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Sam Tabar’s Experience and Knowledge Leads Him To Become COO of FullCycle Energy Company


Sam Tabar was delighted to be appointed the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Company. The appointment came as a result of his dedication to his clients who are happy and always satisfied with his abilities to serve. He is a person who has worked hard to make a name for himself. Many people know Sam Tabar for his success in the legal field and his outstanding ability to look for a solution for any problem confronting him.


The major part of his career involved providing legal, financial, and investment advice to clients. While he was working at Merrill Lynch, he gained a plethora of knowledge and experience adding to his extensive education background. He currently works and lives in New York and has already started working his new role as the COO at FullCycle Fund. Before joining Merrill Lynch, Sam worked as a hedge manager for several other companies in Asia. He participated in the development of Asset Raising Team for PMA Investment Advisors from Hong Kong.


San Tabar was one of the investors in the SPARX group to help women in Africa and Asia. In his position as the Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director of the SPARX Group, he helped the organization to flourish. Before he started practicing law as an attorney in New York State, Sam Tabar had already earned his BA and MA from Oxford University before graduated with a degree from Columbia School of Law. His law career greatly influences his ability to pursue and facilitate business dealings, and it is one of the reasons he turned out to be successful in business.


Upon Completion of his law degree, tells us that Sam Tabar joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager and Flom LLP all from New York. At Skadden, He was responsible for private placement and employment, dealing with regulation and compliance, structure and facilitating management agreements, and offering legal counsel to clients of hedge fund structure and formation.  There are also some great posts about him on Pinterest, outlining what he’s been able to accomplish.


FullCycle Energy Fund was founded in the year 2013 when the company was created to convert expensive environmental problems into valuable opportunities for clean fuel, revolutionize relationships with waste, and promote the use of clean fuel to power communities among others. The company has a clear mission to lower costs, produce environmentally friendly fuels, and produce fuels from Municipal Solid Waste.