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Keeping it cold or hot with S’well bottle

S’well is not like other water bottles. According to the S’well Wikipedia, it is designed to keep things hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours making it the ideal water bottle for training or traveling. Its different sizes retail online for between 25 dollars and 45 dollars. 

Lisa Rose decided to test if the bottle is truly designed as the manufacturer claims. She filled the S’well with ice and cold water and did the same to an ordinary water bottle. She then carried them along for her track training. Temperatures of inside the S’well and the water bottle just after being filled were 40 and 48 degrees respectively. 
After a period of five hours, the temperatures of the S’well and the bottle were taken. The temperature of the ordinary water bottle was at 79 degrees while that of the S’well was at 41. S’well was doing quite well despite the 100 degrees temperature outside.
The temperatures were taken again after 24 hours. The temperature inside the ordinary water bottle had risen to 84 degrees while that of the S’well was still at 65 degrees. This is a gain of only 25 degrees in 24 hours. 
When tested with hot coffee, the temperature dropped from 168 degrees to 142 degrees in six hours and to 126 degree 12 hours. At 126 degrees, the coffee is still warm enough to drink. This makes the bottle ideal for both cold and hot things. Unlike other bottles, S’well does not sweat when carrying cold water. S’well fits in a standard cup holder and should not be placed inside a freezer or fridge.
The writer watched the report on local channel KWCH12.