines in order to be accepted. Do not try to add personal pages for friends, family, or anything else unless it meets the standards published by Wikipedia.

HomeJoy and My Savings

There has been some great revolutions that have taken place that mean a whole lot to a generation that is looking to be entrepreneurs. However, the barriers were not always so evident. It took the pain of many to make the problems public and then to let innovation cure the issues. This advancement has been the digital revolution. Before this, having universal healthcare was not a possibility. The ill effects of a large economy extorting system like healthcare was is evident. Large medical bills that could ruin a family was an obvious effect. However, lesser known effects like having to take a lesser job and not leave it for better wages simply because it provided healthcare were just as insidious. The effect was to thwart forward progress of many forward thinking people, and this had the effect of drying up a thriving middle class. It is this sector of the public that is normally charged with starting businesses and innovating other sectors of the economy.

Without the freedom to strike out on the path of entrepreneurship, people were basically slaves to the very real necessity of healthcare coverage. After the Affordable Care Act, the ability to find that niche that pays well or innovate that product that will bring wealth to your well deserving family is possible while retaining healthcare. I also think that people are making too much of the false negatives concerning the digital method of receiving and delivering services that utilize apps. I utilize an app like Homejoy on Washingtonpost to pick me up a professional cleaner. I believe in saving money and making safe investments to grow wealth over a lifetime. I do this so that I may retire comfortably. Before the digital age, this meant that I could only work more hours for more money and under a much ridged schedule. Starting a business was risky and losing healthcare to do so was not an option.

I still have a job with decent wages, but not so much that I can contribute fully to the necessary retirement entities. However, I solved this by stuffing my retirement accounts with money that I pick up through an app that is sort of like the ride sharing app that I utilize. I utilize HomeJoy to pick-up cleaning jobs in my spare time. I am my own contactor, I pay my own taxes which are very minimal because I relinquish all of the earnings from HomeJoy to my savings and investment accounts. I have a high internal ranking. This means that I receive approximately $20 an hour in my free time. Unlike working a secondary part-time job to fund these accounts, if I am too tired to work, I simply do not work. It is also great because I am building a business and an excellent reputation. When regular working hours are lean, I compensate with extra jobs from HomeJoy. It is my security.