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George Soros on How the European Union Should Handle the Asylum Crisis in Europe


via Marketwatch

The way the refugees seeking asylum in the EU countries have been treated has been a cause for alarm. The way the whole fiasco has been approached is raising eyebrows. Many European Union countries have selfishly refused to offer help inform of asylum to the refugees in those countries. As a result, many refugees have been left stranded in Airports and transport terminals with nowhere to run to. The major losers in the situation have been the refugees although many members of public and security officers have also been caught up in the situations. As a result, many humanitarian activists have started questioning the role of the European Union on what they are doing to alleviate the crisis. One such person who has been vocal on the issue is billionaire and business mogul George Soros.


George Soros is questioning the move more so because he is a victim of circumstances. George Soros was born in Hungary. However, at a time when the country was under the Nazi invasion in 1947, he like many people in his country fled to England for security purposes. He worked various manual jobs as a waiter to put himself through to college. He enrolled in the London Business School and after graduation in 1952, he got an entry level job at an investment bank in London. His curiosity and pursuit of happiness, however, took him to the USA where he landed analytical and funds management positions for several banks in New York before he quit to pursue a solo business interest. His company, the Quantum Fund, has earned him millions of dollars years after his retirement from business. He is now actively involved in philanthropy as he seeks to give back to the society.


According to Mr. George Soros, the EU should have one EU asylum and migration agency. The plan will not only make it easy for the union to determine the people who qualify for asylum but will also streamline the operations making it efficient and cost effective to run. Having a joint agency would ensure the establishment for employment rules as well as having the rights of the asylum seekers protected under one policy. Those people who are ineligible for asylum would also be offered a safe return to their countries something that is haphazardly done today.


Offering a safe passage for asylum seeking refugees should also be put into place especially for those refugees being moved from countries like Greece and Italy. In the past, may refugees have lost their lives while on transit because of using unsafe means to travel to their destinations. Having an established operational and financial agreement developed by the EU should ensure that all the refugees and immigrants seeking asylum are treated to the same standard requirements.


In conclusion, should the EU implement some of George Soros’ suggestions, they will have averted one of the hugest time bomb waiting to go off as the refugee crisis will not reduce it will only increase. This is mainly due to the political instability in the Middle East.


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QI Company Is Awarded Certificate From NGCN

According to Yahoo Finance, QI Group was acknowledged as an affiliate of the United Nations Global Compact Network. The company agreed to adopt ecological and accountable professional practices under a UN conference held in Singapore recently. These companies vowed to use the most 10 commonly acknowledged principles in the areas of philanthropy, labor, environment and a peaceful existence. QI participated in this commitment and guaranteed to their customers and fellow business professionals that they would be a business that was both socially and economically sound to help them with their achievement and expansion.

Their Group Managing Director, Mr. Joseph Bismark, was given a certificate from the General Counsel’s Chief, Ursula Wynhoven. She is in charge of social sustainability and governance over the UN. QI Group feels privileged to be a part of the UNGC and wants to adopt a globally recognized policy for their development, disclosure, and implementation. Adopting these practices will make the company more transparent and accountable for their corporate governance. It is also beneficial that the UNGC is a beneficial platform and they have emerging practices and since they have a large range of partnerships with governmental agencies, stakeholders and others in high places, it provides a direct link to businesses across the globe.

Joseph Bismark is no stranger to humanitarian efforts whether it be for business or pleasure. He co-founded QNet and then took over as managing director in 2008. Many describe him as a gifted, energetic and resourceful leader; Joseph Bismark survives by the proverb that every person has the ability to do great things. Not only does he have a thirst for knowledge, but he adapts these areas into his active lifestyle. Bismark is a yoga teacher, bonsai major and martial arts aficionado. He and his wife are very passionate about their Vegan lifestyle and educate others on living this healthy way.

QNet, along with Bismark run the company with spiritual integrity. Part of their holistic beliefs run hand in hand with keeping the body as a holy temple, and monitoring what is put into that temple. He had a life changing event happen as a teenager. He got the opportunity to study under the founder of the Hara Krishna group. It was during this time that he made efforts to change his inner man, which ultimately affected the outer man. Using wise spiritual concepts to run his business is how Bismark and his partner have kept QNet on the forefront of other multi-level marketing companies.

Status Labs Steps up After Ashley Madison Hack

Ashley Madison is a website focused on adultery and, more specifically, helping married individuals have private affairs. Obviously the users of this website would want their private information safe and secure because the consequences of their affairs getting leaked would be quite condemning. The unthinkable happened when the adultery based website saw its userbase hacked and leaked into the public this past month, revealing millions of pages of data. Since then scammers and hackers have combed through the lists of usernames in order to find people to blackmail or extort.

Reports in Toronto of anonymous users trying to blackmail victims of the Ashley Madison hack have already begun to surface. In the coming weeks and months we will likely see more and more victims approached by these opportunistic scammers as they seek to take advantage of a hectic and, really, unprecedented situation. This could go down as one of the biggest internet scandals of all time. With so many registered users on the website there is no doubt more than a couple of notable name son there. Already we’ve seen celeb reality star Josh Duggar fall victim to public shaming and condemning after his information leaked.

In order to help fight back against the scammers and keep the names of some of these ‘victims’ clean, Darius Fisher and Status Labs have stepped up to offer their hand in help. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that helps to cultivate and moderate the web presence of their clients. Darius Fisher said that he believes in second chances and that he would want to help these individuals get a hold on what their online reputation is going to turn into in the wake of these potentially devastating personal leaks.

This offer from Status Labs is particularly important in the wake of many new scams that are going around at the moment. Savvy scammers are offering their own brand of management in exchange for cash, only to take the money and run away which will cause an even bigger fiasco in all of this havoc. With 30 million compromised users, Status Labs should be kept busy.

Wifi and Pregnancy

Reddit reports that doctors are worried about cell phones and pregnancy. In both the United States and Australia, doctors worry that wireless devices and pregnancy don’t mix, and that wireless radiation may have adverse affect on the unborn.

Women are exposed to radiation all the time through the normal course of the day, and there is no evidence to support fetal damage. There are no studies or evidence to back up the claims, and Dr. Leslie Kerzner, of Massachusetts General Hospital says, “But we haven’t seen any increased incidence of anomalies. I think someone is probably jumping the gun on this.” However, until the argument is settled you may want to be wary of your wifi in the meantime. Dr. Jennifer Walden is certainly going to pay attention.

A Guide for Creating a Good Wikipedia Page



Wikipedia is basically the largest wiki available and sometimes you can hire a Wikipedia writer. This means that any individual can edit a page that is unprotected and improve the articles for other readers. This can be done without registering with Wikipedia. An individual who has edited articles is referred to as a Wikipedian. Regardless of the edit made, Wikipedians help make Wikipedia what it really is because every little edit adds up. Two methods of editing are used in Wikipedia, these are: Visual Editor (VE) and the classic editing using wiki markup. Below is a guideline for creating a good Wikipedia page.


Start by researching first. Before you create any page on Wikipedia, it is best to get more information about Wikipedia and how it operates. Knowing the ins and outs of being a Wikipedian will ascertain that none of your pages is deleted or even challenged after submitting your articles for review.


Generating a Wikipedia account is pretty easy and it is advisable for individuals to use their real email address and home. With adequate creating activity and editing you can be an “auto-confirmed user.” this enables you to perform specifically restricted functions like uploading images or moving Wikipedia pages to public space.


It is advisable that you start small. You should begin by making trivial edits on existing pages. This will enable you to test out your skills before you try creating new content. You should start by editing pages that have topics that you are familiar with. This way, you will get to learn quickly and enjoy the whole experience. You will also be conversant with content management system of the site and build your user profile.


Gather your references. These references will be used as your sources of information and they will help you to prove the notability of the subject matter of your article. Sources are quite significant in Wikipedia. This is because this is an encyclopedia, and everything on this website must be verified. You can get reliable sources from your local library, news archive and books.

Write a copy of your article. After fulfilling all the above steps, you are ready to start writing and even posting Wikipedia content. You can format your article on sandbox or add it to My Talk page on your user account. You will get lots of information about formatting using wiki code on the Wikipedia’s Help Pages.


Submit your Wikipedia page for review. After completing your page and confirming that it is error-free, you must submit it to be reviewed by the editors. The review procedure can last a few days, a few weeks or even longer.

Uber Bans Guns

Uber is one of the most convenient new inventions of our age, but negative events have surrounded the service. For those of you that don’t know, Uber is a service in which ordinary people make money by using their car as a taxi. In the past, physical altercations have broken out between drivers and customers.

Folks like Daniel Amen has learned that Uber recently announced that drivers will no longer be allowed to carry guns while driving clients around. That statement alone scares me. Why would an uber driver need to carry a gun around? There are psychopaths in the world, and I guess having a gun would help drivers from getting their car stolen.

Uber drivers feel that there is no difference between their service and a taxi. However, taxi vehicles have a specific color, and they are labeled. Uber vehicles can be random, and no one knows for sure what kind of driver will be in the car. Nonetheless, I feel that Uber should get banned, and that may sound controversial to some people. Yahoo! recently published an article about this story, and Uber users should definitely check it out for more information.

Homer and Marge Simpson Divorce, Simpsons Fans Cry

If you are a Simpsons fan, it is going to be a rough 27th season. Not only is one of the most beloved voices of the show is leaving, but Marge and Homer Simpson are going to be legally separated after 26 years of marriage.

A Simpsons fan would not be surprised by this sudden divorce. There has always been at least one episode a season where Marge gets so upset with Homer that she seems to be on the verge of breaking up.

According to what Al Jean, executive producer of the show, is saying, this is a long term story line and it does get to the point where they become legally separated. Homer may even fall in love with a pharmacist that is voiced by Lena Dunham, the creator of the HBO show called Girls. Jean did not say if the couple were getting back together by the end of the season, but Adam Sender will be tuning in to see.


Florence and the Machine Reach the Top

The critically acclaimed band Florence and The Machine have finally clawed their way to the top of the charts, earning their first number one spot on the Billboard 200.

The group’s most recent album release, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, sold more than 137,000 copies in a week’s time. Their first hit song, “Dog Days Are Over” launched the band into notoriety according to Matt Landis.

It is Florence and The Machine’s sophomore album release, Ceremonails, that launched the band into critically acclaimed success. The album contained the popular song “No Light, No Light.” Ceremonials also contained the smash hit, “Shake It Out.” The song was widely popular, featuring the group’s ecclectic mix of wold instruments. The song’s lyrics seemed to have a deep, spiritual meaning behind them, but singer Florence Welch admitted that “Shake It Out” was simply about recovering from a night of drunken antics and the ability to let go of regret.

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful beat out the band’s previous sales record of 107,000 albums in one week with the 2011 release of Ceremonials.

See This Cat In A One Size Fits All Top

Who hasn’t heard of a one size fits all top or outfit? When these clothes are made, they come with a lot of questions because how can one size fit everyone when everyone is a different size?. Cat Wears Halter Top. A lady decided to buy a crocheted top that is supposed to fit over the breast area of any hip girl that wants to look good. The top was purchased on Amazon, and many are complaining about the one-size-fits-all statement.

The cat fit the top pretty well, but it even seemed to be a bit too small for the cat, so how is it possible that it would’ve fit on a human? There is a picture on MTV News, which shows how the top should look, and another picture shows how the top really looks on the cat. The point that is being made is that one size fits all should mean just that.

There have been many comments about the top, and one person even notated that it was a “free boob show.” No doubt it’s funny to see a cat wearing a top that was meant for a girl, but it can’t be very funny for the person who paid for it.