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George Soros on How the European Union Should Handle the Asylum Crisis in Europe


via Marketwatch

The way the refugees seeking asylum in the EU countries have been treated has been a cause for alarm. The way the whole fiasco has been approached is raising eyebrows. Many European Union countries have selfishly refused to offer help inform of asylum to the refugees in those countries. As a result, many refugees have been left stranded in Airports and transport terminals with nowhere to run to. The major losers in the situation have been the refugees although many members of public and security officers have also been caught up in the situations. As a result, many humanitarian activists have started questioning the role of the European Union on what they are doing to alleviate the crisis. One such person who has been vocal on the issue is billionaire and business mogul George Soros.


George Soros is questioning the move more so because he is a victim of circumstances. George Soros was born in Hungary. However, at a time when the country was under the Nazi invasion in 1947, he like many people in his country fled to England for security purposes. He worked various manual jobs as a waiter to put himself through to college. He enrolled in the London Business School and after graduation in 1952, he got an entry level job at an investment bank in London. His curiosity and pursuit of happiness, however, took him to the USA where he landed analytical and funds management positions for several banks in New York before he quit to pursue a solo business interest. His company, the Quantum Fund, has earned him millions of dollars years after his retirement from business. He is now actively involved in philanthropy as he seeks to give back to the society.


According to Mr. George Soros, the EU should have one EU asylum and migration agency. The plan will not only make it easy for the union to determine the people who qualify for asylum but will also streamline the operations making it efficient and cost effective to run. Having a joint agency would ensure the establishment for employment rules as well as having the rights of the asylum seekers protected under one policy. Those people who are ineligible for asylum would also be offered a safe return to their countries something that is haphazardly done today.


Offering a safe passage for asylum seeking refugees should also be put into place especially for those refugees being moved from countries like Greece and Italy. In the past, may refugees have lost their lives while on transit because of using unsafe means to travel to their destinations. Having an established operational and financial agreement developed by the EU should ensure that all the refugees and immigrants seeking asylum are treated to the same standard requirements.


In conclusion, should the EU implement some of George Soros’ suggestions, they will have averted one of the hugest time bomb waiting to go off as the refugee crisis will not reduce it will only increase. This is mainly due to the political instability in the Middle East.


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