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Get Service That Is Truly Free Of Cost From FreedomPop

Any carrier can claim that they have free mobile service, but truly free service is offered by FreedomPop and has been offered by them for years. Take a FreedomPop review for instance, an engaging review that was written in 2016 gave an update on the great services offered by FreedomPop, especially about the free cell phone service. Before things changed, FreedomPop was only offering 200 minutes of talk time, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data. Although the plan has gone through several changes, it’s pretty much stayed the same but now has unlimited text messages.


FreedomPop is even generous enough to inform their customers about how they can gain free data because many feel that 500 MB of data isn’t enough, even if the user is only sending text messages and is not surfing the net. With the FreedomPop offers that are available, each one that is filled out or completed should gain the user at least 10 MB of data or more. Anyone who is a current FreedomPop customer should also consider adding a FreedomPop friend because doing so can help them gain constant access to additional data each month for free.


FreedomPop knows that not everyone is willing to complete offers or surveys, so it’s suggested that the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop be the main source of data for those who need it. After only paying a five-dollar monthly fee, the FreedomPop customer will have access to over 10 million hotspots that span across the great United States and connects to 4G LTE speed Internet. Anyone using a cell phone that connects to Wi-Fi service can start getting more data for free and at high speeds and can even make calls and more while using Wi-Fi service.


Also, don’t forget that FreedomPop also has two more additional plans on top of the free cell phone plan, which is the paid plan for $10.99 as well as the truly unlimited plan with unlimited data for $19.99. The portable hotspots are also available from FreedomPop when a refundable down payment has been paid for the hotspot. The portable hotspot will have to be shipped out to the home of the customer but will always receive at least 500 MB of free data every month, but the user is encouraged to choose one of the several plans offered from FreedomPop to constantly keep data on the hotspot.

FreedomPop Is Doing Big Things With Their Free Services In 2016

Utilizing Wi-Fi is one of the best ways to access FreedomPop services, especially since they have plans that are based around Wi-Fi service. The ever popular free cell phone plan from FreedomPop will already have 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messages with 200 MB of data, but adding Wi-Fi service to it can extend everything. Those who have access to their own Wi-Fi service can connect it to their phone, which can allow them to make calls over Wi-Fi as well as adding extra data to the phone. Anyone without Wi-Fi service of their own can utilize FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service.

FreedomPop has the ability to give any customer Wi-Fi service for only a five-dollar monthly fee. Accessing the Wi-Fi service means that phone calls, text messages, and data can all be accessed over Wi-Fi. Those using the Wi-Fi service will only pay the monthly fee and will still be able to use it as much as they want in an unlimited way. Phone calls are no longer limited as long as they’re done through Wi-Fi, which means that the 200 minutes of talk time that’s given with the free plan will most likely go unused.

There are also 4G speeds with the Wi-Fi service, so no one has to worry about running out of their 200 MB of data that comes with the free plan. The only catch is that the Wi-Fi has to constantly be on, or it’s possible that the FreedomPop customer will be using up their resources from the free cell phone plan. Anyone who wants to change their plan to a paid plan is encouraged to get the $10.99 paid plan that comes with unlimited text and talk. The data in the paid plan is 500 MB, per information from the FreedomPop review.

Not everyone wants to do an automatic data top up, which costs $10 each, so those who have turned off the automatic top up can stick to their Wi-Fi service or can earn extra data for their phone by completing any of the various FreedomPop offers that are available. There’s also the unlimited cell phone plan that only costs $19.99 and is available to all users. With unlimited talk, text, and data, only the 4G data has to be conserved because it slows down to 3G speeds after the entire 1 GB of 4G LTE data is used.

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Taking Advantage of the New FreedomPop Wi-Fi Phone

FreedomPop has made a living off of providing inexpensive mobile phone services throughout the United States. In fact, it is what has made the company viable and competitive in the U.S. The startup is only a few years old as it bloomed out of LA just three years ago. However, it now has over a million customers and it is building each and every day. How is it doing this so quickly? By providing many of its customers free mobile phone services. Even for those customers who pay a small amount for their services, it is inexpensive compared to every other mobile service provider. Additionally, FreedomPop is always looking for new ways to save its customers money with the newest being Wi-Fi first phones.

The idea of a Wi-Fi phone is not new. T-Mobile provides services to customers that allows them to make calls over a wireless Internet connection. However, these phones do not necessarily instantly connect to Wi-Fi and there is not always a seamless transition from Wi-Fi to cellular data. With FreedomPop though, the phone it is looking at offering customers is a true Wi-Fi first phone and it is able to move from one technology to the other in order to make sure customers are able to receive the very best service possible.

By connecting to a Wi-Fi connection, it allows customers to avoid using up their valuable minutes, data and text messages. The more someone uses on Wi-Fi, the less they will use and the greater the chance a customer has at not needing to pay for more services. Now, it still comes down to where someone uses their wireless device and what sort of Wi-Fi connection is available, but there is the possibility of someone saving a considerable amount of money doing this. So, it really just depends on what individuals are looking to do, but ultimately, the new phone, which costs between $99 and $199 and is going to be released in 2016, is able to help customers save a considerable amount of money over what they are paying for their current mobile service.

FreedomPop Has The Mobile Wireless Services You Need Like Hotspots, Wi-Fi, And Internet

It can be extremely frustrating when a cell phone fails at the wrong time, especially when a person may have a desperate call that they have to make. Although most phones these days are supposed to connect directly to 911, even if the person has no cell phone service, it’s still not a good feeling to have an unreliable cell phone. The same thing goes for Internet service. The internet service needs to be reliable and to connect when needed, and if both of these technologies are giving someone a problem, then they may need to switch carriers. Some people will be able to have their cell phone service through the same carrier as their Internet service, and this can save them money.

Those that are looking for a reliable cell phone service, as well as Internet service for their home, should turn to FreedomPop. FreedomPop is a revolutionary company that has made free service their number one goal. FreedomPop has free service for every type of service that they provide. FreedomPop currently provides cell phone service, Internet service, Wi-Fi service, and hotspots. Cell phone service through FreedomPop can be free of charge as long as the person chooses the 200-minute cell phone plan. Those who want an unlimited cell phone plan through FreedomPop will only pay $20 per month.

The unlimited cell phone plan through FreedomPop on apple is not only the best deal, but the person will be able to have unlimited access to their cell phone at all times. Those who need Internet service in their home can also get it for free, up to 5 GB. Once the 5 GB limit has been reached on the FreedomPop Internet plan, then there is a charge of 0.7 cents per megabyte, which is relatively low in cost. Those who choose to use FreedomPop’s home Internet service will be able to keep their bill low in cost or free of charge, depending on how much data they use.

FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service is only five dollars monthly, and anyone can access a Wi-Fi hotspot via the FreedomPop application. The FreedomPop Wi-Fi service is unlimited, and the user can access the service as much as they like throughout the month. Those who are looking for their own personal hotspot can also purchase one from FreedomPop, and the hotspot can connect to the Internet anywhere FreedomPop services are available. FreedomPop’s hotspots are also very small in size, so they are small enough to take with a person anywhere they go. FreedomPop has many services that are made to help a person save money, especially if they need Internet, cell phone, or other services free of charge or low in cost.