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White Shark Media Addresses Past Complaints Effectively

White Shark Media has a large number of clients who are thrilled with the service provided. As is the case with any other business, there are going to be customers who are not pleased with the results. These customers are going to register their complaints. White Shark Media opted to address these complaints and provide a response to them on the company’s blog. The response reflects and honest and thoughtful assessment of the complaints.

One complaint from customers was that reports on AdWords campaigns were not properly reported. Reporting was not as clear and as thorough as it should be. Needless to say, this was a source of frustration among clients. White Shark Media has taken steps to provide better explanations to customers regarding their campaigns before any activity commences. This way, finding performance statistics becomes a lot easier for clients.

When the company first launched, complaints arose regarding communication with clients. This is not a shocking complaint. New companies often lag with being able to get back to customers quickly due to juggling numerous tasks at once. White Shark Media has become very proactive in terms of how it improves communications. The company runs monthly status report sessions through GoToMeeting and a phone system with direct extensions has been installed.

The GoToMeeting sessions provide a solid opportunity every thirty days for a SEM strategist and a client to sit down and review the campaign’s progress. The inclusion of direct extensions makes the phone system a lot more efficient. Clients are able to reach the specific representative of the company they want to speak to without having to go through a cumbersome, single general number. This eliminates a lot of hold times and message taking.

Concerns over the weak performance of new campaigns in comparison to underperforming new campaigns have been logged. A number of steps have been put into place to reduce the chances of this unwanted outcome from occurring. For one, all the positive, successful elements of a previous campaign are kept in place. All campaigns are overseen by specialists to ensure things remain on the right track.

White Shark Media is being very forward in its approach to give clients the best and most productive experience. Prior errors are being fixed. From this point forward, those past mistakes and complaints may remain in the past.

White Shark Media, Enabling Business Growth Through Timely Online Marketing Solutions

White Shark Media is a company that provides online marketing solutions. It is one of the fastest growing companies within the digital marketing industry of North America. The company’s growth has been driven by its reputation of coming up with lucrative search marketing campaigns and a customer experience that is considered world class. Presently, White Shark Media is regarded as one of the largest digital marketing agencies that provide marketing solutions for small and medium sized ventures around the globe.
The company has enabled thousands of firms in America to expand their business by adapting their tactics of online marketing to great use. The company’s ability to track its customers’ marketing efforts with much emphasis has also played a big role in its success. Tracking consumer efforts has enabled the company to be accountable to all its clients. White Shark Media provides monthly reviews on such consumer efforts with the help of Google analytic integration, keyword level tracking, and competitive intelligence. In addition, the corporation uses proprietary reporting software.
The founding partners of the company, which was established in 2011, had one goal that was to provide incomparable experience to its clients. It has been providing excellent services in its both offline and online operations. Through their innovative products, White Shark Media has conquered the ever-growing SMB market across the United States and Latin America. Such remarkable success has been made possible by providing unmatched products and services in the market. The company operates in a unique way whereby it shares the various experiences that it has learned over the years with its clients. Clients have benefited from the company’s concepts, which have turned out to be a winning formula in combination with its domestic and offshore presence.
White Shark Media is among the few privileged companies to be awarded the Google Ad Words Premier SMB Partnership. The company was able to win the coveted award owing to its close collaboration with Google. The corporation passed all the strict eligibility and training requirements. In addition, Microsoft Company recognized White Shark Media products and services. Presently, the large enterprise has become an authorized re seller of selective Bing Ads.
Building on a strong team, the company enables its employees to grow professionally. It provides challenges that enable the employees to learn new concepts. White Shark Media gives its workforce opportunities to meet their goals in a timely manner. Its workforce is diverse as the employees come from different backgrounds. The employees have been able to achieve success in realizing the organizational goals through a strong culture of teamwork.

No Other SEO Experts Like White Shark Media

As always, utilizing keywords are very important when using effective SEO strategy; however, it’s important not to keyword stuff or use other black hat practices that some websites have/are using. Penalties are most likely to occur when using these practices, as Google uses algorithms, such as Google Panda, to determine the businesses’ SEO techniques and quality. Businesses can get so caught up with using keywords, or with using other short cuts or tricks, that the material will most likely look useless or spammy to the user when trying to find something through the search engines. Not to mention, Google will penalize these businesses using these techniques. So with all of this said, it’s important to use keywords in a natural and in an unquestionable way. Keywords should be used in the title, in the main headline, in the meta description, in the images, and two to three times in the content. Nevertheless, one must keep in mind not to overuse the keywords. It’s also a great idea to use services like WordStream and Übersuggest to find the best keywords. Other great tools to use are search queries; geo-targeting keywords; and synonyms and variants of keywords for great SEO strategies.
That’s why it so important to hire a company like White Shark Media. They will be very beneficial for the business owner because they specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses with their marketing needs. This way, businesses can focus more on running their businesses. White Shark Media knows that businesses don’t have the time to focus on that, or at least shouldn’t spend their time on these sort of issues. Therefore, they handle the problem, so businesses can focus more on what they are passionate about. And as result, tons of customer testimonials have song the praises of working with White Shark Media.

Businesses who worked with them have made astronomical progress. Some have said that their sales have increased over 100 to 200 percent, and so forth. They even expressed this success on video with the smiling and overjoyed faces- expressing how great it is to work with White Shark Media.

The bottom line is this: SEO is very important in today’s business society. And to have a great ranking on search engines, different SEO tools must be used. Additionally, help is available to handle the SEO strategies for one’s company, like White Shark Media.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

How to Make the Search Engines Work Better For Your Listing

Writers and readers alike have learned huge amounts about keywords, queries and search engines in recent years. Typically, most people think that keywords and queries are the same, when, in actuality, they are quite different, and they produce different results when you use them.

Keywords vs. Queries

Keywords and queries are expressed in the search box, yet they vary the search result with the words that are used and their arrangement in the query. Keywords are defined as the specific words the author has chosen that identifies their pages, but a query is a statement or question asks the search engine for a solution.

Also, as a query is not concerned whether the question or statement is spelled correctly or if it’s grammatically correct, it searches according to the intent behind the query. Search engines are based on intention as well as the individual keywords, so two searches could supply similar or different results.

One of the best guidance that you can get is from White Shark Media that is a digital marketing agencythat offers highly professional services.

Changes in the Search Engines

Today, search engines appear to be smarter than a decade ago, when really it is the user who is getting smarter. Articles used the keywords almost exclusively in the meta description, title and throughout the copy, sometimes sacrificing the meaning.SEO was also a major part of the search engine marketing plan. Today, it is getting more difficult to trick the search engine in that way because stuffing keywords leads to confusing content.

By getting improving your strategy to include both SEO and intent, you can advance your entry by optimizing good content for the searchers instead of simply using extreme SEO and traditional keyword stuffing of years past.

Here are 7 tips to help you focus on the user.

1) Use the keyword in the page title to identify.
2) Place one keyword in the headline. This coincides the topic and the search info to your landing page.
4) Add one keyword to meta description to target users.
5) Refer the content page to the topic to increase interest using keywords, but don’t go overboard.
6) Prepare by finding all applicable keywords that apply to your content and separate them into categories.
7) Give each page of content a specific purpose matching a designated set of keywords.
8) Use your keywords to create real titles and headlines instead of “stuffing” them into content.

By applying this strategy, your pages will go farther in the search engine. Remember that you can always trust the reputation of your online business to White Shark Media – number one Seo agency that is going to bring your website to another level.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

The Importance of Online Reputation Management

The internet is increasingly becoming a key source of information for many people. If you want to look for information about a businessman or professional that you would like to work with, you will find yourself searching about them on Google. This is where Google’s first page results come in handy. You are bound to find two categories of information: The negative and the positive. If the negative appears on the first page of the Google’s search results, it is bound to damage the image and reputation of the businessman or professional.

The realization that the internet could cost you clients and potential partners after ruining your reputation is what has necessitated the birth of Online Reputation Management (ORM). Firms that deal with this type of services ensure that the image and reputation of a person or company is the actual portrayal of who they believe they are. While an image on the internet can develop naturally over time, depending on what is fed into the internet, there is a way in which you can create an image that you want by eliminating the bad and keeping the good.

ORM is a service that caters for the specific needs of any individual or company. They could be professionals, politicians or businessmen. You can choose to approach ORM in two ways: As a continuous process or as an emergency in times of crisis. There are a lot of bad people on the internet nowadays, and they could be willing to dent your image for their own benefit. It might even be someone you know. ORM can help in such situations.

Darius Fisher is an expert in Online Reputation Management. He owns the firm Status Labs. Its headquarters are in Austin. With other offices in New York and Sao Paulo, the firm assists individuals, brands and companies to manage their online image. Darius believes that everyone should be given a chance to tell their side of the story. When someone’s reputation is ruined by the breaking of a scandalous story, Fisher gives them a second chance by helping them to counter the allegations.

There are two ways in which firms like Status Labs go about repairing a ruined reputation. The first move is promotion of the existing positive content. The other is to create new content in form of press releases, guest articles, media profiles and personal websites. The two ultimately contribute in changing the Google’s first page search results.

Changing first page search results is a time consuming process that requires a lot of hard work and planning. This can be hard to do on your own. However, individuals like Darius Fisher are always willing to help.