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Reputation Reboot: Darius Fisher and Status Labs

An online presence means more now than ever before – we live and die, rise and fall in Cyberspace.Unfortunately it’s also incredibly easy to have our online reputation sullied, either by personal error or the malicious intent of others. All it takes for the internet to change from friendly to hostile is a single absent-minded click of the mouse… and before you know it, your online presence is little more than a memorial to your shortcomings.
All is not lost. While there’s not an app (yet) for fixing this kind of flub there is a man named Darius Fisher. He and his company, Status Labs, specialize in putting a shine on your web presence and cleaning up relations with the online public. Operating on the principle that the first page of Google search results is the digital equivalent of a first impression, Fisher and Status Labs focus on reshaping that first page, managing the content of their clients so as to provide positive exposure right out of the gate.
It’s not a job that has to be difficult. Darius Fisher maintains that if a client is well-prepared and takes preliminary measures to maintain a clean reputation online then errors of the sort he deals with can be handled with little or no difficulty. But if worse comes to worst then Fisher and Co. go to work creating new content to correct the problem. The goal is to fashion a collection of relevant information that highlights the client’s more favorable aspects, giving Google something current to latch on to. With a little work, the new content overshadows the old, and becomes the client’s current first page/impression.
It’s a testimony to both the volatile nature of the internet and the skill of Fisher and his team that Status Labs is doing as well as it is. Managing public relations, online reputations, and digital marketing for a wide slew of clients requires a delicate touch, a touch that Fisher has proven himself to possess. Status Labs provides an invaluable service to the denizens of the internet, and it’s a service that will continue to be sought as long as people make mistakes… which is to say, a long, long time.