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How to Choose the Best Lawyer for Your Business

Choosing a good lawyer for your business is extremely important, and should be handled properly. Although there are many lawyers out there focusing on business or corporate issues, you need to understand that not all of them are created equal. Take the time to find a reputable and experienced lawyer and you can benefit tremendously from the relationship.


Generally, most businesses will face both internal and external disputes at some point. If not handled propely, these disputes may end up in court or arbitration. When a need arises for business lawyer, you will be glad you made the decision to have a good lawyer on your side.


First, collect names and contact details of a few lawyers. You n do this by getting recommendations, or going online to check out the database of lawyers directories. Remember, this is a starting point only. You will still have to assess the information you gather at this initial stage in order to determine if this lawyer is right for your business’ particular needs.


Discuss with the lawyer how much experience he or she has had in working with cases the same to yours. Ask about the type of cases the law firm generally handles. The right law firm or lawyer should have substantial experience in tackling cases similar to yours.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a proven track record in the Brazilian legal community. He has practiced for many years and has achieved great success for numerous clients, both business and individual clients. He is well respected by both peers and clients due to his powerful litigation strategy.


As a highly skilled lawyer, his advice helps his clients understand the complex rules associated with business negotiations, partnerships, tax strategies and much more. Businesses and professionals rely on Ricardo Tosto for quality advice and proper guidance in all matters related to their organization and transactions. Mr Ricardo Tosto has earned a great place for himself in the Brazilian legal system and around the world. His goal is simple: to secure the best possible results for his clients.

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SEC Whistleblower Awards Spur More Company Insiders To Come Forward

Since the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblower program’s inception nearly six years ago, over $107 million has been paid to 33 whistleblowers for invaluable evidence of SEC securities violations. A Labaton Sucharow client recently received the second largest reward to date, $17 million for high-quality, credible information that led to sanctions against an unnamed financial services company. Labaton Sucharow was the firm law firm in the United States to devote itself to representing SEC whistleblowers exclusively, therefore, they are able to provide unparalleled support for whistleblowers with their own in-house team of forensic accountants and financial analysts.

The SEC’s generous 10 to 30 percent award for information that leads to sanctions in excess of $1,000,000 in an enforcement action is given because insider information saves the SEC valuable time sifting through documents and uncovering complex accounting methods designed to hide illegal activity. Whistleblowers also alert the SEC to Ponzi schemes, saving more investors from losing their money. Saving investors from harm is one of the main reasons that individuals make personal sacrifices to come forward and alert the SEC of financial fraud. Even if an investigation is already underway, a person that furnishes a tip that bolsters an ongoing investigation with additional evidence may be eligible for an award.

Whistleblowers also risk professional sacrifices to come forward, even though the SEC ensures anti-retaliation protection. While the SEC does not release the names of people that submit information through the whistleblower program, individuals may choose to submit their information anonymously through an SEC Whistleblower attorney. This also gives the person an opportunity to make sure they are eligible to receive a whistleblower reward and ask any other questions that they may have.

Potential whistleblowers should not put off consulting an SEC whistleblower lawyer. Someone else may report the same information first or the statute of limitations may run out, however, the most important reason not to delay is to keep investors from suffering any further harm. At firms that exclusively represent whistleblowers, translation services are available for international whistleblowers that have information about overseas conduct by a firm that possibly violates U.S. securities laws.

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SEC Makes More Provisions for Whistleblowers

To help battle the financial crisis, in 2010 Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was the biggest governmental revolution in the U.S. since the Great Depression. This particular act provides incentives for individuals to report wrongdoing to the Securities and Exchange Commission when it is recognized. The rewards are awarded only when the sanctions reach at least $1 million. This is why it is known as a whistleblower program. The government well recognizes that whistleblowers are an imperative element in defeating corruption in the financial world.

Cleaning up these discoveries means helping maintain the integrity of the U.S. financial landscape. They are key in helping them identify this corruption wherever it is found. This move by the government discouraged law firms all across the country to get involved. The firm, Labaton Sucharow, was the first firm in the U.S. to set up practices that would were focused entirely on this act. These practices are encompassed by the Whistleblower Representation Practice, which is led by Jordan Thomas, the former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel.

Thomas has done more for the program than just lead it. He was also instrumental in founding and developing it. The program pays out 10-30% of any monetary gain as a result of their whistle-blowing for violations of the Commodity Exchange Act. In addition, they may be able to get an additional payment because of side things that may result from their whistle-blowing. Congress has authorized that all of these payments be made from its Investor Protection Fund. However, the Dodd-Frank also protects the whistleblower against any retribution or retaliation by the offending company against the whistleblower.

If a company or institution does make retribution or retaliation against an individual, there are ordained things that can be done to legally protect them from any kind of persecution. You can request further details about the SEC Whistleblower lawyers via telephone, email, or contacting the website. During this inquiry process, prospective will not have to identify themselves with any personal information. For such persons who don’t know English, translation services are available by request.