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Back pain can be a worse nightmare especially if it contributes to less productivity. The primary cause of back pains is the poor sitting posture. Back pains and neck stiffness s can be reduced by having regular exercising and a healthy diet. Doctor Sergio Cortes, a medical professional and cabinet secretary of health in the Brazilian state of Rio. The modern active work programs and technology have reduced the regular exercises like walking that keep the body healthy. People no longer walk to the office but drive. They no longer use the staircase but use the lifts. Lack of core exercises facilitates back pains and if untreated can lead to chronic and affecting proper movements.
Swimming is recommended for reducing back pains. It has less impact with the injured are unlike walking and very efficient in reducing back pains. Most is also a good exercise that can help burn excess calories and maintain the body healthily.
Cortes also advises on other regular activities like yoga. Though yoga exercises can be done at home, it’s recommended to take them at a yoga center. The specialist helps determine the best posture to help reduce back pain. Yoga exercises are ideal for reducing body weight. The professional is trained to ensure that they are beneficial in reducing back pain. It all depends on the posture. Wrong posture can aggravate the back pain instead of reducing it.
Apart from exercising the proper dieting and meal timing have a significant impact on overall body health. Excess coffee and sugar are bad for good health. The caffeine is responsible for impairing sleep affecting body rest. When taken with sugar, it increases the risk of diabetes. The timing of the meal is also necessary. The breakfast is the most important as the body requires energy to be active the whole day. Dinner meal is less significant as the body will be asleep and resting the whole night. Doctor sports advise that skipping meals is not recommended for weight loss. The body accumulates the facts unnecessarily. Every meal should be served with fruits. At least three servings per day will maintain the body healthily.
Source: Sergio Cortes Oficial

Back in Action with North American Spine

For anyone who has ever experienced even minor back pain or stretched to feel that familiar crack down their spine, they know that the back is connected to wellness. Although the treatment options vary from patient to patient to treat spinal problems, North American Spine specializes in conservative treatment options and holistic care. Beyond their non-invasive procedure options, North American Spine reaches out to their community as well. Their main mission is to bring wellness, whether that is for their patients, their community, or their field.

For those seeking symptom relief from back pain, North American Spine offers a conservative approach instead of invasive surgery. Their goal is to help patients get their life back from pain without the additional pain of surgery and risk unless absolutely necessary. Instead, their individualized holistic approach begins with rest and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories which will resolve many episodes of acute back pain.

Since many problems can radiate from regions of the spine, it is important to understand the root of the pain. North American Spine can treat problems from sciatica, numbness in the legs or feet, spinal stenosis, arthritis of the spine, and degenerative disc disease. For these issues, patients and doctors follow the Continuum of Care. First, patients can pursue relief by adjusting their diet and current exercise routine. Additionally, attempting to strengthen core muscles and physical therapy can bring relief as well. Other pain management techniques can include chiropractic care, epidural steroid injections, or other medications before resorting to surgery.

In addition to helping their patients, North American Spine reviews have proven time and again that they are dedicated to helping their Dallas community as well. Recently, the company gifted Pre-K students at Robert E. Lee Elementary School with yoga mats to help foster and grow their mental and physical health. Students are able to use them at school or take them home to continue their growth at their own pace. Not only do students enjoy learning their yoga poses, but it helps with muscle development.

North American Spine is also innovative in their field by offering AccuraScope and CuraSpine decompression procedures. These options can help alleviate pain by releasing pressure on spinal nerves. Both procedures are minimally invasive while still alleviating pain and discomfort in patients. North American Spine continues to bring conservative yet innovative options to their field, helping patients holistically.