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Sleeping Easier With Wengie

You can use a few meditation techniques if you have trouble falling asleep. Wengie often starts at the top of her head, relaxing every part of the body in her mind until she gets to her feet. This is a tip that you can use to unconsciously relax every muscle until you simply float off to sleep.


A spoonful of honey before bed can improve the night’s sleep that you get. A better way to enjoy the honey is in a warm cup of milk and vanilla. Calming proteins is in milk, which triggers the mind to relax and the body to go to sleep. Another idea for falling asleep at night is to only use the bed for sleeping. Don’t use the bed for watching television or other daily activities as you’ll begin to associate the bed in the same way that you would the couch or a chair. You could watch television before you go to sleep, but try to turn the television off or set it on a timer so that it’s not on all night.


Try not to eat before bed. This just gives the body energy that is needed to perform during the day, which isn’t what you’re trying to accomplish. Those who have a pet will find that the animal is a good way to relax the mind before bed, making it easier to get to sleep at night. If you like sleeping on your side, then try to sleep on the left side. Sleeping on the right side can cause acid reflux and other issues that can keep you awake.


Eat Your School Supplies: A Wengie Hack Original


Could you use a snack right now? If you answered yes, would you eat an eraser, Elmer’s glue, or a glue stick? If you feel confused, good–that is exactly what beauty fanatic, Wengie, was going for. In her video highlighting school snacks hacks and pranks, Wengie got as gross as possible without actually being disgusting. From gummy erasers to Starburst glue sticks to even drinking glucose syrup, this blogger is intent on getting her followers through the school day with a few snacks.

Gummy Erasers for Your Rumbling Tummy

Big, pink erasers are iconic. Thankfully, they are also simple to replicate. The process is simple:


  • Heat one cup of water on the stove


  • Mix in cherry or strawberry jello until it is well combined


  • Allow to boil for thirty seconds


  • Pour in one small can of sweetened condensed milk


  • Stir and remove the mixture from heat


  • Spray a rectangular pan generously and pour the mixture in


  • Place it in the fridge and allow it to chill until it is firm


  • Gently remove the block from the pan and cut rectangular shapes. Slice the ends diagonally to achieve the iconic shape

Would You Like Some Glue?

Elmer’s glue comes in a multitude of colors or a lack thereof with their clear, thick substance. Remove the glue from the bottle, but do not waste it. Thoroughly rinse the inside with hot soap and water and never forget to wash the cap out either. Funnel in glucose syrup. Though Wengie does not necessarily recommend drinking this, it is just amazing how similar it looks to the actual glue and will receive some surprising attention if you drink it in public.

A Starburst Glue Stick? Yes, Please!

Glue sticks are easy to remove and usually requires pushing the stick all the way up and simply twisting it out. Once the inside has been properly cleaned, you simply have to peel the wrappers off a few Starbursts. As if the stick itself is a cookie cutter, punch out portions of the Starbursts until the holder is full.


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Wengie’s Facial Massages Are For Beauty and Health

Your face is the first thing that people view. Additionally, your face is a starting point for plenty of toxins entering and leaving your body, ultimately contributing to your overall health. Plenty of people understand the importance of keeping your face healthy, but really only believe that eliminating blemishes is of the utmost importance. Beauty blogger, Wengie, educatesthe masses every chance that she gets as to why regular face cleansing and massages are really important, and demonstrates proper techniques and tools to use.

Offering a brief history lesson, the blogger educated the audience on the fact that facial massages are Chinese in origin, and are actually a medicinal technique. From there, the beloved Aussie began discussing how she once had a high sodium diet that lacked in adequate water consumption, so her face regularly fell victim to frequent bloating. While she expressed her disdain for the way it made her look, she emphasized the importance of facial massages and that they actually remove toxins from your body, if done properly. Next came the fun stuff, and Wengie let everyone know what they needed for a proper massage, and how to perform the daily task.

You need two things, as stated by the beauty guru:

1. A tool with a curve; a Chinese spoon, a plastic massager or, her favorite, a Unicorn massager, which curves nicely to the jaw line and the curve of the lips.

2. A lubrication for cleansing.

Describing how you need to work from the top to the bottom, Wengie stressed the importance of pushing the oil to your neck. When the toxins reach your neck, they absorb into your body, and your system works effortlessly to eliminate them. To make matters even more beneficial, regular facial massages slim the appearance of the face, and result in a radiant complexion that is free of blemishes.


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