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The Importance of Constant Updates For Online Reputation Management

When it comes to online reputation management, people do depend a lot of firms to provide the management services. However, a lot of it can be done on their own. There is one particular form of online reputation management that entrepreneurs need to perform. This is providing constant updates. People who are constantly updating their websites are much more likely to be successful at online reputation management. However, there are some people who just keep a static business. As a result, a bad review could do a lot more damage. This is why it is important to continue to update the site.

One good thing to do is to make sure that the content that is provided is optimized for search engines. When content ranks highly on search results for the given keywords, then it will help the business of the individual. While the content is to be positive in nature, it does help to be honest in order to maintain trust. One thing that customers trust is a business that admits its mistakes and makes efforts to correct itself. The one thing that should be avoided when it comes to providing optimized content is keyword stuffing. Search engines will penalize that kind of activity.

There are times when someone’s online reputation gets hit so badly that he is going to need the help of professionals. This is where comes in. can remove negative reviews and is filled with plenty of professionals that know how to provide optimized content that will rank high on search engines like Google. As a result, the bad reviews of the company will be knocked off of the front page and replaced with good news. As always, it is better to take a proactive approach to online reputation management as opposed to merely reacting to attacks.

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How White Shark Media Has Addressed Its Client’s Complaints

For several years, many clients have been complimenting our Adword campaign services while others issue complaints regarding our services. Building a business that does not generate complaints takes a lot of time and patience. This post will highlight the complaints we have received and the measures we have taken to address the issues that have been raised.

Inability to Track Adwords Campaigns

Many of our clients are unable to review our reports or get wind of what we are up to through our reporting mechanisms. This is the reason we are striving to ensure that each client is given an in-depth explanation on the details of their Adword campaigns.

Improper Communication

When we first started out, many customers complained about our mode of communication. The clients complained that it was hard to reach our professionals without going through the receptionist. To address this issue, we implemented Goto meetings and phone systems that have direct extensions. The Goto meeting is an online tool for conference meetings. This forum allows us to view the same screen as the client and go through the monthly report and AdWords account with the client.

My Former Campaigns Did Better Than Your New Campaigns

To deal with this complaint, we have put in place measures to ensure that:

• Existing campaigns are active
• Experienced supervisors deal with the management of the campaigns and provide feedback.

You Should Offer SEO Services

We have not yet reached the point of offering SEO services. The good news is that we ensure you do not waste money hiring an SEO vendor by reviewing all the SEO proposals and services that have been provided by your SEO professional.

Insensitive Professionals

Some of our clients complain that they were connected to contact persons who are not sensitive to their needs. To rectify this situation, our consultants are now following up with every client from the beginning up to the optimization stage.

The AdWord Campaign is on Your Account

In 2012,we, from White Shark Media, developed a new strategy whereby we create a new Adwords Account for our clients. We are also offering our clients the opportunity to work on their account if they have a campaign that has been doing well.

Tracking Adwords Performance

We have introduced an in-house process that allows us to install a call tracking, conversion tracking and Google Analytics for free. This strategy makes it easy to track your results.

Most Client Inquiries are Made Through the Phone

To track phone call inquiries, we have teamed up with Marchex to track the calls of every customer who signs up.

White Shark Media, Enabling Business Growth Through Timely Online Marketing Solutions

White Shark Media is a company that provides online marketing solutions. It is one of the fastest growing companies within the digital marketing industry of North America. The company’s growth has been driven by its reputation of coming up with lucrative search marketing campaigns and a customer experience that is considered world class. Presently, White Shark Media is regarded as one of the largest digital marketing agencies that provide marketing solutions for small and medium sized ventures around the globe.
The company has enabled thousands of firms in America to expand their business by adapting their tactics of online marketing to great use. The company’s ability to track its customers’ marketing efforts with much emphasis has also played a big role in its success. Tracking consumer efforts has enabled the company to be accountable to all its clients. White Shark Media provides monthly reviews on such consumer efforts with the help of Google analytic integration, keyword level tracking, and competitive intelligence. In addition, the corporation uses proprietary reporting software.
The founding partners of the company, which was established in 2011, had one goal that was to provide incomparable experience to its clients. It has been providing excellent services in its both offline and online operations. Through their innovative products, White Shark Media has conquered the ever-growing SMB market across the United States and Latin America. Such remarkable success has been made possible by providing unmatched products and services in the market. The company operates in a unique way whereby it shares the various experiences that it has learned over the years with its clients. Clients have benefited from the company’s concepts, which have turned out to be a winning formula in combination with its domestic and offshore presence.
White Shark Media is among the few privileged companies to be awarded the Google Ad Words Premier SMB Partnership. The company was able to win the coveted award owing to its close collaboration with Google. The corporation passed all the strict eligibility and training requirements. In addition, Microsoft Company recognized White Shark Media products and services. Presently, the large enterprise has become an authorized re seller of selective Bing Ads.
Building on a strong team, the company enables its employees to grow professionally. It provides challenges that enable the employees to learn new concepts. White Shark Media gives its workforce opportunities to meet their goals in a timely manner. Its workforce is diverse as the employees come from different backgrounds. The employees have been able to achieve success in realizing the organizational goals through a strong culture of teamwork.

How To Handle Customer Complaints In Your Business

Customer complaints are inevitable, no matter how well organized or steamlined your business. Whether you are a small business or large company, you are likely to have to deal with a customer complaint at some point. If you are juggling several clients or customers at once chances are that you will run into at least one individual who is not completely satisfied or happy at any one time. These issues should always be acknowledged and handled with effectively. Do not ignore or dismiss customers’ complaints, because doing so indicates that you do not care about their opinions.

Once a customer has complained about his or her dissatisfaction with your service or business, you should immediately take steps to rectify the situation. Any number of issues could have contributed or led to the problem, and it might not be your fault. But, it is important that you assume responsibility for the problem and handle it properly. Sometimes, a simple apology will calm down an angry customer, and bring the situation under control.

While it is easy to blame someone when things don’t go well, if you want the customer to keep patronizing your business you need to remain professional and handle problems quickly and effectively when a customer complains. Resolving a complaint effectively and achieving customer satisfaction can also be an excellent opportunity for your company to create happy customers and perhaps even boost sales and revenue.

Customers don’t want to hear excuses. But, you can briefly explain why the situation occurred. This should be done after you have listened to the customer’s complaint and issued an apology. In some cases, a customer will request compensation, – typically a voucher or a refund. Asking the customer for an acceptable resolution or desired outcome, can make them feel both valued and involved.

White Shark Media is one of the most reputable and reliable Digital Marketing Agency that provides online marketing solutions to businesses. White Shark Media handles complaints quickly and effectively and ensures that the customer is completely satisfied with the resolution. Once they receive a complaint, they don’t leave it or delay. They reply to the phone call, letter, email, blog post promptly, no matter how outrageous it is. White Shark Media has a track record of taking whatever step is necessary, to make sure the customer is happy with the resolution.

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Using the SEO Keywords The Right Way To Ensure You Reap Maximally

In the search engine marketing campaigns, keywords are undoubtedly the most important SEO strategy. They play a huge role in business classification, client targeting, and influencing website content. They have been used by SEOs to attain higher rankings in the SERPs as well as presenting better results to their users.
Over the years, keyword use has evolved but some websites continue to use traditional tactics that are less impacting on the search results. These include stuffing the content title to include all the keywords a business may want to rank in. By this, the title ends up meaningless or even worse looking like spammed content. There are, however, various ways that can be applied in correcting these mistakes and ensuring the right way of keyword use:
• Identifying the right keyword for your business
The choice of the right keyword will ensure the best results on the search engines. By conducting keyword research, you get the chance to choose just the one that suits your business. There are several online tools to help identify search terms that are then turned to keywords for your content. These include Ubersuggest, Wordstream, and Google trends keyword tools.
• Express these keywords in content titles
After identifying keywords, embed them in a content title or headline that highlights the service you seek to provide. To improve its relevance, the keywords may be twisted as to be informatory or a geo-targeting keyword. This is however, greatly influenced by the research.
• Keyword repetitiveness for the optimum results
What puzzles most keyword and content generators is the question of how many times the keyword should be repeated in the content. It proves especially tricky when they have to balance between using the right amount of keywords to be detected by search engines and using just enough to avoid irrelevance. According to White Shark Blog, the correct number of tines to use the keywords are; once in the main headline, another in the content title, then twice or thrice in the content body. Another way the keyword can be used so as to boost ranking is through inclusion in the file name of any images included in the page content relating to the topic.
There are various companies that specialize in SEO management and one such is White Shark Media. This firm comprises of a team of digital marketing experts that offer most online marketing solutions to various small and middle income businesses. They offer a free evaluation of your ad word campaign and other services as ad words management and search engine case studies.

How to Make the Search Engines Work Better For Your Listing

Writers and readers alike have learned huge amounts about keywords, queries and search engines in recent years. Typically, most people think that keywords and queries are the same, when, in actuality, they are quite different, and they produce different results when you use them.

Keywords vs. Queries

Keywords and queries are expressed in the search box, yet they vary the search result with the words that are used and their arrangement in the query. Keywords are defined as the specific words the author has chosen that identifies their pages, but a query is a statement or question asks the search engine for a solution.

Also, as a query is not concerned whether the question or statement is spelled correctly or if it’s grammatically correct, it searches according to the intent behind the query. Search engines are based on intention as well as the individual keywords, so two searches could supply similar or different results.

One of the best guidance that you can get is from White Shark Media that is a digital marketing agencythat offers highly professional services.

Changes in the Search Engines

Today, search engines appear to be smarter than a decade ago, when really it is the user who is getting smarter. Articles used the keywords almost exclusively in the meta description, title and throughout the copy, sometimes sacrificing the meaning.SEO was also a major part of the search engine marketing plan. Today, it is getting more difficult to trick the search engine in that way because stuffing keywords leads to confusing content.

By getting improving your strategy to include both SEO and intent, you can advance your entry by optimizing good content for the searchers instead of simply using extreme SEO and traditional keyword stuffing of years past.

Here are 7 tips to help you focus on the user.

1) Use the keyword in the page title to identify.
2) Place one keyword in the headline. This coincides the topic and the search info to your landing page.
4) Add one keyword to meta description to target users.
5) Refer the content page to the topic to increase interest using keywords, but don’t go overboard.
6) Prepare by finding all applicable keywords that apply to your content and separate them into categories.
7) Give each page of content a specific purpose matching a designated set of keywords.
8) Use your keywords to create real titles and headlines instead of “stuffing” them into content.

By applying this strategy, your pages will go farther in the search engine. Remember that you can always trust the reputation of your online business to White Shark Media – number one Seo agency that is going to bring your website to another level.

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