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Reputation Reboot: Darius Fisher and Status Labs

An online presence means more now than ever before – we live and die, rise and fall in Cyberspace.Unfortunately it’s also incredibly easy to have our online reputation sullied, either by personal error or the malicious intent of others. All it takes for the internet to change from friendly to hostile is a single absent-minded click of the mouse… and before you know it, your online presence is little more than a memorial to your shortcomings.
All is not lost. While there’s not an app (yet) for fixing this kind of flub there is a man named Darius Fisher. He and his company, Status Labs, specialize in putting a shine on your web presence and cleaning up relations with the online public. Operating on the principle that the first page of Google search results is the digital equivalent of a first impression, Fisher and Status Labs focus on reshaping that first page, managing the content of their clients so as to provide positive exposure right out of the gate.
It’s not a job that has to be difficult. Darius Fisher maintains that if a client is well-prepared and takes preliminary measures to maintain a clean reputation online then errors of the sort he deals with can be handled with little or no difficulty. But if worse comes to worst then Fisher and Co. go to work creating new content to correct the problem. The goal is to fashion a collection of relevant information that highlights the client’s more favorable aspects, giving Google something current to latch on to. With a little work, the new content overshadows the old, and becomes the client’s current first page/impression.
It’s a testimony to both the volatile nature of the internet and the skill of Fisher and his team that Status Labs is doing as well as it is. Managing public relations, online reputations, and digital marketing for a wide slew of clients requires a delicate touch, a touch that Fisher has proven himself to possess. Status Labs provides an invaluable service to the denizens of the internet, and it’s a service that will continue to be sought as long as people make mistakes… which is to say, a long, long time.

Status Labs Reminds Companies How to Handle Layoffs Well

In our contemporary world, the use of social media is a must. Many people find it imperative to have a social media account that is used by them in their capacity as an employee and one that they use in order to help keep in touch with family and friends. In a recent article in Tech Cocktail, the author points out one instance where the Chief Operating Officer of the company may have erred in posting on the media after the company’s round of layoffs hit both employees and the media at large.

As Status Labs president and Co-Founder reminds readers in the article, social media disasters can happen easily. He recommends training to help all involved in such media learn the best possible ways to help head off such problems before they even begin. It is this kind of training that can be important when an issue of any kind that relates to the company pops up in the media. The right kind of training can avoid such problems and make sure that all staffers know how to use all forms of social media effectively.

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm. They offer their clients all kinds of important help including help with coping with a problem of some kind online. When a company has a problem that makes the social media rounds, the result may be decreased sales and a demoralized workforce. Those at Status Labs know that it is important to confront any problem that may arise as a result as soon as possible in order to help companies avoid long-term fallout. The internet can be an easy way to spread bad information nearly instantly.

This is why those at Status Labs know that it can also be an excellent way to help spread good information. They have spent many years working with their clients seeking to correct information that is inaccurate on the net and countering it with good information instead. In doing so, they can help any client make sure that company is able to present the best possible face to the public.

For Flipora, Innovation Reaps Rewards

The team at Flipora have been working hard to bring their company to the masses for the better part of the past five or six years. Flipora, formerly known as InfoAxe before a rebranding attempt, is an innovative discovery based search engine that leans heavily upon artificial intelligence. Since 2010 the company has raised over $4.5 million in investment dollars, pulling in some big names along the way, and they’ve grown their brand at a meteoric pace. Now Flipora is ready to compete with the bigwigs though they are still trying to get their name out there. Let’s take a look at how Flipora has been doing and what they’ll attempt to do in the coming years.

Before you can truly appreciate how Flipora operates you need to have a reference point to compare it to. When you want to search something on the internet you’ll end up at an engine and there you’ll type in a string of keywords. These keywords serve as functional coordinates to lead you to the right data. You have to hope that the data you want has been indexed by your search engine and even then you’ll have to browse through page after page in order to find what you want. Obviously this works but this is not an efficient way to search. What Flipora does is much more effective and unique in a social way.

Flipora operates by putting users together in a giant networked searchable database. Users install Flipora into their browser where the program then monitors their searching habits. These searching habits are then indexed in the Flipora cloud where they are sorted and then shipped out to the users in order to curate content. Like minded individuals will be connected where their similar searching habits will help one another connect to new websites. It’s a socially aware way of sharing content that focuses on quality rather than quantity. The program can be turned off at any time and it is completely secure, for those that worry about their searching habits going public.

Right now Flipora is coming off of raising an additional $1.5 million which will go toward setting up their engines in the iOS and Android device marketplace. With more and more users focusing on mobile usage it only makes sense that Flipora wants to get in on the action. Their Discovery Engine is raising a ton of attention and could become the norm sooner than later.