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Securus Technologies Corrects Misleading Information on GTL Press Release

Not long ago, Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of criminal justice technologies and civil solutions for corrections, public safety, monitoring and investigation took the initiative to reveal inaccuracies posted by Global Tel Link (GTL) on its press release on June 7, 2016. Global Tel Link is one of the leading and largest inmate communications firms that provides inmates with phones with an aim to assist them connect with their friends and loved ones. The issued press release by GTL contained multiple statements that were inaccurate and misleading thus calling for the need of clarification. Securus Technologies therefore released a press release with an aim to provide correct information on GTL’s incorrect claims.

GTL Allegations

According to the GTL’s press release, it was alleged that Securus Technologies has established a consistent pattern of settling with and suing industry competitors. In addition the press release went ahead to state that Securus uses GTL’s patented technologies on its platforms such as video visitation. According to GTL’s press release, the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board preserved all 55 claims raised on GTL technologies thus protecting its video visitation services. However, this Claims by GTL were incorrect and Securus Technologies took a great step to shade the light to its clients therefore correcting allegations raised by GTL against Securus.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a trusted service provider of parolee tracking, government information management solutions and detainee communications to the largest inmate bases located in North America. This firm serves over 1200000 clients and is heavily relied upon by more than 3400 correction and law enforcement agencies to offer accurate investigation leads. Securus Technologies was established with an aim to provide criminal justice with the use of high profile technological solutions. This company has its main offices situated in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, it has four regional offices within the Dallas metro area, Georgia and Atlanta.