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Geoffrey Cone Warns About New Zealand


It may seem unusual for someone who comes from a country and who often has good things to say about the country to put out a warning about it but that is the case with Geoffrey Cone. He is not warning people so much about the country as he is about the taxes that are in the country and that people can expect to pay when they are in the country.


There are many misconceptions about New Zealand and one of the biggest ones is the fact that people think that the country is a tax free country. Most people who choose to move to New Zealand think that they will not have to pay taxes once they move to the country. This is something that is a great misconception and that will leave a lot of people feeling disappointed in the country once they have made the decision to move there. There are other misconceptions but this seems to be the biggest one.


It could come from the fact that people often hear about New Zealand being a tax transparent country. They get this confused with tax free and people think that they won’t have to pay money into taxes when they move there. The only thing that tax transparent means is that people will know what they are expected to pay before they move there. New Zealand makes sure that they can publish information on the taxes in the country on a yearly basis. They do this so that people will have an idea of what the tax situation will be like when they make a move.


Even if people who were expecting to move to New Zealand because of taxes can’t do so, there is still hope. There are many countries that are tax free that people can move to when they are in different situations. This is something that is published on an annual list and that people can take advantage of. Geoffrey Cone helps to publish the list because he is a global attorney who knows a lot about different countries and what they can be like.


As a global attorney, Geoffrey Cone made a lot of money. He was living in New Zealand and this was something that he felt was going to be a burden for him to be able to deal with. He also knew that he had to do something different. He advises a lot of his clients to move to tax havens and he took his own advice. He moved to Uruguay which is a tax haven in South America. He knows that it was the right choice because he saves a huge amount of money on taxes.