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Best Known YouTube Channels and Creators

YouTube is an amazing video-sharing social network that launched in 2005. The website expanded quickly as individual users began to post videos that ranged from individual performances to educational shorts. News networks, business advertisements, and even television networks began to utilize the website by posting segments. YouTube is also the channel in which some have launched their celebrity careers.

Justin Bieber is most likely to be the most famed, now former YouTuber. Bieber’s celebrity status launched in 2007 when music mogul Scooter Braun accidentally came across one of his videos on the website. A recording contract was secured some time later, and the young teen soon launched into international stardom.

Lauren Luke, known for her sweet and down to earth personality, found herself at the height of YouTube fame in 2007. Luke posted cosmetic reviews and tutorials as username Panacea81. Lauren’s charm rapidly gained a following that grew to more than 135 million views and maintained more than 500,000 followers. Luke secured a number of cosmetic contracts and launched her cosmetic line.

Ray William Johnson is another YouTuber that has experienced success as a result of posting videos to the website. Johnson ran a series entitled “Equal Three” on his channel. Johnson’s channel has received more than 3 billion views and has more than 10 million subscribers, making RayWilliamJohnson one of the most viewed YouTube channels.

Laci Green is an educational hobbyist whose “Sex +” YouTube series rapidly gained popularity. Green has been invited to speak at educational forums across the U.S. and was the star of the twelve week MTV series “Braless.”

Wendy “Wengie” Huang is among the most famous Australian-based YouTubers. Wengie majored in technology studies and specialized in online marketing.

Wengie operates several different beauty and fashion related YouTube channels. Many of her make-up tutorials are designed specifically for Asian women. Wengie’s beauty channel has received more than 39 million views and 800,000 subscribers, making the channel the most subscribed-to Asian beauty channel in Australia.

Harley Morenstein and Sterling Toth make up the duo whose YouTube channel is known as EpicMealTime. The channel launched weekly posts in October 2010 and is considered one of the world’s top ten most famous YouTube channels.

Morenstein and Toth’s series gave birth to a short-lived spin-off series. The pair posted videos of themselves preparing and serving high-calorie “man-meals” that often include bacon and whiskey.