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Reddit Users Ask War Veterans About Their Time Overseas

Forum users at Reddit recently posted a very touching and inspirational article. A Reddit user asked former Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans the best thing about serving in the United States military. Obviously, most of the USA War Vets said that defending our great nation was the best part of their job, but they also revealed that the children of Iraq and Afghanistan were very sweet.

Several war veterans said that handing out dolls or candy would make a child’s day. One soldier said that he gave an Iraqi child a Teletubby, and the kid lit up as if he just received an Xbox one. The soldiers and Marines were truly touched by the love of the children, but it wasn’t easy at first. One soldier told the story of how he was ordered to secure a specific zone, and that specific zone happened to house an Iraqi family. Brad Reifler told that the US soldier was forced to live with this family for a few days, and he said that the citizens hated him at first. However, after the Iraqi citizens realized that the US soldier wasn’t going to harm them, they quickly became friends.

The Iraqi citizens warned the soldier of where IEDs and other mines were hidden. The Iraqis even cooked him several meals. It seems that everything we hear on the news isn’t true, and it’s nice to get a soldier’s point of view for once. War is a terrible thing, but at least the innocence of a small child resonates throughout the earth.