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Is Sergio Cortes Akin To Michael Jackson?

From a very young age, Michael Jackson wowed millions of fans the world over. Born from a richly musical family, he went on to become the greatest musical performer of the late 20th and Century. His death came as a shock to his worldwide audience and as such, many were led to believe that that was the last they would hear and see of live performances by the renowned King of Pop.

There is however an artist performing live concerts in front of thousands of Michael Jackson fans each year even after his untimely demise. This performer exhibits the elegance, grace and choreographic mastery that have compelled many people to associate his persona with Michael Jackson’s ancestry. Born in the Spanish city of Barcelona, the 44 year old Sergio Cortes Parra is the closest you can get to a live Michael Jackson performance. This is especially the case for the young people who never got the opportune moment to watch the King of Pop perform live.

Now an internationally respected performing artist specializing in re-animating past Michael Jackson performances, Sergio Cortes has put a lot of hard work and dedication to attain what he has been able to build so far. He gives much credit to his mother, who herself being a staunch MJ fan played a significant role in his eventual exploits as the iconic musician’s double. She introduced him to recordings of the Jackson 5 group as a young child and more so, emphasized that he emulate the groups lead singer, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s introduced the so called Bad Era with his hit song “Bad” and this also had significant influence towards molding his eventual career path as an MJ double. He has the fluid moves that are unique to MJ and surprisingly so, also has stunningly similar looks and voice. His looks are indeed natural though he has had to put in much effort in training his vocal cords to resemble Michael Jackson’s.

It’s said that during his teenage years, one reporter in his home city asked Cortes to pose for photographs as MJ. These pictures were published with great effect and paved the way for Cortes to take up roles as the King of Pop’s double. He currently tours the world entertaining millions of MJ fans with his signature live performance which are reminiscent of the MJ era.

Brian Mulligan on Facing a Shrinking Media Dollar


The trend of cutting the cable has become the undoing of the main entertainment media, particularly Big Sports. Brian Mulligan, ‘a CEO, Chairman, COO and CFO across virtually every media/entertainment vertical over a 30 year career,‘ states that the economy of this industry is in sharp decline. He has applied his expert intuition and interpretation of leading indicators to come to this conclusion. It is easy to understand how he has come to this conclusion upon surveying the trends.

As he advanced through his career as a CEO,CFO, COO or Chairman of the board for a media entity, he observed that each tended to have sports as the bread winning engine of their programming revenues. He headed up analytical teams that spotted and documented the symptoms of a dying revenue stream. Households by the thousands were cutting their cable and cancelling their cable subscriptions for the use of the internet for their entertainment appetite.

He compared the best case scenario which was a rate of cancellation of 5 percent over the next five years to the most probable rate of 10 percent and then the most pessimistic rate of 15 percent. This of course was due to the economic conditions that the nation was in as those who once could afford a monthly cable bill had lost jobs or had their household incomes devastated by pay cuts, hours cut or requirements of the Affordable Care Act. A fellow analyst found that the cable cutting phenomenon at 10 percent meant that those who distribute cable or media content would lose their tight profit margin and be operating in the red, soon to go out of business because of fixed operating costs of programming.

Fortunately, if there was to be any good fortune in this trend, this scenario of 10 percent cable cutting would not actually close the doors of most content distributors, however, the future value of sports programs is still in grave danger of extinction over cable entities according to Mulligan. Media sources such as the New York Post have published the outlook for Time Warner Cable to be bleak should they take a loss of $1 billion in revenues on its Dodger’s contract. The basis of this projection is the reality of the ratings for television broadcasts in general being on the downward path. Brian Mulligan concludes that it is important for television business models now to find ways to survive by seeking more cost cutting methods to target consumers.