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Samuel Strauch Investing in Miami

Miami is one of the few areas of the country that still offers a great opportunity to invest in real estate. With all of the growth there over the years, there are many people who are excited about the changes that are taking place within the city. Not only is growth high, but jobs are moving in and this is increasing the overall standard of living for many people. If you want to succeed at a high level with real estate investing, you need to figure out a way to invest in the future. There are a lot of people who are excited about all of the changes that are taking place in this area.

Samuel Strauch

When he first started investing, the real estate market was much different than it is now for Samuel Strauch. Over the years, Samuel Strauch has proven to understand all of the things that matter when it comes to finding a great deal. Many investors only look at the purchase price to determine if something is worth buying. However, this ignores a lot of other factors that come into play with investing in real estate. You always have to have a long term mentality when it comes to investing in real estate. This will help you ride out the problems that may come up in the short term.


Final Thoughts

He is always looking to share his real estate knowledge in a variety of areas. If you need help trying to find a deal that makes sense with your financial situation, Samuel Strauch is a great person to go to. He is the type of person who is always willing to invest in the lives of other people around him.

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Boraie Offers Luxury Living

In New Brunswick, a 17 story luxury high rise has begun leasing through Boraie Development LLC according to Manta. The Aspire is luxury living just steps from the New Brunswick Train Station for easy commute to Manhattan and Philadelphia. The Aspire has 238 available leases ranging from studio to two room apartments. All leases retain full service with the addition of a restaurant and shopping.

The Aspire offers 24 hour doorman service with on-site maintenance and management. Garage to lobby access is standard. Floor plans feature high ceilings and terraces and balconies. Spectacular views from over-sized windows make each residence feel spacious. Hardwood floors and soft carpet cover floors. Custom cabinetry and quartz counter tops accompany gourmet kitchens filled with stainless steel appliances –

Modern in design, The Aspire offers it’s residence a luxury living space that exudes fine living with all its amenities. This article was published in

Boraie Development LLC offers services for urban real estate in New Jersey. Their team’s goal is developing urban luxury properties that surpass all others. With over 30 years experience, they are one of the most sought after companies when it comes to real estate development.

Omar Boraie is the president of Boraie. He is 73 years old and has worked to develop real estate for over four decades. It has been a life long dream to rebuild New Brunswick. Starting in 1972, he remembers the challenges he faced over 40 years ago. On just one block, he found 21 vacant or dilapidated buildings.

So he made a plan and presented it to the city. While he did not receive much support, the counsel knew something needed to be done in order to save the city. Boraie was determined and built his first building while everyone told him he was crazy. Building after building, slowly the city began to emerge.

Fast forward to today. The Aspire is the latest building he developed and retailers know that it too will be a huge success. Boraie is the premier urban real estate developer in New Jersey.

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Outlook of Nashville Real Estate Looks Promising according to ULI Nashville Annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate

During the ULI Nashville Annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate event held on December 1, 2015 Washington, D.C ULI’s Executive VP and Chief Content Officer Kathleen Carey stated that Nashville has recently placed 7th nationally in the real estate classification of an “18-hour city” in their Trends in Real Estate 2016 report which is a joint publication of ULI and PricewaterhouseCoopers. 18-hours cities are compared against 24-hour cities include cities Los Angeles and New York.

18 Hour Cities are noted to include metrics such as relatively low cost of doing business and cost of living and vibrant urban core. These metrics tend to yield higher growth and development opportunities suggested Carey.

Nashville based MarketStreet Enterprises development directory Dirk Melton stated that the city’s office market sector could soon experience an increase in cost for Class A building pushing a new floor of $40 per foot.

Atlanta-based SWH Residential Partners managing partner John Tirrill, countered the upward tone of the event with noting the apartment building displaying signs of potential concern with increase of apartments available increasing at a significantly higher rate than the actual demand presented by households noting instability. He noted a growing concern by the investing banks over rents not increasing to match the cost of development noting an average rent of $1,022

Scott Lumley Takes Over the Wholesale World from scottlumley01

Other panelists featured at the ULI Nashville Annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate event included Hendersonville STR Inc. Senior Vice President Jan Freitag on the hotel industry, Panattoni Development Co’s partner Whitfield Hamilton discussing the real estate sector and Colliers International CEO Janet Miller serving as a moderator.

This recap of ULI Nashville Annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate event has been brought to you by Scott Lumley of Resolve Financials, a leading real estate development company in the Nashville area. Scott Lumley specializes in renovating older buildings to a modern day feel.

New Property Planned for Entrepreneurs and Other Comanies from scottlumley01

Scott Lumley offers extensive entrepreneurial experience launching successful businesses including selling electronics wholesale, offering comprehensive auctioning online and the Large Lots retail chain offering overstock merchandise earning a combined total of over $47 million in 2007.
In addition to Scott’s online and real-estate entrepreneurial adventures Scott acquired the Broncs franchise. The Broncs team has since secured sponsorship deals with a long list of sponsors including Hotel Indigo, NovaCopy and local ESPM affiliate 106.7 FM ‘The Fan’ increasing the Franchise rights by $10,000.

Home Improvement Helps Real Estate Investment Plans

Anyone who owns real estate knows the value of the holdings could dramatically increase a person’s overall net worth. People who own a primary residence and a rental or vacation property could end up having a total net worth well over $1 million depending upon the value of the properties. Being proactive and taking action to increase the value of a property is a must in order to not only maximize the value of the property, but to hedge against any drops in real estate prices. Certain homes are always going to be worth more than others even when the market takes a dip. Help this process along by doing what is necessary to increase the value of a property.

The ways the average property owner can increase the value of a home are usually not very difficult. Simply properly maintaining a house is going to help with its value. For example, doing what is necessary to have the roof and sidewalk repaired at the first sign of damage decreases the chances problems will worsen. A broken up roof does not exactly help boost the sale price of a property. A new roof is going to certainly help with the valuation of a home.

Remodeling the interior is another important step to take when hoping to increase the value. A home with a new kitchen or bathroom is definitely going to appealing to potential buyers.

The work done on a home does not have be expansive as the jobs completed by Boraie Development LLC of New Brunswick, NJ. Boraie Development has supported major renovations in Newark and other sections of North Jersey. These projects did wonders for improving real estate in many commercial and historical distracts.

It could be said a renovation is a renovation be it performed on a small home or an entire city neighborhood. Small home improvement tasks add up over time. They eventually increase the value of a home and this leads to a real estate investing plan becoming a success.

Boraie Development Leads The New Brunswick Resurgence With


A lot of people gave up on New Jersey, but Shaquille O’Neal and Boraie Development were not among them. O’Neal, a 19-year NBA veteran, has returned to his hometown as an active investor who is taking part of the city’s resurgence. He and Boraie Development have teamed up on a few recent projects that are gaining attention. Boraie has also been getting kudos for its project in New Brunswick, known as “The Aspire.”

According to a recent article on, Boraie Development has received high marks for recent development projects, including the construction of the 17-story Aspire in New Brunswick. The project was the first of its kind in five decades in a town where luxury accommodations were not common. New Brunswick is a growing city that’s located on the rail lines between New York and Philadelphia.

New Brunswick, the home of Rutgers University, has seen several distinct phases of re-developments in its illustrious history. The latest round of developments has seen projects like “The Gateway” and “The Aspire” transform the area around the train station. Boraie Development’s Aspire adds to the mix for space in the city. This project has added 238 large, high-end apartments to an area that sorely needed them. The project has been well-received in the area, as the article shows. All of the units in the building boast excellent views of the downtown area.

The project has numerous amenities that would be expected in a luxury building. That includes 24/7 doormen and secure, private entrances for select units. Residents can use the Sky Deck and the Amenity Deck on the top floor during the warm months for an awesome, birds-eye view of New Brunswick. A representative for Boraie Development said the building would appeal to people in the city, who were becoming increasingly sophisticated. Residents can get to Manhattan or Philadelphia in no time using the nearby rail transit. The area is well-developed with restaurants, nightclubs, and galleries for residents to visit. The Aspire is a symbol of the resurgence of New Brunswick. Boraie Development has been actively developing projects all over New Jersey.

The Aspire is a strong sign that New Brunswick is a city on the rise. The pieces are in place for continued growth and Boraie Development will be there to help fill in the pieces. Boraie has shown a remarkable talent for seeing opportunities where others have been too afraid to act.

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The Rebound of New Brunswick City Courtesy of The Aspire New Brusnwick and Boraie Development LLC

It has been published on NJ Spotlight that with the city’s latest skyline plus image, it has a potential of becoming like Cambridge or even Ann Arbor. 

Regardless of serving as the main grounds for main campus of Rutgers University as well as being the HQ of Middlesex County, New Brunswick used the last decades of previous century combating the same forms of challenges, which confronted most of the US urban places: an escalation in the number of immigrants, reduction in asset worth, and relative desertion. 

However in 1975, John & Johnson decided to make great commitment not to move out of the city, and this decision refreshed the confidence of investors in New Brunswick’s solidity and potential. As opposed to many aging cities, New Brunswick started to recover in early to mid-1980s with the help of firms such as Boraie Development. This recovery process involved a number of major developments that set the city on a new level. These developments include the following:

The Aspire 
The 17-story housing high-rise block that is privately developed complements the still miniscule assortment of comfy residential units of the city. Situated near a train-station that provides express service to New York, Aspire rents out its 2-bedroom houses at a maximum charge of $2,800 per month. These apartments are likened by Boraie VP Wasseem Boraie to several highly stylish housing units in Manhattan. 

College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative 
Defining it as the biggest development venture in the history of Rutgers, Rutgers alongside Devco is establishing a plaza for the institution, which will sit on a 10-acre area and cost $300 million. Build on and all over the College Avenue, the venture adds a whopping 200,000 Sq. foot academic as well as administration complex (the first latest academic building of the campus since 1961); a housing block for honors-college; a 500-bed hall of residence comprising of business space and enclosed with an vast lawn that has an outdoor video surveillance, seating, boardwalk, walkways and also cycling paths. 

The Hub at New Brunswick Station
Due to partial mixed-used of Gateway building nearby the train-station by Devco as well as the 600,000 Sq. foot Wellness Plaza located up the boulevard, the building that is in front of the train-station has undergone serious developments in the last 3 years. Currently Devco is opening phase 3 of Transit Village Initiative, a venture on 4 acres referred to as ‘The Hub at New Brunswick Station’, through Albany Street. This project defined by Devco President as “real city center project”, is expected that the 1.7 million Sq. Foot complex will contain 500-600 residential units, plus office as well as research space plus ground-level business space.

Let Town Real Estate Help You Find A Place In New York City Real Estate

New York City real estate is some of the most prime real estate anywhere in the USA. Many strive to move to the New York City area because there are many opportunities there. Not only are there great places to live in New York City, but there are a lot of historical places to visit as well. The rich and famous use New York City as a playground, and it’s easy to see a celebrity within the city at any given time. Since New York City is so desirable, it makes it difficult for those looking to move to the area when they want to find a place to live.

Many who already live in New York City, they already know what luck they have to live in such an amazing place. Those who currently live in New York City, they are unlikely to move, unless they are moving to a more luxurious setting. New York City is somewhat cramped too, and many people tend to live very close to each other. Unlike some other cities, many places in New York City have high rises, apartments, lofts, condos, penthouses and more. Although it’s possible to find a house around New York City, those looking for a house will be paying top dollar.

A top real estate agency that operates in New York City is Town Real Estate. The agency has been in business for over 5 years, and they’ve helped many customers to find a great place to live. Town Real Estate deals with luxurious pieces of property, and their list of properties is growing all the time.

There are many listings with TOWN Real Estate that are exclusive, and these listings can only be accessed by hiring a TOWN Real Estate agent. The fact that NYC luxury real estate listings can be found with TOWN Real Estate means that you may be interested in the company if you’re looking for the best place to live. You can find a great place with a concierge, a swimming pool, beautiful views, and many other amenities being offered. When you’re ready to start looking for your new place in New York City, hire a Town Real Estate agent.

Haidar Barbouti’s Prominency in Real Estate

Haidar Barbouti has been the principal force in real estate investments in the Barbouti family in the United States. Through diverse entities, he has been dynamic in real property investments all over the world including operations in the United States since 1986. His experience and expertise have guided him in the purchase, enhancement and activities of different real estate investments in this country. He has more than 20 years of competent business experience in the commercial property field. Barbouti’s real estate investments range from commercial properties including condominium conversion and office buildings; shopping centers; development lands to other diverse investments. Barbouti is the owner and broker of Highland Village Shopping Center, a multi-purpose shopping center on Westheimer Road in Houston, Texas. This was the first shopping centers opened in Houston. Highland Village was constructed by S.N. Adams in the mid-1940s. Since 1991, Haidar Barbouti has been the owner of Highland Village Holdings. Its stores include Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel while the restaurants include Up Restaurant, owned by Barbouti, Escalante’s, Smith & Wollensky and Benihana concept restaurant RA Sushi Bar.Haidar Barbouti’s authority led to several changes at Highland Village. By 2004, Haidar Barbouti’s efforts at establishing and shuffling the center were being acknowledged all over the region. The per-square-foot volumes of Highland Village stores like Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma were approximated to be among the top 10 percent of most brands of chain according to industry analysts.Haidar Barbouti is recognized all over the Houston community for his charitable actions. He holds a distinctive place in his heart for the most vulnerable and smallest amidst us: animals and children. Over the years, he has supported many of those in need through his charitable donations of time and resources. Through the Highland Village, Barbouti contributed utilities and retail space essential to help create the Highland Village Adoption Center, a pet adoption center in 2008.Barbouti has a different take when it comes to trendy foods at the Up restaurant. He believes that it is all about what the customer wants and not about what he wants. He says that most restaurant food is a fraud and a disgrace with only three ounces of fish on it and more decorations on the plate. His theology is that if people spend good money to eat out, they should get real shares of real food. Barbouti graduated from Columbia University and has spent most of his outstanding career in the Retail Real Estate business.