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Bob Reina, a Philanthropist Devoted to Making Dreams Come True


Great entrepreneurs make great leaders, and Bob Reina, CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, is both as well as a dedicated philanthropist. In 2007, he founded the video communication company that went global in the first year. Mr. Reina developed the high-quality Video Email out of desperation because, in 2004, he wanted to send a video by email, but had no way to do it,


So, Mr. Reina designed the state-of-the-art video company, Talk Fusion with ultimate technology, surpassing the existing video companies. Under his leadership, the international company is now at the top of the video industry, and Mr. Reina is able to help people. both in the company and around the world.


Talk Fusion is physically located in Brandon, Tampa, FL, where Mr. Reina lives and he found excellent techs for his team. They increased the product line, which increased their product list, and today the All-in-One Solutions package includes Video Email, Video Chat, Live Meeting, Video Newsletters, Sign-up Forms and an analytical program.


Last year, Bob launched a program that allowed every associate to donate one Solution plan to the charity of their choice. This was an extravagant gesture, but it helped 144 nonprofit charities while allowing the employees to experience giving for themselves.


Bob Reina is known as a generous person who donates so others can reach their goals. Several years ago, Bob made the largest donation ever when he gave $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to build a shelter. He has a huge heart for animals, and for others who are underprivileged, so he regularly donates to the children in an orphanage in Indonesia.


Bob helps people around the globe as well as in Talk Fusion. and he has a saying, “ with great success comes greater responsibility.” He lives his life with that in mind. Talk Fusion has reached greater success in the video industry, and he is a tireless giver with a heart for helping those who are in need around the world. Bob Reina is a successful entrepreneur and a devoted philanthropist setting an incredible example for others.


Shaygan Kheradpir’s Career In Finance And Communications


Shaygan Kheradpir was first born in London, and his father worked as a physician. He immigrated to the United States for college. He attended Cornell University with a doctorate degree in electrical engineering. This degree has given him a very high level of expertise in working in the communications industry. He got his first job in the field in 1987. This job was with GTE, which is a communications company. While there, he served a variety of important functions, including the management of the company. However, this was only the beginning of his career. He began to have a number of other successful jobs.

He is now a very successful CEO of a major corporation, and he has successfully helped to run a variety of very well known companies. He has been a successful executive working with Verizon, Juniper Networks, GTE, and Barclays. Juniper Networks, GTE, and Verizon are all communications companies. Barclays is a major financial institution, and they are responsible for a very large amount of assets. Furthermore, the bank operates throughout different regions of the world. However, he recently has gotten an executive position at a company called Coriant. Coriant is a well known optics company, and they operate throughout the world. Their technologies are used in the communications industry.

In addition to being a successful business executive, Shaygan Kheradpir also has served on a number of important boards. He is part of a council at Cornell University and for NIST. In addition, he served on a board for YMCA for several years. His work on these boards has helped these organizations to truly thrive.

Now, Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO of Coriant, and it may appear that he entered the company suddenly. However, this is not true. In fact, he has had a long term relationship with those running Coriant. He also is very experienced with running similar types of corporations, as he is very experienced in the telecommunications sector. This is likely to help him be a very effective executive for Coriant. Those in other levels of management and the former CEO of Coriant are expecting that his leadership is going to help the company to grow. They also feel that he has a very strong track record with the company, during his previous involvement with the company.

Coriant is an extremely large company, and his getting a position there is a big step for the career of Shaygan Kheradpir. If he is successful in this role, it will certainly provide extremely strong evidence of Shaygan Kheradpir’s skill in managing a company. Coriant not only is a very large company that earns approximately a billion dollars per year, but they are seeking to expand and diversify the services that they provide. In addition, Coriant faces some very fierce competition from a number of very well known and powerful companies in the communications sector. For instance, they are competing against companies, such as Lucent and Cisco.



Shaygan Kheradpir Named CEO Of Coriant


Optical transport vendor Coriant has just named Shaygan Keradpir its new CEO. After a long relationship with Juniper Networks, Keradpir will fill the position formerly held by Pat DiPietro. After relinquishing his duties, DiPietro will assume the position of operating partner.

Kheradpir and DiPietro acutally have something in common: they both at some point worked with Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradpir will head a team of technology professionals who are responsible for technological integration and network hardware. Coriant network solutions used by corporations worldwide.

Kheradpir has nearly 30 years in the software technology field. The son of a doctor, he learned a great deal about discipline and patience from a very early age. After obtaining a BA, MBA and PhD from Cornell University, he took a job at GTE Corporation. Kheradpir rose through the ranks and became CEO. He and his team developed some of the most modern and innovative products on the market at the time.

Kheradpir moved on to Barclays as the CEO and lead Technology Officer. He played a major role in the company’s TRANSFORM program. He also implemented a number of historical transformations that focused on strategic growth. “We plan to work on a number of improvements that will undoubtedly put Coriant at the top of the telecom industry,” says Kheradpir.

Kheradpir holds a number of telecom and media patents. His engineering background has helped him produce some of the most popular products in the telecom industry. Kheradpir sits on many boards including the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Check out Shaygan Kheradpir on LinkedIn for more details.

A Coffee Cup That Heals

Coffee is not just a staple at the breakfast table or something that lifts us up in the morning. It is also, more than a popular drink. It is a worldwide loved drink and a heavy player in the business platform, as coffee exporting alone is a twenty billion dollar industry. It is the second most sought commodity in the world. First place belongs to crude oil. Worldwide we drink over five hundred billion cups of coffee every year.

The Man Behind The Product

It is not without reason that CEO Bernardo Chua, one of the most successful businessman in The Pacific Rim would make his way into the coffee industry. He has focused his efforts in the last decades on coffees, teas and other products to introduce people around the world to ganoderma. Wikipedia makes it clear growing up in the Philippines exposed him to this powerful herb and he has become one of the first to market the herb successfully with coffees and teas outside of the region.

He has played a major role in two very successful companies: Gano excel and currently, Organo Gold. After seeing the success ganoderma products had in Asian Markets, Chua decided to show the Western world what they could possibly be overlooking. He created the company Organo Gold and based it in Canada. This country has very strict guidelines for products and business and Chua believes it gives customers added peace of mind when deciding to buy the product.  GoLifePro had a great article on what Bernardo Chua is doing to make Organo Gold more successful than ever.

The Benefits Of Organo Gold

So what is Ganoderma? Taken straight from Chua’s CrunchBase, it is a unique mushroom that grows on wood, mostly out of large trees in forest in the more tropical regions of Asia. It has been given the name of “The King of Herbs” because it is a product that acts as an anti tumoral, anti viral, anti bacterial and an anti inflammatory, as well, it enhances the immune system and increases oxygen delivery.

Organo Gold has partnered with the largest organic ganoderma plantations in the world in order to bring this “treasure of life” to the western world inside a coffee cup. For those who would like to combine their love for health with their love for coffee there is a variety to choose from: Café Latte, Black Coffee and Mocha. For other hot drink lovers choose from: Hot Chocolate, Red Tea, Green Tea and Black Tea. For your convenience they come in boxes containing sachets to have your favorite cup anywhere you go.  For a look at Bernardo’s company from the man himself, check out his speech on YouTube.

Philanthropist George Soros Does His Deeds With Both Money And Words


George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management and Open Society. As a teenager, he was a survivor of the Nazi occupation in Hungary. He fled the communist regime to London, where he worked as a railway porter and waiter. Eventually he went on to become the world’s richest hedge fund manager. In 1979, he gave scholarships to South Africans who were under Apartheid. He provided Xerox machines in the Eastern Bloc to copy banned texts that undermined Communism in the 1980’s.

George Soros has come up with a comprehensive six point plan to ease the refugee problem in Europe. First, he says, the EU needs to accept a million refugees annually for the foreseeable future. The EU should also provide 15,000 euros per asylum seeker for each of two years to help cover health care, housing, and education. Second, the EU must provide adequate funding to Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey to support the four million refugees currently living in those countries. Third, the EU must build a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency and Border Guard. Having 28 separate systems is inefficient, expensive, and doesn’t work when it comes to determining who qualifies for asylum. Fourth, safe channels should be established to get refugees from point A to point B without putting their lives in danger, like crossing the Mediterranean on a raft. Fifth, the EU should establish global standards for the treatment of asylum seekers and migrants. And finally, to integrate more than a million asylum seekers and to mobilize the private sector to act as sponsors.

Soros has also been active in the United States, giving $2 million to PACs backing Hillary Clinton in 2015 and $5 million into the litigation effort that Democrats hope will erode restrictions on voter access that could prove decisive in a close election.




The investment banking industry features stiff competition between multi-national corporates. The management of investment requires expertise, broad knowledge of markets and the adoption of innovative business practices to capture clients.

This sector awards excellence to the management figure with an exemplary track record of performance and vision. For instance, the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) just released the list of honorees for the forty under forty recognition program. The Chicago Tribune first published the final list of winners here.

This award runs in conjunction with the Consultant’s Training Institute (CTI). Its primary goal is to recognize the young game changers in the industry who have achieved phenomenal success before reaching the age of forty years. The founding values for this award include pioneering, excellence, expertise and vision. The fields of expertise considered under the accolade include mergers and acquisitions, litigation consulting, expert witness testimonials, and related fields. The final list of honorees represents in many ways the up and coming generation of business leaders and experts.

One of the high-profile names on the list of 2015 is Madison Street Capital founding partner and chief operating officer Anthony Marsala. Mr. Marsala studied Finance and Information Systems at the Chicago-based Loyola University. During his decade-long experience in investment banking, he specializes in business valuation, financing of corporates as well as M&A. Perhaps the strategy that makes Anthony Marsala so successful is his knowledge and focus on emerging markets and middle market enterprises.

Anthony Marsala has achieved so much in his career so far. He possesses excellent overview knowledge in various sectors such as food, technology, agriculture, and energy, medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. At Madison Street Capital, Mr. Marsala’s expertise assists him to oversee international expansion projects into other continents. The firm has successfully launched operating centers in Europe as well as the emerging markets of Asia and Africa.

The positioning of Madison Street Capital owes to the visionary leadership of Anthony Marsala. His success warrants inclusion in the list of the honorees. According to the management of the award program, the initial list of 125 nominees indicates the high standards of professionalism and business in the industry.

The honorees look set to enjoy significant publicity on media platform such as business journals and magazines throughout the country. Anthony Marsala and his fellow game changers can now influence the industry and steer it to new heights.

Makeup by Doe Deere that actually speaks to you

The society we live in does not always consider the needs of everyone who lives in it. If you think about it you will realize that everything is made to suit the majority of the buyers in the market. A shop that is frequented by ladies who wear size eight tops will have most of their stock in that size. The same case applies to makeup. Most makeup manufacturers only concentrate on products that are consumed by a majority of the buyers. These manufacturers forget that there is a population out there that wants to stand out from the rest. There are people who do not desire to look ordinary at any point in their lives. These people have been neglected by the makeup industry.

Not all ladies like to wear nude lipstick that does not really show. Some actually want it in a shade that really screams and draws attention to their lips. The same applies to other makeup products. There are some ladies who prefer clear mascara that is invisible while others want it to be visible. However, it is unfortunate that most products in the market do not have enough color and life to attract those ladies with a strong and vibrant personality. This leaves them with very few makeup options to choose from or none at all.

If you think you are one of those individuals who consider standing out a necessity, then the makeup products manufactured by Doe Deere are for you. Doe is the beauty and brains behind the Lime Crime line that consists of products on that have never been seen before. Doe does not shy away from experimenting with colors. Her line of products can be described as both colorful and daring. Most makeup manufacturers have been fearful about producing colorful makeup because of the fear that they will not get many clients. This is not the case with Doe. These manufacturers are actually missing out on business from very many clients.

Lime Crime is a makeup line created for those individuals who do not fear expressing themselves to the public. Wearing any makeup product from Lime Crime shouts out to the world that you are not an ordinary person. The colors that the products come in are for strong personalities and people who cannot be put down by others. This line is for every person who feels like other makeup products do not speak to them. It is an expressive line meant for those who feel constricted by other products that they have used previously. People who use Lime Crime products have a story to tell.

Make a point to visit the Lime Crime website and check out the great variety of products available for you. You cannot miss a great product on the site whether it is flashy lipstick or colorful eye shadow. Do not feel restrained by other makeup products anymore. Try anything in the Lime Crime line by Doe Deere today and change your look completely. You will not regret it.

Brian Mulligan on Facing a Shrinking Media Dollar


The trend of cutting the cable has become the undoing of the main entertainment media, particularly Big Sports. Brian Mulligan, ‘a CEO, Chairman, COO and CFO across virtually every media/entertainment vertical over a 30 year career,‘ states that the economy of this industry is in sharp decline. He has applied his expert intuition and interpretation of leading indicators to come to this conclusion. It is easy to understand how he has come to this conclusion upon surveying the trends.

As he advanced through his career as a CEO,CFO, COO or Chairman of the board for a media entity, he observed that each tended to have sports as the bread winning engine of their programming revenues. He headed up analytical teams that spotted and documented the symptoms of a dying revenue stream. Households by the thousands were cutting their cable and cancelling their cable subscriptions for the use of the internet for their entertainment appetite.

He compared the best case scenario which was a rate of cancellation of 5 percent over the next five years to the most probable rate of 10 percent and then the most pessimistic rate of 15 percent. This of course was due to the economic conditions that the nation was in as those who once could afford a monthly cable bill had lost jobs or had their household incomes devastated by pay cuts, hours cut or requirements of the Affordable Care Act. A fellow analyst found that the cable cutting phenomenon at 10 percent meant that those who distribute cable or media content would lose their tight profit margin and be operating in the red, soon to go out of business because of fixed operating costs of programming.

Fortunately, if there was to be any good fortune in this trend, this scenario of 10 percent cable cutting would not actually close the doors of most content distributors, however, the future value of sports programs is still in grave danger of extinction over cable entities according to Mulligan. Media sources such as the New York Post have published the outlook for Time Warner Cable to be bleak should they take a loss of $1 billion in revenues on its Dodger’s contract. The basis of this projection is the reality of the ratings for television broadcasts in general being on the downward path. Brian Mulligan concludes that it is important for television business models now to find ways to survive by seeking more cost cutting methods to target consumers.

Alexei Beltyukov Ventures in to Edu-Technology

As a young man growing up in an unstable state with a dwindling economy in the Russian State, Alexei Beltyukov knew that all he wanted to be was a doctor who helped the sick. However, this would change completely with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Despite the frustration brought about by this historical event, it would later be seen as a blessing in disguise for him.

The French schools were offering quality education at this time so he opted to study business as a course. With the right guidance from the professors, he went on to obtain his masters a degree that has enabled him to soar to great heights. He has established many successful franchises in his home country and in the states.

Past experiences they say shape our futures. It is true in Alexei’s case. With the importance of quality education ingrained in mind from childhood, he decided to give back to society by creating a website that would address mathematical problems that American students faced. When coming up with this brilliant idea, statistics had shown that math was a subject where students registered the least number of grades.

The site now fondly known as the homework hub has seen a surge in the number of educators and students seeking to better their grades in this complex field. Through this, he has been able to create employment opportunities for a number of locals in the information technology sector who would by now be out in the field looking for jobs.

For someone who begun his life in a country that was bound to crumble at any moment, he has managed to cut niche for himself in the competitive and ever changing business world. His successful endeavors have inspired many upcoming entrepreneurs and even those students in poor countries who might have lost hope of ever making it.

The MBA experience opened doors to him that previously were beyond his imagination. He went form here to start his own businesses in real estate, car repair and in the petroleum field. The mechanicus is based in Russia which is his hometown with the rest in America. All his leaps have not been a bed of roses for he too has faced immense challenges. However, it is these challenges that have made him an entrepreneur that is incomparable.

Just recently, he has taken it upon himself to support entrepreneurs who are growing and facing similar struggles that he did. Through the companies that are owned by him, young people in business are offered finances with the agreement that they own part of the shares. This bold move has helped many people realize their dreams.

Entrepreneurs face severe competition every day thus the need to stay on top of their game at all times. This is what the expert Mr. Beltyukov has aimed to achieve by merging education with technology something that few have been able to accomplish over the years.

James Stone, Insurance Expert and Businessman

Executive James Stone was born on November 12, 1947, in New York City. His father was both an attorney and poet. His mother, Babette Rosmond was an author and fiction editor for Seventeen magazine. Given this background, it may seem surprising to some that Mr. Stone didn’t become an author. Instead, he would become one of the nation’s leading insurance experts.

Mr. Stone attended public schools at Pellman, New York. He would go on to attend Harvard School of Economics. In 1969, James Stone received a bachelor’s with Highest Honors in Economics and would be voted in as a Phi Beta Kappa. He would also receive the Young Prize for the best undergraduate thesis in economics as well as the Goldsmith Prize for Best Research Paper presented at the Graduate School of Economics. It was becoming evident that Mr. Stone was to become a leader in his field. In 1973, he was awarded a Ph. D in economics from Harvard.

Shortly after graduating Mr. Stone would begin teaching at Harvard in the field of economics. While doing so, he began to work part-time as a consultant in the insurance industry. Despite his heavy workload, Mr. Stone managed to complete six exams for admission to the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS). Mr. Stone’s 1973 paper on the insurance of catastrophic risk became a standard in the CAS syllabus.

In 1975, James Stone was appointed to the Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance by then Gov. Michael Dukakis. He held that position until 1979. Next President Jimmy Carter would appoint Mr. Stone as the Chairman of Commodity Futures Trading Commission until 1983. He returned to Boston after his appointment was up.

In 1982, Mr. Stone would found the Plymouth Rock Company where he has acted as CEO since its inception. The group is comprised of several firms including the groundbreaking Plymouth Rock Assurance, which attempts to sell insurance online with independent agents available to consumers on an as-needed basis. Other companies include the Bunker Hill Insurance Company, which acts as homeowners insurance writers in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Today the group manages over $1 billion in auto and homeowners annual insurance premiums.