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Boosting Business Exposure with Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the website that seems to always be there. It has the answer to everything and is able to provide individuals with the ability to edit and add information to a topic if they believe they have helpful content that would assist in the education of others. The open editing and creating platform makes it such an easy opportunity for individuals around the world to gain the information they seek. With that being said, it is possible for companies to make a Wikipedia page. Now, why would someone what to do that? Well, Get Your Wiki points out exactly the benefits of creating a Wikipedia page and how it is able to assist in the growth and development of the business. 

What is Get Your Wiki?

By creating a Wikipedia page, it expands the possible connection points individuals have with the business. It also makes the company appear more authoritative. The additional access comes across as professional and when a business has a wikipedia page, it shows it is not just some small business, because after all, it is important enough to have its own page. Naturally, the more information included in the page the better off it is going to be as visitors want to see a longer, in-depth page (something with just a few sentences does not come across as all-to professional but instead just thrown together). Of course, creating such a page can be tricky for individuals new to the Wikipedia page requirements. That is why Get Your Wiki offers the best Wikipedia writer for hire for its customers and can create a page for individuals easily. This way, they automatically have the authoritative page that gives the most information about the business that is also accurate about the business.  Essentially, Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing service that is a collection of the best, most experienced Wiki writers on the web. This ensures that your business Wiki page will end up at the top of search results with the most relevant information about your business.

Wikipedia business page creation can help create more authoritative backlinks. Search engines such as Google especially like to see authoritative backlinks and it can help boost the search engine ranking of such a website. This way, the creation of the page makes it easier to receive more direct visitors to the website while boosting its recognition on other pages as well. There really is no downside to having a Wikipedia page created. All that it requires is someone who knows what their doing and can create such a page on their own. Get Your Wiki can provide this exact service, making it a strong service provider for customers and businesses looking to grow their online footprint.

Is Sergio Cortes Akin To Michael Jackson?

From a very young age, Michael Jackson wowed millions of fans the world over. Born from a richly musical family, he went on to become the greatest musical performer of the late 20th and Century. His death came as a shock to his worldwide audience and as such, many were led to believe that that was the last they would hear and see of live performances by the renowned King of Pop.

There is however an artist performing live concerts in front of thousands of Michael Jackson fans each year even after his untimely demise. This performer exhibits the elegance, grace and choreographic mastery that have compelled many people to associate his persona with Michael Jackson’s ancestry. Born in the Spanish city of Barcelona, the 44 year old Sergio Cortes Parra is the closest you can get to a live Michael Jackson performance. This is especially the case for the young people who never got the opportune moment to watch the King of Pop perform live.

Now an internationally respected performing artist specializing in re-animating past Michael Jackson performances, Sergio Cortes has put a lot of hard work and dedication to attain what he has been able to build so far. He gives much credit to his mother, who herself being a staunch MJ fan played a significant role in his eventual exploits as the iconic musician’s double. She introduced him to recordings of the Jackson 5 group as a young child and more so, emphasized that he emulate the groups lead singer, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s introduced the so called Bad Era with his hit song “Bad” and this also had significant influence towards molding his eventual career path as an MJ double. He has the fluid moves that are unique to MJ and surprisingly so, also has stunningly similar looks and voice. His looks are indeed natural though he has had to put in much effort in training his vocal cords to resemble Michael Jackson’s.

It’s said that during his teenage years, one reporter in his home city asked Cortes to pose for photographs as MJ. These pictures were published with great effect and paved the way for Cortes to take up roles as the King of Pop’s double. He currently tours the world entertaining millions of MJ fans with his signature live performance which are reminiscent of the MJ era.

How To Rectifying Negative Reviews Through Online Reputation Management

Most of client’s first reputation of a product is ascertained on research conducted by online reputation management companies. Such companies play a huge role in making your site get more positive reviews, reticence negative ones and even transform ensuing complainers into staunch exponents. Online reputation is vital for outside public relations and colossal companies that have large marketing engines. In 2010, Todd William resigned from his Wall Street consulting practice to establish Reputation Rhino to offer an economical option to small and medium sized companies to develop and control their online products.

Most companies respond to negative customer reviews in a wrong manner as Todd said. Small business founders are always extremely emotionally attached to their brands and get very combative and conservative when a negative review comes up. In such scenarios, the principle of “the customer is always right” is at times nailed to their wall since the owner the owner takes the initiative to reply instantly and mostly intrusively. This ends up in double trouble: a negative review from a client and a hostile response from the owner. Among the various ways to reply to a negative review, is to take the conversation offline since the communal subject is subjective.

Most people comment anonymously on businesses, and this becomes a great disadvantage to the businesses. Such reviews give former employees and competitors a chance to post false and insulting reviews about a business. However, legal action can be made towards the writer of the review although it is time-consuming and very expensive. Most websites provide a vast protection under the law because they are not the authors of the content. If you identify the person writing the content, you are at added advantage. You can choose to reply to the content in the option that offers response to such complaints.

Todd William suggests that the best way to turn consistent negative complainers into staunch exponents is by gathering many positive reviews on a vast range of review sites. This works for businesses that have a significant impact and will assist in decreasing the effect of negative reviews. A company can also implement customer service and client service an objective for the company.

The president of Status Labs, which is somehow an Olivia Pope & Associates for the Internet, Darius Fisher takes care of online crisis and alter digital reputation prior to or after the damage is made. Fisher suggests that the best way to deal with a personal critic is to build an efficient personal website, social media with full of positive content, obtain media hits in the news, press releases on the owners business achievements and more.