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Norman Pattiz Achievements in the Broadcasting Industry

Beyond the Darkness, which is the new thrilling show on WWE star Chris Jericho’s Podcast Network, announced Norman Pattiz as the Chief Executive Officer after the release of PodcastOne Network. The show will be presenting entertaining and enlightening conversations with world researchers, and making everything you know about ghosts, demons, ghouls, angels, mysteries, and monster encounters real.

Mr. Norman Pattiz has been the Chief Executive Chairman at PodcastOne from June 23, 2016. Mr. Pattiz became the consultant of Westwood One Inc. and served there until February 3, 1993. Norman Pattiz served as the president of Broadcast Education Association. He also served as the chairman and a member of Board of Governors of Los Alomas National Security, LLC as well as a board member of Lawrence Livermore National Security at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. On November 2000, Mr. Pattiz was appointed by Clinton and reappointed again by President Bush to serve as Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America.

Mr. Pattiz worked hard and enabled the creation of Radio Sawa, the BBG’s 24 hours music, news and radio information network and Alhurra Television, which is US sponsored, and Arabic-language satellite TV that channel to the entire Middle East. He has also worked as the regent of the University of California from September 2001. Mr. Norman Pattiz worked as Director of Foreign Relations of the Los Angeles sheriff’s Department and served on the Region 1 Home Security Advisory Council. Mr. Norman Pattiz also worked on the Board of Annenberg school of Communication at the University of Southern California. Mr. Pattiz served as a member of California’s Commission on building in the 21st century and the board for RAND’s Center for Middle East public policy.

Mr. Norman pattiz 40 years’ experience and his hard work have gained him access to the Americans largest provider of news, sports, entertainment talk and trafficking programming to the broadcasting industry. Under the ownership of Westwood one, he enabled the distribution NBC Radio Networks, CNN Radio, CBS News, NFL Football, NCAA Basketball and both Summer and Winter games. Pattiz’s company PodcastOne became the top producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programming. After Bush had appointed him, he was able to convince and launch Americas Arabic Language Radio and television services to more than 22 countries of the Middle East and Farsi language broadcasting to Iran, which reached weekly to more than 40 million listeners. In the year 2009, Pattiz was introduced to National Radio Hall of Fame and got the Broadcasting Award from Library of American Broadcasting.

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Josh Verne and His Secrets to Success

Josh Verne recently appeared on the Knowledge For Men podcast with some advice. An entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in starting, growing, and leading businesses, Verne is currently the CEO of, which he launched in February 2016. Flocku is a Pennsylvania-based mobile peer-to-peer exchange designed for college students; essentially, it is a platform for college students to speak directly to their peers on a whole range of issues. Verne employs over 400 college students who call themselves Flockers who write about anything and everything. Verne decided to start FlockU after noticing that there was a need for a platform that targeted the demographic of nearly 17-20 million people and gave them a voice. Since launching earlier this year, FlockU has partnered with The Huffington Post with 3.8 million monthly impressions and 35 percent click-thru rate.


A self-proclaimed underdog, Verne did not follow the traditional path and go to college after high school; rather, he was always entrepreneurial in nature and had his first business at nine years old. Since then, he has achieved a lot of success; an experienced businessman and entrepreneur, Josh Verne previously founded work, an online marketplace that deducts purchases from your work payroll, which was successfully sold to Global Analytics Holding in 2014. Before that, Verne had a long-running furniture business with a partner that they sold in 2011. Having trained thousands of employees over his lifetime, Verne spoke with Knowledge For Men with sound advice for young and budding entrepreneurs.


First, he mentioned the importance of being a leader and not a boss. Unlike someone that takes advantage of the title to get people to do work or earn respect, it is more important to respect people first and set a good example to work together on achieving a common goal. The second piece of advice he gave was to think win-win. The win-win mindset allowed him to continue to reach for the stars no matter how bleak the situation looked. By thinking win-win, Verne was able to keep moving forward, even if there were some falls along the way. If failures do happen, as it has for Verne on a few occasions, he emphasized having a system in place to evaluate why the failure occurred and how to fix it so that it will not happen the next time.


Josh Verne also emphasized the importance of listening. The less you speak, the more authoritative you will appear, and people will want to hear you voice your opinions. He also mentioned having a balance in life. While having a successful business is important and is the goal, maintaining good health and a personal life are just as important. Balance is about making progress in all aspects of life, not just in business. Finally, Verne concluded by saying that if you want to be successful, you have to find a passion. Take time to figure out what it is that ignites you and will wake you up in the morning ready to get to work. Finding that passion and inspiration are important in allowing you to continue on a journey, whether it may be a few years or several years.

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