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The Ultimate Vacation Experience Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Squaw Valley Resort is a world renowned ski resort located in North Lake Tahoe, California. With over 6000 skiable acres and high end facilities Squaw Valley continues to remain one of the top ski attractions within the United States. The resort activities are not only limited to skiing but include shopping, golfing and festivals. As a result of their high standing and extraordinary facilities, Squaw Valley continues to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. 

The current president of the resort is Andy Wirth. You may of seen him on the CBS hit show Undercover Boss. With over 25 years of experience, he has managed the resort since August of 2010. Under Wirth’s leadership the resort has undergone a $70 million renovation. The changes include a redesign of the ski trail infrastructure, culinary facilities and of the common areas. Wirth has also had a positive impact on improving the customer experience at the resort.
The resort itself is nestled within the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges and is spread across six peaks. The environmental conditions and high mountain ranges create an ideal setting for ski lovers. The mountain ranges receive over 450 inches of snow a year. The abundance of snow provides guest with access to over 177 ski trails and a wide range of skiing experiences. Squaw Valley also has one of the top rated beginner and intermediate ski trails in the Sierra Nevada area. While advanced skiers have access to Mountain Run, one the longest running ski trails in Lake Tahoe. 
The resort is open year round and also provides numerous occasions for diversion during the summer months. Resort guest have access to yoga instructors as well as popular entertainers throughout the warmer months. One of the most popular festivals held at the resort is Wanderlust. Wanderlust is a transformational retreat that brings together yoga enthusiast, meditation instructors in an environment of fun and relaxation. 
In addition to skiing, Squaw Valley offers additional attractions. One of the most popular attractions at the resort is the Aerial Tram. The tram is a year round tourist attraction that provides a scenic ride to High Camp. During the ride, guest will enjoy panoramic views of the resort and Lake Tahoe. At the end of the ride, guest can enjoy an assortment of activities including roller skating, hiking, dining and a mountaintop pool. 
For those seeking the ultimate vacation experience, Squaw Valley Ski resort is a wonderful place to visit throughout the year. Enjoy new experiences with friends and family in this idyllic mountain location. The relaxing environment and beautiful scenery is a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be missed.