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Video Marketing Company Talk Fusion Opens Free Trial Period

It was 2007 and Bob Reina was looking for a way to market his business with email. After doing a ton of research he had come to the realization that videos embedded into your marketing data led to more click through potential over plain text. So he wanted to use an email client to send out messages with a related video embedded into the heart of the text. Unfortunately no client at the time had this option and as a result Reina turned to his own team of IT developers and created Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion is one of the largest all in one video marketing solutions on the internet right now. The company has been used in countries all over the planet by businesses in all kinds of different sizes. The goal of Talk Fusion, as emphasized by CEO and Founder Bob Reina, is to create an ability to communicate your message to your market with the most efficiency possible. Talk Fusion has thus far been so successful in its nearly 10 year run that it has continued to rack up major awards such as Communications Solutions 2016 Product of the Year Award. Reina calls this “just the beginning” and has opened up his product with a 30 day free trial period to new customers.


For people who need a serious boost int he way their company is operating this free trial period may be just the kind of medicine that they need. The 30 day free trial period will give users instant access to a library of documents that teach you how to work the program to its maximum efficiency. Not only will you be granted access to the video email marketing program, but you will also be given access to the WebRTC program of the year Video Chat as well.


Talk Fusion can be exactly what you are looking for if you need to find a serious boost of traffic for your product or website. CEO Bob Reina created the company to fill a personal need and that means you can really expect it to deliver on your needs as well.