FreedomPop Review: Is Their Free Mobile Service Worthwhile?

FreedomPop promised a way to get around paying serious money for mobile calling and Internet access. This Freedompop review focuses on the free or cheap features and services the company offers.


The free services are basic, though enough for the casual user. The company offers plenty of ways to get more voice and data service when they are needed. The basic service offers up to 500MB of 4G data use, 200 minutes of voice, and unlimited texting each month. This is for the first year. After the first year, the monthly service fee is only $10.99. Free Web access with up to 500MB per month of data usage. Three is no contract and there is no cancellation fee.


The service offers a number of useful services options. For a $5/month wi-fi calling option that uses wi-fi hot spots for voice as well as data. You can earn more data by responding to surveys, offers (advertisements really), and subscribe to newsletters. The fee for using too much data only amounts to $0.02 per MB, so going way over the limit isn’t necessarily a disaster.


In short, the basic FreedomPop service is great for light users. The upgrade options make it easy for others to upgrade and get more data or voice time without a contract, at a reasonable price. You can earn an extra 10MB of data per month for each friend you refer who signs up. You can also pay to get more call time and data. The base of 500 MB per month tends to run out quickly if you stream music or watch TV on your mobile device. Unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of data costs only $20 per month.


To answer the titular question, yes, FreedomPop does offer a worthwhile service. If you only care about basic mobile services like texting, emailing, and some calling, the basic FreedomPop plan is more than adequate. If you know you need more data or more talk time, FreedomPop is still an affordable alternative to spotty pay-as-you-go services.


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