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Parents Should Let Millennials Take Responsibility For Their Bills, says COO of FullCycle Sam Tabar




Sam Tabar, a licensed attorney and advisor based in New York, is the COO of FullCycle fund. He also serves as the CFO of Awearable Apparel, as indicated by LinkedIn, a firm headquartered in the same city. He is a graduate of Oxford University and Columbia Law School. Sam Tabar came into prominence because of his successful career in law and as an influential hedge fund manager of the large financial institutions such as The Bank of America. Over the last seventeen years, he has been an associate at Skadden. His other executive roles include his senior associate’s position at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP and head of Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction.

Sam Tabar’s current high profile position has its beginnings in his post at PMA that afforded him the opportunity to interact with clients directly. At PMA, he also got the chance to manage hedge funds. His dedication to delivering results led to his appointment as Co-Manager of PMA’s Business Development branch. In the year 2011, He joined Merrill Lynch and had the chance to affiliate with the Asia-Pacific region. Within a short time, Tabar got the opportunity to develop his skills as a capital strategist at Advenal LLC. Later, in the year 2014, Tabar started his venture as a hedge fund manager and established one of the most successful hedge fund management firms in the world.


In his article about the right time for parents to let their children survive on their own, he revealed some interesting statistics. His article showed that while a significant percentage of millennials still receive some support with paying their bills from their parents, research indicates that they have more than 20 times savings as compared more than half the entire US population. According to his article, 47% of American millennials still depend on their parents to help out in paying some of their bills, which include cell phone bills, groceries, clothing, and mortgage. Tabar questioned the financial health of the parents’ commitment to sacrifice their funds for their children who are clearly able to afford their expenses.

He advises parents of children who have a steady income to evaluate their financial situation and find out how millennials can start to handle their expenses. This way, parents can secure their financial health and assist the child-adults in taking responsibility for their expenditures.  You can find additional articles from Samir Tabar on his HuffPost contributor profile, as well as his SlideShare page.

Kevin Seawright Speaks About RPS Solutions LLC

Recently on the Larry Young Morning Show, Kevin Seawright from RPS Solutions touched on an exciting new venture partnership seeking to revitalize the urban sectors of the Baltimore area in an attempt to get more people into affordable housing, and how this commonsense project is both good for the city and in line with the company’s goals for the future.

In quite the candid interview, expressed that increased home ownership in big urban centers like Baltimore is not just a desire he has for people all over the country, but really something RPS Solutions is personally invested in. A great number of RPS’ clients are buying their first home or property for the first time in a market that is still trying to find its bearings after the housing crisis that sprang up between 2007-08. They’ve committed themselves to getting their clients situated in an area that isn’t just a good investment for both sides but also a location where they can eventually be part of that neighborhood’s identity. It’s a sense of satisfaction and pride, Seawright said, to see that their clients are proud of the places they come to call home and do are they.

Currently, the ownership rate of homes in the Baltimore area is approximately 48%. RPS intends to increase that number in a timely fashion by getting their clients into homes in underdeveloped areas, increasing investment in these corners of the city to boost their visibility and invite new businesses and talents to call Baltimore home.

You can hear the interview in its entirety by visiting The Larry Young Morning Show’s website.

Kevin Seawright is an experienced project manager that has made the city of Baltimore his base of operations. Having enjoyed careers in the private and public sectors, Seawright has worked to help businesses find their footing, provide housing for the elderly and reinforce the infrastructure of public schools.

Seawright has even work for Maryland’s Departments of Recreation and Parks in the position of Chief Financial and Facilities Officer. This position put him in management of more than $50 million in federal, state and private money in order to revitalize the states parks.  He also holds a position as VP of the NCEDC.

Real Estate Companies in Brazil Help Clients From All Backgrounds

Investing in real estate can yield highly impressive results. Many individual investors and companies have found it very useful to invest in real estate in order to help them grow their capital and expand their business. They have also found it very helpful to work with companies that can provide them with the kind of assistance they need to be able to identify possible places to invest and earn an ideal overall profit. The right kind of company is vital when the investor is considering investing in a new market of some kind such as one overseas where they have not done business before.

One of the places in the world that has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years is Brazil because of how rental demand continues to grow. Companies such as Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos have done much to assist clients as they wish to consider the many ways that an investment in this part of the world can help them benefit. They have also been able to work with this company to help them figure out what kind of investments in Brazil might be best for their specific overall aims, especially as Cabral Garcia continues to grow and develop outward.

It is this kind of knowledge that can be invaluable when a company or an individual investor is looking for help as they seek out the right kinds of investments for them. Those who do so will be pleased to realize just how the company can help provide for their needs and offer them the kind of help they need as they explore a possible investment in this part of the world. They know that it is necessary to make sure that all of the information they have on hand is correct. The company also knows that their clients may be interested in various kinds of investments in real estate including an investment in commercial real estate as well as one in the field of residential real estate.

Those who consider such possibilities will often look to companies such as this one to help them sort through many possibilities when they are going to locate the kind of real estate investments that might be ideal for their needs and plans as well as the kind of real estate investments that can help them expand and diversify their holdings in many areas of possible industries. As the market is expected to grow and expand, so is the interest in investing here in this part of the world. The effect should only help to increase real estate prices and provide people who are going to invest here with yet more opportunities to do so. A skilled investment information company is vital to have on one’s side at all times during any possible real estate investment plans.  Follow Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos on their official realty site or check out the Twitter to see updates in real time.

Kyle Bass in the Center of Another Storm

Kyle Bass is a billionaire according to Wikipedia. He is a man both loved and hated depending on which side of the political spectrum speaks about him. His latest efforts, allied with Erich Spangenberg, are to attack outdated patents on drugs and medical applications. These so called “zombie” patents prohibit the copying and reproduction of equivalent and less costly generic products. Bass and Spangenberg together formed the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, CAD attacking 33 patents which stand in the way of generic reproduction and hence lower drug and medical application costs. Their efforts are being challenged by some in the media as frivolous and self serving.

Bass founded Hayman Capital, a hedge fund, in 2006 in Dallas, Texas. As an investment strategy Bass is putting his money where his mouth is. He and Hayman Capital are investing in companies that would benefit when these “zombie” patents are overturned and generic production begins. They are using a complicated, sophisticated strategy called shorting, which is betting that a company’s value, its current stock price decreases in the future.

Kyle Bass had a meteoric rise to fortune and fame when he sensed that the sub prime mortgage situation in America was out of control and would soon implode shattering the American economy. While everyone in America was buying real estate, taking advantage of the banking institution’s liberal lending policy. Bass was shorting the sub prime mortgage market and he would realize a fortune. In layman’s terms, a bank loan needs a guarantor for that part of the loan which is not covered by assets. Real estate has been a very stable investment for both the bank and the borrower, but when economic conditions deteriorated and real estate values began their decline, the value of the loan decreases.

Borrowers owed more for their real estate than the value of the real estate, itself. Borrowing and hence lending stopped and the American economy plunged along with the value of motgaged real estate. Kyle Bass had positioned himself to profit when this calamity ensued. It did and he profited enormously.

Kyle Bass will not move out of the spotlight. It is good for his business and may be good for those who want to see ridiculously high drug prices and “Big Pharma” be brought down.

The efforts of Kyle Bass and Erich Spangenberg forming CAD seem altruistic but the strategy of Bass and Hayman Capital of positioning themselves to take financial advantage from the efforts of their Coalition for Affordable Drugs seem to be more monetary than altruistic. The true nature of their, seemingly noble, efforts will be determined sometime in the distant future.  Some will always regard Bass as a desperate gambler, but who knows the real story.

Kevin Seawright – Continuing Education and Innovation

Kevin Seawright has used his financial expertise over the last 13 years along with his unique skill-set to improve organizations economically along the East Coast. Having served in a broad spectrum of Executive Financial positions ranging from government and education to, his current role, non-profit. Kevin brings to the table a coveted combination of perspective and insight. His past successes are attributable to his ability to be innovative and, essentially, transform business strategies. One very noteworthy achievement of his includes a revenue enhancement to increase annual return forecasts a full 25%. For just over a year now, Kevin has served his local community as Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporations.

In a recent interview with Enterprise Radio host Eric Dye, he discusses his role, a new level of education and what inspired it. Kevin recently completed Notre Dame’s Executive Leadership Program. Dye asked about his experience and why other business leaders and entrepreneurs would be interested. Kevin emphasizes the exposure to a very diverse group of professionals and the value of the insight gained. He goes on to say the exposure and overall course helped him bridge the gap between government and non-profit sectors. Kevin believes the transitioning of roles for him was the driving factor in undertaking the leadership course. Kevin cites four specific takeaways from the course that help in the day-to-day business. Notre Dame’s Executive Leadership Program taught him how to gain a consensus in order to solve problems to benefit both the board and Newark. Kevin Seawright cites his other key takeaways as a means of accomplishing the mutual benefits. Forming strong and active boards by supporting the board and helping them to be strong. He picked up an approach that encourages what he calls “being out there” by being transformational and not just following textbook strategies. Lastly, Kevin says having a level of self-awareness by understanding strengths and areas of improvement help him achieve his end results. Kevin highly recommends the course for anyone reporting to a board because it teaches one how to navigate a desired outcome for both the board and its employees.