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Visual Search Options Could Change Online Shopping Habits

The evolution of shopping in the 21st century looks set to step up a pace with visual search options bringing increasing numbers of people to Internet based retailers who are beginning to allow different search options in their apps. Software developer Slyce has been working on visual search options for a number of years and is now looking to begin the move to including visual search software directly into the apps of the leading retailers in the world. The growth of Internet based retailing in 2014 has been reported as hitting 18 percent in the US and the addition of new and easier to use technology is thought to push a significant increase in those looking to shop Online.

Slyce has been one of the leading companies in the development of visual search software, which the company now feels strongly enough about to include in the live apps of major retailers. Visual search has been an area the developers at Slyce have always felt could push retailing to a new level in the eyes of both the general public and retailers alike. The simple to use software developed by Slyce means an individual shopper is required to simply snap a picture of a product they like and hit the search button on the app they are using. At this point a number of options for products that are the same or similar will be shown to the individual as they look to find the perfect option for buying a product they are attracted to.

Visual search can bring a number of benefits for both the shopper and the retailer. One of the main benefits a retailer gets from the visual search option is an insight into the products that are popular at any time and how their own designs and products are stacking up alongside them. Although this new software from Slyce is initially being marketed towards clothing retailers it also poses possibilities for furniture and home goods retailers who will be looking for the best options in adding new technology to their own apps.