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Time for Lime Crime

The name ‘Lime Crime‘ has been uttered by some of the most popular makeup artists recent years, and it’s no surprise why. Rich and pigmented colors that set and keep up with trends are nothing to shake a stick at.

Founded by Doe Deere, a Russian doll raised in New York, Lime Crime was initially created to make the bright, off-the-wall colors they’re notorious for. Deere felt as if available colors didn’t mesh with the clothing she was creating and selling at the time, and decided that if she couldn’t find them, she’d create them.

Since rocketing into popularity, Lime Crime has continued to produce hot new colors that inspire. Among those products there are two in particular that seem to be making quite the buzz. Lime Crime Velvetines have always been one of the company’s more popular products, but these two colors have been flooding Instagram feeds lately.

The first is Red Velvet, or Reddest Red, featured on their Facebook page. A deep, warm liquid-to-matte shade, the color is absolutely gorgeous. An added bonus to this shade is that it’s a close match for the Mary Jo K Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.

Second is another of Lime Crime’s Velvetine line, in the shade Jinx. Jinx is a dark neutral purple shade, for those who prefer their lips to be a little more bold – or want a dupe for the Kourt K Lip Kit.

Lime Crime isn’t just liquid-to-matte lip colors, as their Amazon offerings indicate. The Venus and Venus II eye shadow palettse have been all the rage, for those who adore 90’s inspired looks. Described as “Botticelli’s classical painting, meets the rebellion of the 90’s”, the velvety matte shadows are essential for any maven.  Have a look at their Tumblr to see what they’ll be releasing next.

The New York Real Estate Has Been Changing Lately

It has been reported on the NY Magazine that there have been many crazy things going on in the NYC apartments for sale lately. The areas that used to be the most valuable have now become second choice to some other areas. Brooklyn has become quite popular, and people have been excited to purchase a home for themselves in that developing area. They are hopeful that things will continue to stay good for Brooklyn, and they are hoping that they can be some of the first to move there because of all of the changes that have come about.

Manhattan was the place to be for a long time, but now things have begun to change. Brooklyn has become the hot spot as of late, and it will be interesting to see how things are in a few years.

Many people are eager to get their hands on a home in Brooklyn, and TOWN Residential is there to help them to do just that. The real estate service knows how to work alongside someone to help them to get everything that they want from a home, and many people have been happy with it for what it has done for them. Many people have been grateful to the realtor service for putting them in the home of their dreams, and now that people have begun dreaming of moving to Brooklyn the service can get excited about finding homes there for all of those who need them. Brooklyn is a great area, and many people are sure to be pleased when they move there.

Buying The Right Beauty Products

Doe Deere is a beauty entrepreneur on ideamensch that created a beauty brand called Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deere created Lime Crime Cosmetics because she desired a certain type of makeup product that wasn’t available. She wanted makeup products that were unique, that matched her personality. Doe Deere’s makeup brand became a huge hit among young women everywhere.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however many women go to great lengths to look beautiful each and every day. There are many beauty products on the market that promise to reverse aging, to change the look of the face and to enhance the complexion. Many of these products are true to form but there are other products that do not fulfill their promises. In addition to beauty products making promises, there are also makeup products that fit certain categories. In the beauty industry, there are two major categories that will distinguish makeup brands these, categories are high-end brands and affordable brands. High-end makeup brands are usually expensive makeup products that are made with high quality and beautiful packaging. High-end makeup brands are usually sold separately, by the brands themselves, on their websites or in their stores or by boutique shops across the country.

Affordable beauty products have recently seen a change in the quality of their products and the popularity of the brands itself. Affordable makeup brands are starting to make high-quality items for an affordable price. This new strategy is working in their favor because many women are buying more of these products and recommending them to others. In addition to the quality, these affordable makeup brands are getting more popular with women all over the world. Many women are even ditching the high-end beauty products and solely buying the affordable brands. If a woman is not only buying the affordable makeup products, they are buying a combination of affordable and high-end makeup products.

All brands sell items for specific purposes. Contouring and highlighting are popular makeup techniques that many like to use to accentuate their facial features. Beauty brands are now making more advanced makeup products to contour and highlight the face. Contouring is the technique of using a certain color powder to make certain parts of the face look smaller. Contouring is also used to accentuate the cheekbones, making them more pronounced. Highlighting is another technique that is used to make certain parts of the face brighter. Many women highlight under their eyes and their cheekbones.

There are some makeup brands that are very unique. These unique beauty products feature bright colors, unique pigments and interesting names. Many of these makeup brands that make and sell unique beauty products cater to a certain group of women. Many young women gravitate to unique beauty products because they want to stand out from the rest.