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Handy Is An Amazing Application

It is hard to find someone that does not love a clean house. On the same hand, cleaning is very tedious and takes a lot of time. Finding a cleaner to clean one’s home is pretty much impossible to do unless one knows exactly where to look. Handy is a new mobile app that makes it very easy to find people or businesses that can clean one’s home or other place of living.

Handy was created by two Harvard students named Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. They never knew each other before going to Harvard, and were actually paired up as roommates. It is crazy to think that an app with such unpredicted foundations grew to such a large app. Handy was not exactly cheap to found as the boys had to earn more than ten million dollars in funding.

The only setback to Handy is the limited range of function that it offers. In compensation, the areas where Handy does operate are very well monitored which leads for a very good experience for both clients and people doing the cleaning. It is also pretty cheap to purchase such services because there is so much competition to even get listed on the site, let alone get jobs booked. This makes it so they have to make it cheap for consumers to actually purchase the services.

Handy has increased from less than five million in run rate to more than fifty million in run rate today, which is quite a drastic improvement for the better of Handy. Handy is a very successful company onĀ and by far the most successful corporation of its kind. Handy actually purchased another small cleaning company called Exec this year for around ten million dollars.

The process of using Handy is as simple as just entering information about the area that it is located in and how much money one is willing to pay. Of course, better services can be purchased for more money, along with a large number of services performed. Some homeowners may want their carpets shampooed and the exterior of their house to be pressure washed while others might just want some dirty clothes picked up and cleaned in the laundry.

Handy is able to be used for free. It is an app that is able to be used for absolutely no cost. The only money that is ever charged is after the cleaning has already been completed and both parties agree that the cleaning has been performed up to standards. In order to get the cleaner over to the place of cleaning.

Handy was founded in 2012. It has since grown tremendously and earned the initial investors lots of money along with Hanrahan and Dua. This has been a great experience for home cleaners, founders, and investors alike. When it was in the process of being founded, there were a number of engineers and computer experts that had to be hired in order to code the app and develop it in its entirety.