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Status Labs Steps up After Ashley Madison Hack

Ashley Madison is a website focused on adultery and, more specifically, helping married individuals have private affairs. Obviously the users of this website would want their private information safe and secure because the consequences of their affairs getting leaked would be quite condemning. The unthinkable happened when the adultery based website saw its userbase hacked and leaked into the public this past month, revealing millions of pages of data. Since then scammers and hackers have combed through the lists of usernames in order to find people to blackmail or extort.

Reports in Toronto of anonymous users trying to blackmail victims of the Ashley Madison hack have already begun to surface. In the coming weeks and months we will likely see more and more victims approached by these opportunistic scammers as they seek to take advantage of a hectic and, really, unprecedented situation. This could go down as one of the biggest internet scandals of all time. With so many registered users on the website there is no doubt more than a couple of notable name son there. Already we’ve seen celeb reality star Josh Duggar fall victim to public shaming and condemning after his information leaked.

In order to help fight back against the scammers and keep the names of some of these ‘victims’ clean, Darius Fisher and Status Labs have stepped up to offer their hand in help. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that helps to cultivate and moderate the web presence of their clients. Darius Fisher said that he believes in second chances and that he would want to help these individuals get a hold on what their online reputation is going to turn into in the wake of these potentially devastating personal leaks.

This offer from Status Labs is particularly important in the wake of many new scams that are going around at the moment. Savvy scammers are offering their own brand of management in exchange for cash, only to take the money and run away which will cause an even bigger fiasco in all of this havoc. With 30 million compromised users, Status Labs should be kept busy.

In Love With Chivalry

In Russian culture, women are used to treating their men right! One of the main reasons for their will to shower their men with comfort and support? Chivalry! In Russia, men are taught from a young age to be courteous and polite. In turn, Russian women give freely of their love and affection, and this is one of the main reasons that Russians have such a high level of happiness and life satisfaction! Although there are still some Russian women who are old school, today is a new day and age and your typical trophy wife has many opportunities herself, should her husband wish her to of course, to find a great paying job and do her part to add to her extravagant lifestyle with the love of her life if necessary!
Many Russian women for years have come to America to find husbands, and now it is easier than ever for them to do this! There are so many dating websites, and some have such great, proven track records that they are used time and time again. For Example, Anastasia Date, the top dating website used by American men looking for Russian women, is one of the most used, if not the most used of all dating websites on the web. They say do what you know, and solicit the experience of those who know what they’re doing; Anastasia Date was actually founded by a Russian-American couple, which I’m guessing could be one of the main culprits to their success.
Other dating websites have tried to copy the model, as Russian women really seem to get it, and there are countless stories of happy endings from couples who have used Anastasia Date and found their perfect matches. The compatibility between Russian women and North American men is a match made in heaven; American men are always very chivalrous and show their affection for the women they are dating with gifts and praise, and Russian women eat this up! I believe the main reason behind Anastasia Date’s success (besides the Russian women!) is the fact that they take every precaution to protect the identities of all of their members, they have an efficient verification process, and are sure that all members receive tons of communication and attention! With so many choices to choose from, there’s no wonder everyone finds their unique match that they are compatible with!
If you’re thinking of dating a Russian woman yourself, you’re in luck! Whether you are shy, outgoing, funny, smart, witty, careful, cautious, or anything in between, Russian women are known for being the most patient, accepting, forgiving and loving human beings on the planet! Just remember not to show the bottoms of your feet (no crossing your legs!), it is a sign of disrespect! Also, as with women of any other decent, just be yourself and be empathetic! Slow down, breathe deeply, and listen to her intently, and she will do anything and everything you could ever dream of, especially if she’s Russian!