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Brian Bonar’s Latest Venture is Bellamy Restaurant in Escondido

Escondido’s newest culinary venture aims to please with a taste of France, and the hard work of chef, Patrick Ponsaty and Bandy Canyon owner, Brian Bonar. The spot isn’t new, nor is the idea for a fresh, clean menu serving French fare without flair. What makes Bellamy special Pugh, is the chef, a native Frenchman looking to turn The Ranch into the place everyone wants to be when they visit Escondido. To match the goals and vision for the new place, a complete redesign is in the works.

Bellamy has come a long way under the direction of chef and owner, but there is still a lot to be done, and the necessary loyal crowd to turn it into the success that it can be. Neither chef nor owner run in culinary circles, or have the backgrounds that would bring them an established following to the new project.

The menu is impressive by any standard, and the chef has been give free reign to create the menu as he desired. Brian Bonar knew that he has to work and lead in those areas where he was strong, but allow his employees to work and create where they excelled.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Both owner and chef are decorated and the winner of prestigious awards in their respective fields. Brian Bonar has been investing in and working on projects In order to breathe new life into businesses and markets around the state for years. His business acumen is his main strength, but he has the ability to sense what businesses will fare well in the new future and have enough of a demand to create the revenue to offset the cost of an initial investment.

Over the years Brian Bonar’s investment interests have been less hands on than a restaurant requires, consisting of buying and selling properties, so this is an entirely new arena for Bonar. Bellamy will be a true test of Bonar’s ability to cater a business around the current needs of consumers.
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