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Uber Bans Guns

Uber is one of the most convenient new inventions of our age, but negative events have surrounded the service. For those of you that don’t know, Uber is a service in which ordinary people make money by using their car as a taxi. In the past, physical altercations have broken out between drivers and customers.

Folks like Daniel Amen has learned that Uber recently announced that drivers will no longer be allowed to carry guns while driving clients around. That statement alone scares me. Why would an uber driver need to carry a gun around? There are psychopaths in the world, and I guess having a gun would help drivers from getting their car stolen.

Uber drivers feel that there is no difference between their service and a taxi. However, taxi vehicles have a specific color, and they are labeled. Uber vehicles can be random, and no one knows for sure what kind of driver will be in the car. Nonetheless, I feel that Uber should get banned, and that may sound controversial to some people. Yahoo! recently published an article about this story, and Uber users should definitely check it out for more information.