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New Advertisement for Beneful

Purina recently announced a new ad campaign for Beneful brand dog food on PR Newswire. The people who make this wonderful brand of dog food tell us just why they happily feed it to their own dogs.

Beneful employees only have good things to day about this brand of dog food and are confident that you will love it for your beloved pet as much as they love it for their own.
This campaign has not only a television commercial, but also features digital and print ads that show the Atlanta team with their furry friends. The ad even debuted in the New York Times with a full page in the Sunday edition of the paper.
The lawsuit was based around false information stating that Beneful was having a recall on the popular dog food, but the truth of the matter is that about half a billion Beneful meals have been fed to roughly fifteen million happy, healthy dogs in the year 2014. That says a lot about this amazing brand of dog food! Buy a bag for your dog today!