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Adam Sender’s Art Collection Worth How Much?

The story about Adam Sender and his impressive art collection starts in a place you would not associate with a leading hedge fund manager. Sender was successfully managing a hedge fund for his clients, and was doing a great job at earning his customers nice profits each year. While the clients were either taking their profits off the table or reinvesting i the fund, Sender was looking to grow his own profits at a much higher rate. He decided to look into the world of Contemporary art.

For Adam Sender to make the kind of money he dreamed about, he needed to get into an art position and hold for a few years, then turn around and sell when the market was hot. Sender had two things working against him however. The first was that he really didn’t have that much experience in the art world, the second was the art market could fluctuate and bottom out without any notice and wipe out his investments. Sender realized quickly that buying pieces from the masters like Picasso or Warhol would set him back millions per painting. One mistake and he would be out of the game before he made a single penny.

Despite these challenges, Adam Sender was not willing to simply give up on his dream and researched things a little further. This is why his hedge fund was such a success, he was always willing to put in the time to research and study before making any moves. What Sender uncovered in his research was that there were plenty of exceptional quality masterpieces out there, they were just painted by artists who were not as well-known as the masters. These painting were priced very reasonable, at $100,000 a piece, a bargain for the quality of work. If these artists got popular at any time, the prices could explode in no time at all.

Sender took a calculated chance and began buying up as man of those pieces that he could find. In 2006 he wanted to see how the market was, and listed 40 of his growing collection at auction. When he walked away with $20 million dollars after that sale he knew he had uncovered something here. Sender began buying more pieces over the last decade, exploding his art collection to 400 pieces by 138 of the best artists in the world. Last year Sender realized that now that he is out of the hedge fund business, he might want to unload the art collection while the market was still buzzing.

Adam Sender commissioned Sotheby’s to sell-off his entire art collection. The process will take approximately a year and a half, but at that last day, Sender is projected to walk from the auction having made $70 million dollars for his collection.

CipherCloud Internet Security Solutions

CipherCloud is a cloud security entity based in San Jose, California. The company commenced its operations recently in 2010 and has since transpired as a security behemoth. The company provides cloud adoption services to enterprises while at the same time ensuring round the clock security, compliance, and control.

There are several advantages as to why enterprises are shifting to the cloud and this includes information availability on demand, security, and enhanced disaster recovery rate. However, cloud technology biggest concerns appear to be cloud security risks and data compliance.

Courtesy of CipherCloud open platform the hurdle is eliminated because the company has rolled out a unified secure solution that fosters the security of all the deployed cloud applications. Some of the techniques adopted by CipherCloud platform to ensure utmost cloud information security include malware detection, data loss prevention (DLP), activity monitoring, and world class encryption mechanisms.

CipherCloud technology provides to businesses unrivaled visibility and control of the cloud data when it leaves your enterprise until it reaches its final destination.

CipherCloud has deployed security solutions that enable the enterprise to protect its data before it leaves the local machines inside the office. Such a scenario ensures persistent security that only the enterprise knows the exact unlock password. As a result, the enterprise has full control for data travelling to and from the cloud based systems. Courtesy of CipherCloud it is much easier to ensure data privacy, residency, and compliance while at the same time having valuable insights into cloud based activities.

CipherCloud platform encrypts data on a real time basis before releasing the same data into the cloud environment. The same data can only be retrieved when authorized users apply the correct decryption algorithm. The encryption and decryption keys are locally stored, and this means that the encryption decryption algorithms never leaves the clients premises and thus are not shared with the cloud provider in any manner whatsoever. CipherCloud Platform system also comes with data loss and malware detection and monitoring. These features resemble a multi-layer technology that is very difficult to penetrate even by using some of the most experienced information hackers.

CipherCloud viable business solutions have attracted the attention of venture capitalists and in 2011 the company managed to raise a seed funding worth $12 million from Andreessen Horowitz. In December 2012 they also succeeded in the second round of funding worth $30 million from Andreessen and index ventures. The company has also established successful ventures with technology heavyweights such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google through their Gmail e-mail product.

CipherCloud has also established a robust partnership with Box Inc., which is an online file sharing program, and under the deal CipherCloud will be providing their solutions to ensure sound encryption to file sharing and hosting services.

Eric Pulier, A Business Man Who Uses his Expertise to Better Humanity

Eric Pulier is a renowned and successful businessman who has accomplished much in his young life. He is the Executive Chairman at Soa Software Inc. A company which currently applies programming interface. (API) is a set of technological protocols and tools used for building and producing high-tech software applications. His company helps businesses to fast-track their API deployment, drive developer adoption, and to further market and reach more customers. Some of the world’s largest and most successful companies today use SOA Software products to best utilize the power of technology, and to revolutionize their businesses. SOA software and Eric Pulier is recognized as among the leading and most successful entrepreneurs and forward thinking businesses in the world of technology. His technology and applications are widely used within all branches of government and his new and enterprising applications continue to set the standards for API programming everywhere.

Eric Pulier has made a lucrative career for himself by using his strong intellect to develop new ideas in technology and for business marketing advancement. He is a well educated entrepreneur, having graduated from Harvard University. He worked hard and proudly graduated with his BA, achieving the honor of Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in 1988. It is Harvard that first planted the seed for his love of English and American Literature and spurred his love of good writing. He is an accomplished, published Author and former editor who first wrote articles for the Harvard Crimson Weekly. His writings have garnered attention for him as an eloquent lecturer and public speaker. He is a popular and esteemed public speaker who currently articulates at technology conferences around the world.

Eric Pulier is a caring and genuine philanthropist. His diligent efforts further the uses of modern technology in a conscientious way to deal with persisting struggles like that of those living in economically disadvantaged areas, or for the physically challenged. Especially children. He has implemented using home computers to work as complex multimedia educational devices that feature a beam device that users who cannot maintain motor control can use as a keyboard communicator to be able to answer quizzes and relate with the system.It is unique ideas like this that Eric Pulier has used to better humanity through technology that set him apart as a philanthropist and businessman. Eric Pulier is an individual who uses his ideas to make the world a better place. Eric Pulier has helped those in need both here in the united states and all around the world.

Eric Pulier: Bringing Out Innovation in Himself and Others

Eric Pulier has founded 15 computer science corporations. His companies offer a variety of technologically enabled business services to a variety of industries including the aerospace and defense, automotive, chemical, banking, communications, consumer products, energy, financial services, utilities, health care, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, travel, technology, utilities, and public sector industries. Pulier’s business services include application, infrastructure, cyber-security, cloud applications, outsourcing, consulting, analytics and data reporting, industry software, and managed services.

Stemulus, ServiceMesh, Desktone, Media Platform, US Interactive, Digital Evolution, and Akana are some of Eric Pulier’s founding corporations. He invests in many startup companies to help them grow. A large proportion of the start-ups he has helped have become successful and are thriving in the computer science field.

Eric Pulier is now the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director at Service mesh and has helped co-found the company. He also is a Chief Executive Officer of Stemulus, a new technological company. His experience includes founding and working as a Executive Director for the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

Mr. Pulier was involved in many government projects to rebuild communities with better technological solutions. He has worked with Bill Clinton and Al Gore to offer more computerized innovations to schools, health care institutions, government buildings, space explorations, and new homes. He has also worked to enable handicapped children to use technological learning modules to learn in new and innovative ways.

XPRIZE is an incentivized competition that seeks to find the best new ideas that people can offer. Eric Pulier is an Innovative Board Member at XPRIZE and enjoys bringing out creativity in participants. Teams are brought together and work in various areas such as literacy uplifts, steam programs encouraging flights for children, and space races. Pulier’s own innovative ideas are leading to new innovations from individuals all around the globe. He helped many people through his own creativity and strives to enable other people to do the same.

Finding Superior Legal Representation in Florida

When it comes to legal matters, an individual has many options. The choices that are made going forward can have significant impact on the results of a possible action.

Whatever choice is made, it should be made with great prudence. While you may be able to find a lawyer who you get advice from in the beginning of your process, finding one with actual experience in your matter is a must. To choose legal counsel unable or unqualified to represent you can prove to be detrimental to the success of your case.

Even before going over the specifics of your matter, you should ask the lawyer questions of a general nature about his experience. Ascertain if he or she has handled this type of case before, and if so, how successful he or she was. A good lawyer will be not afraid to disclose his or her experience regarding situations like yours.

Dan Newlin is an attorney based in Orlando, Florida. He has years of extensive experience in helping people with personal injury cases, and has an impressive record in helping his plaintiffs secure decisions in their favor. His reputation of impeccable service has given him the reputation as one of the top lawyers in Florida.

Newlin has won several high profile cases for his clientele. In one of his cases, he successfully litigated a $24 million judgement for the family of a peace officer who was assaulted by two robbers at an Orlando ATM. The assailants attempted to secure a deal to sell the story of their crime and conviction after they were convicted and sent to prison. The family of the deceased officer heard about the deal they made, used Newlin to sue for damages, and were successful in obtaining a judgement that was attached to their stories’ royalties.

In another matter, Newlin was able to secure a court win for a young girl who was errantly shot in the head by a gang member. The injury left the girl paralyzed, unable to move or speak. Her only method of communication was blinking. Newlin represented her, and got the victim $100 million from her insurance company for pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Through the years, Newlin and Associates have won over $150 million in awards for their various clients over the firm’s lifetime. He practices in Orlando, as well as through a second office in Chicago, Illinois. If you dealing with a matter of personal injury, and you would like a consultation on, you can reach him through his website at

Adam Sender: Contemporary Art Connoisseur

Adam Sender was not always such a prolific art collector. He found himself a successful hedge fund manager for Exis Capital, living the good life with multiple mansions, and a beautiful wife. Thats when a friend of his, Todd Levin, an established Art Advisor, got him started collecting contemporary pieces of artwork. Now he is addicted to finding that perfect piece to accentuate his office or one of his homes in Miami or New York.

Adam Sender earned a Bachelors degree in History from the University of Michigan. After he graduated from the University of Michigan he became a Portfolio Manager for a company named Point72 Asset Management, L.P. This is the company that was formerly known as SAC Capital Advisors LP, which is a group of hedge funds that was founded in 1992 by Stephen Cohen. Mr. Sender remained there, gaining experience until 1998. At that point, he broke away from Point72 Asset Management, LP, and founded Exis Capital. At the height of it’s 16 years in business, Exis Capital managed over $1 billion. Mr. Sender has served as Chief Executive Officer of Exis Capital until the company was disbanded in 2014.

It wasn’t until after he left Point72 Asset Management, LP, that he began amassing his exquisite collection of contemporary pieces. At the height of his collection, he had over 800 pieces from about 139 different artists. He has early pieces from the likes of Mike Kelley, Martin Kippenberger, Barbara Kruger, Charles Ray, and Urs Fischer, just to name a couple of the many artists that he has bought throughout the years. His philosophy is to buy an artist’s works while they are new, but not right out of art school, new. He buys the art a year or two into an artist’s career, and so far it has paid off in a big way. Starting in May of 2014, he partnered up with Sotheby’s, the world famous auction house, and they are selling about 400 of the contemporary pieces that he has collected. The auction house will auction off his pieces over about a year and a half. After it is all said and done, he is expected to net approximately $70 million. If it all goes as planned, that is. But even if it doesn’t, he has embraced the Buddhist philosophy that, “All things must pass.”

Dan Newlin Is One Of Florida’s Super Lawyers

If you live in the Orlando area and are in need of a personal injury lawyer, Dan Newlin is your man. Newlin has nearly 20 years of experience in negligence claims, and he is dedicated to get you the money you deserve. Newlin has served in law enforcement for nearly 20 years. He began working at the New Chicago, Indiana Police Department shortly out of high school. After rising to the rank of sheriff’s detective, he decided he wanted to go to law school. After obtaining a law degree from Florida State University, he worked at a small firm. A few years later, he built one of the largest and most successful firm in the state of Florida.

Newlin has won millions of dollars in negligence claims. He recently won a claim for a young woman, whom as a result of a shooting, was left paralyzed and brain damaged. He also won a million dollar claim for a couple who was badly injured due to a automobile accident. Newlin is considered tenacious and determined. He has gone after some of the largest agencies in the state with winning results. Newlin now has a “boutique” law firm that takes on many negligence cases.

Newlin is ranked by his peers as one of the top lawyers in the state of Florida. He is well-known in the area as being one of the most honest and ethical lawyers they have ever known. Newlin is fully-committed to his client’s best interest. He won’t give up until the fight is done. If you feel that you have been the victim of a drunk driver, a work accident or even a hit and run, call Dan Newlin. If he can’t get you satisfaction, you won’t owe him a dime. There is no cost for a consultation.

BRL Trust Is Cashing In On Sports In Brazil

Sports are big business in Brazil. The country has tons of fans of soccer who pack stadiums to the rafters every time their favorite team plays. These giant arenas have to be invested in and managed by someone. That’s where BRL Trust comes into play. This Brazilian company operates arenas successfully. BRL Trust is a financially stable company, which has allowed it participate in over 800 transactions related to investments in the country.

BRL Trust is financially responsible for the construction of the major projects, although they don’t actually perform the construction work. The respect they have in the financial circles or Brazil has allowed them to undertake marquee projects that lesser companies could not have hope to accomplish. BRL Trust has been deftly managed to capitalize on major growth areas. One example is the recent construction project for the Corinthians in Sao Paolo.

The Corinthians now play in front of sold-out crowds in the Arena that BRL Trust built and now manages. Arena Corinthian is the eleventh-largest arena in Brazil with a seating capacity of 48,000. That’s quite a step up for the club, who played in front of 18,000 at their old stadium before the move. The stadium was a huge component in the success of the 2014 World Cup. When investors saw how well BRL Trust handled the investment, they entrusted them with more funds. BRL is now the largest investment fund of its kind in Brazil. Brazil will host the Olympic Games in 2016, which should further bring attention to the work that BRL has done to help improve infrastructure to a World Class level.

Some investors have shied away from investing in South America for fear of loss. Those who have braved the conditions and put money in companies like BRL have done very well in recent years. Brazil has been massively building out its infrastructure as the country seeks to be a top ten global financial leader. The country is a top exporter of natural resources and is a well-known tourism hub. The last few years have seen a bit of political turmoil which is giving bargain hunters a chance to pick up shares of strong companies like BRL Trust for a discount. The country has a very strong financial services sector. Banks and investment companies have proven the ability go strong despite current headwinds. Those who are looking to put a taste of Brazil in their investment portfolios would be well served to check out these strong sectors. The banks and investment companies are filled with cash and are in a position to pick up infrastructure properties at cheap prices. Those who have a long-term outlook can do very well at this stage. Check out their PDF on

BRL Trust Invests with Integrity

For over ten years, BRL Trust Investment has shown leadership in innovative investments in Brazil. Although they are known as the honest, trustworthy holders of thousands of personal and corporate investment portfolios, BRL Trust handles is also in the business of asset management, they provide secure underwriting services, and asset underwriting for the individual and for large corporations. They perform risk assessments for each client, and take that degree of risk into consideration when making investments. BRL Trust provides fiduciary services to ensure reliability and security to their investors. They provide control custody of their client’s funding solutions, and administer funds for payments, both the new structured payments and the more traditional payment plans.

The history of BRL Trust began with its founding by Mauricio Ribero, the celebrated investment expert. He brought on a partner, Rodrigo Cavalcante, who became an operating director, and then Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes came on board as another top-level director. They have raised the bar for investment performance in Brazil, and have come a long way from a small private trust service that issued simple loans. Their unique approach to finding and investing in greatly profitable areas has resulted in an ever growing service. Today, BRL Trust offers many different investment vehicles to choose from.

Highly satisfied clients are BRL Trust’s stock in trade, so their clients can rest assured their financial goals are taken care of with good investments. Over the last 10 years, their clients have enjoyed the increasing services BRL Trust offers, and greatly benefited from having their finances managed by the Trust’s expert investment managers. These managers are well educated and have a great deal of business and finance experience.

The largest independent administrator firm in Brazil that handles many financial concerns, especially investments, is BRL Trust. They search out investment opportunities with speed and attention to all the details, to achieve the best returns for individuals and corporations. They are driven to meet their client’s goals and expectations, often working above and beyond to build long-term relationships with trust, integrity, and honesty.