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Holiday Beauty Tips From Wengie



Wengie wants all her viewers to be prepared for the holidays, and she believes each is quite fun as her viewers take a peak at her videos. This article explains a few hacks Wengie offers for the season, and her sunny disposition makes the hacks all the more appealing. Getting ready for the holidays is more fun when ladies use Wengie’s makeup tips and her holiday hacks.


#1: Blotting Foundation


Every lady who wishes to wear a full face during the holidays often has nowhere to do their makeup. Blotting foundation is quite simple, and Wengie demonstrates a few dots of foundation on the face. Spreading the foundation with a brush ensures proper coverage, and the foundation goes on in moments.


#2: Party Planning


Holiday Santa cups are nothing more than black ribbon, a gold button and a bit of glue. Wengie recommends using red Solo cups that are ubiquitous in society, wrapping a bit of black ribbon on them and dotting them with a gold button. Every visitor at a party will have a lovely cup to drink from, and the party will feel more festive.


#3: Homemade Snow Globes


A bit of pixie dust in a small jar helps create a snowy scene. The scenery is glued to the undercarriage of the lid, and the jar turned upside down when the snow is inserted. Each snow globe may have its own coloring, scene and people.


#4: Sock Cozies


Drink cozies are quite popular in the winter months, and they may be created using the socks everyone got for Christmas this year. The socks may be cut in half, and one end sewn shut over the base of the jar glass. A few stitches will complete the job, and the viewer may create several different cozies for friends and family.


The finest holiday hacks are all available on Wengie’s blog as she talks about makeup and keeping the holiday festive. Her ingenuity is quite infectious as viewers will find their own adaptations of every hack, and Wengie will continue to make makeup and home decor for fun for everyone.