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An Incident Brands a Woman for Life

Melissa Click, a college has achieved fame through her antics. One video has shown her in an altercation against some journalists. This particular video has gone viral and has made her a celebrity for all the reasons that one would not want to be a celebrity. This status has cost her the job, and has put her at risk of some criminal charges. The journalist that Melissa was trying to have removed was covering a protest at the University of Missouri. Because of the incident, Melissa has been suspended from teaching while an investigation is carried out by the University of Missouri System Board of Curators.

This is an example of a digital crisis that one would have a hard time recovering from. In order to maximize the chances of recovering, Melissa would need the help of someone to bring her back into good terms with unforgiving society. Especially with charges like third-degree assault pending on her record. Often times, people are taken completely out of context and unfairly judged. For this reason, Status Labs has come to the defense of Melissa Click. Status Labs has a grasp on the big picture of what went down.

Melissa Click was acting in support of equal treatment of minorities on campus. However, her passion is what got her into a mix up with plenty of people. The team at Status Labs is very skilled at clearing up misunderstandings. They will provide all of the help they need in their public relations campaign so that Melissa Click can have a chance at getting back into the classroom. Perhaps as new light is shed on the story by Status Labs and other sources, the perception may shift in her favor and she may experience an improvement to her reputation as well as a reinstatement into the education industry.

Status Labs Reminds Companies How to Handle Layoffs Well

In our contemporary world, the use of social media is a must. Many people find it imperative to have a social media account that is used by them in their capacity as an employee and one that they use in order to help keep in touch with family and friends. In a recent article in Tech Cocktail, the author points out one instance where the Chief Operating Officer of the company may have erred in posting on the media after the company’s round of layoffs hit both employees and the media at large.

As Status Labs president and Co-Founder reminds readers in the article, social media disasters can happen easily. He recommends training to help all involved in such media learn the best possible ways to help head off such problems before they even begin. It is this kind of training that can be important when an issue of any kind that relates to the company pops up in the media. The right kind of training can avoid such problems and make sure that all staffers know how to use all forms of social media effectively.

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm. They offer their clients all kinds of important help including help with coping with a problem of some kind online. When a company has a problem that makes the social media rounds, the result may be decreased sales and a demoralized workforce. Those at Status Labs know that it is important to confront any problem that may arise as a result as soon as possible in order to help companies avoid long-term fallout. The internet can be an easy way to spread bad information nearly instantly.

This is why those at Status Labs know that it can also be an excellent way to help spread good information. They have spent many years working with their clients seeking to correct information that is inaccurate on the net and countering it with good information instead. In doing so, they can help any client make sure that company is able to present the best possible face to the public.