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Community And Business Collide In The Career Of Vijay Eswaran

The direct sales business leader Vijay Eswaran has brought his skills as a highly educated financial expert to the industry after beginning his career as a student at the London School of Economics graduating in 1984. Eswaran returned to his native Malaysia determined to make a name for himself in the direct sales industry, but he also believed a successful business should provide much more for the people of the local community than just employment; Vijay Eswaran and members of the QI Group have become famous for the success they have achieved in the direct sales industry, and for participating in community events and programs to help protect the people who work with the company.

QI was established in 1998 and quickly made a splash on the global stage when the direct sales company won the right to sell commemorative coins for the 2000 Olympics across the Pacific Rim; despite many of their rivals winning their rights to sell these precious coins years before QI, the company became one of the top three sellers of coins over the course of the sales period. The QI Group is now one of the top direct sales company’s across Asia and has been one of the top entrants into the Indian market many see as the next great area of expansion for the industry.

Vijay Eswaran is always looking to change his own skills and approach to success in the business arena, which he has shown by now looking to finding people with a similar approach to business to himself to his company instead of the traditional approach of choosing the best educated candidate for any position. This new and different approach can also be seen in the way QI has developed its position as a part of the many communities it is now found within; Vijay Eswaran has looked to lower the impact of his company on the environment and local people through the use of solar power and a paperless approach to conducting business.