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White Shark Media Improves Communications Efforts to Satisfy Customer Complaints

White Shark Media has recently been a topic of discussion among business news outlets because of the company’s decision to revamp communications efforts in response to customer reviews. One of the major causes of concern for many of White Shark Media’s consumers was the fact that the communication between the client and the company left room for improvement. Read more: White Shark Media Promises Continual Improvement In Response To Complaints

After discovering that this was the case, White Shark Media took initiative and implemented several programs that were designed specifically to reduce the communication problem within the company.

Although many of the programs within the company have been effected by the attempt to improve communications within White Shark Media, a few of the programs stand out with regard to the development of communications standards in the company.

According to their Google+ page, White Shark Media implements procedures that allow customers to have direct communications with an assigned customer care representative throughout the course of their partnership with the advertising company. When the leaders of White Shark Media questioned the clients regarding their communications issues, a significant number of clients suggested that they were not pleased with the fact that they had to work with several different customer service representatives during the time that they were building their advertising campaigns. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Many customers felt that information was being lost because of the amount of customer service representatives that worked on the cases. White Shark Media has attempted to correct this communications error by assigning individual customer care agents to clients when they begin their advertising campaign process with White Shark Media.

After being assigned to a specific customer care agent, the client is now allowed to work with that particular agent throughout the life of the project. This allows the customer to feel in control of the project.

White Shark Media also implements monthly calling systems to effectively communicate
strategy with clients. This issue was also raised by clients of White Shark Media. Clients stated that they were not being informed about the progress of the advertising campaign on a regular basis. Read more: White Shark Media Reviews: Testimonials & Case Studies from Clients

After learning of this error, White Shark Media Complaints implemented this calling system to ensure that customers were always made aware of the status of their accounts. In addition to the monthly calling systems, White Shark Media has implemented phone systems with direct extensions to customer service representatives. Clients now have direct access to customer care agents and do not have to wait on automated systems in order to contact them.