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Time to Make Some Changes: Jonathan Veitch Steps Up

Jonathan Veitch has been an absolute life saver for me ever since I enrolled at Occidental college. I am never good in large spaces with a large amount of people, but he some how got me feeling comfortable instantly. The day I walked into Occidental I was instantly greeted with welcoming smiles and shown around the beautiful campus. Jonathan took me for an extensive tour through the school and all over the grounds. It was rather stunning for a first impression. At first it was intimidating until we actually got to talking about the campus life and the students.

He made it clear that all students at the college were very friendly and cared very much about their future at Occidental. I was also told about all the extra curricular activities and how there was more than he could ever possibly count. I have always been the type of person to do extra activities to help boost my grade, so this was a really beneficial things for me. Also the fact that their was women’s rugby at the school and I have been dying to try it. Maybe if I am good at I will have a new hobby to focus on when I find spare time between classes.

My first semester was still rocky as I had to get myself into a routine with everything, but now that the years almost over I have to say it went rather well. My grades have remained high all year, I believe my GPA is 3.8 so that is amazing to me! Although I never tried rugby, I plan on doing so this upcoming year. I have another friend who is interested as well, so I will not be going into it alone which makes it less nerve wrecking for me.

A few things I do plan on doing a little bit differently in the fall is my scheduling and my spare time. Every day this past year I have been crammed with classes and I am really not wanting to do that to myself again this year. I also want to make sure that I at least have 1-2 hours a day all to myself.