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The Search for Personal Green Space in New York City

According to a report in the New York Times, finding your own personal green space in New York City and NYC apartments for sale isn’t easy, and if you do find it the price could be higher than you expected. New York City is under going a renaissance with less crime and more cleanliness, and folks are clamoring to find their little green slice of the Big Apple. If your budget is less than $500,000 then your search is going to be rough. On Staten Island you could get lucky, and it’s your best bet to find a little place with some greenery, but in Brooklyn a studio with a 500 square foot yard is going for $435,000.

In Manhattan the Cityspire complex offers wrap around terraces on west 56th Street for $100 million, but you could find a studio penthouse on east 84th Street for only $225,000 with a staggering monthly maintenance fee of $1,955. In the Bronx $500,000 isn’t going to get you much unless you search at the outer reaches of the borough, and $324,900 will yield a 975 square foot one bedroom with a 30 square foot north facing balcony near the Harlem River. In Upper Manhattan prices are a bit lower than downtown, and $499,000 can buy a unit in the pre-war Washington co-op. The borough of Queens offers a three bedroom Tudor house with a tiny backyard for about $417,888.

To help you search for your little green dream of NYC apartments for sale you may want to take a look at Town Residential. Town has several development projects in the works, the Charles, Twenty Exchange, and the ICON, and Town has nine offices scattered across the area to help you find your dream. Andrew Heiberger the founder of Town Residential focuses on customer service from himself down to each broker in order to ease the real estate experience. Town is reclaiming neighborhoods throughout New York City, and through a new social media campaign he brings customers and clients closer. Mr. Heiberger believes in transparency, and with over $958,754,849 in sales, he is on the right track. Town Residential offers luxury residential and commercial properties, and over 500 licensed brokers to help you through your search. Town Residential accomplishments include Citi Habitats and Buttonwood Developments.

Let Town Real Estate Help You Find A Place In New York City Real Estate

New York City real estate is some of the most prime real estate anywhere in the USA. Many strive to move to the New York City area because there are many opportunities there. Not only are there great places to live in New York City, but there are a lot of historical places to visit as well. The rich and famous use New York City as a playground, and it’s easy to see a celebrity within the city at any given time. Since New York City is so desirable, it makes it difficult for those looking to move to the area when they want to find a place to live.

Many who already live in New York City, they already know what luck they have to live in such an amazing place. Those who currently live in New York City, they are unlikely to move, unless they are moving to a more luxurious setting. New York City is somewhat cramped too, and many people tend to live very close to each other. Unlike some other cities, many places in New York City have high rises, apartments, lofts, condos, penthouses and more. Although it’s possible to find a house around New York City, those looking for a house will be paying top dollar.

A top real estate agency that operates in New York City is Town Real Estate. The agency has been in business for over 5 years, and they’ve helped many customers to find a great place to live. Town Real Estate deals with luxurious pieces of property, and their list of properties is growing all the time.

There are many listings with TOWN Real Estate that are exclusive, and these listings can only be accessed by hiring a TOWN Real Estate agent. The fact that NYC luxury real estate listings can be found with TOWN Real Estate means that you may be interested in the company if you’re looking for the best place to live. You can find a great place with a concierge, a swimming pool, beautiful views, and many other amenities being offered. When you’re ready to start looking for your new place in New York City, hire a Town Real Estate agent.