Lime Crime is More Than Your Average Cosmetic Line

When you think of cosmetics, what are the first brands that generally tend to come to mind? Is it Cover Girl, Maybelline, L’Oréal, Max Factor, and others? These are all good brands, but there is a new king on the thrown and it’s causing quite a stir. Lime Crime is the name and giving you individuality is the game. When comparing other brands to Lime Crime, they just can’t compete on an overall scale because they’re just too bland. Lime Crime gives the user self expression and it’s wide array of colors can match every mood whether it’s anger, shyness, depression, happy, or envy. No other brand can give you this while maintaining a popular reputation and that’s where this exclusive brands stands out the most.


Company/Brand Founder Doe Deere has developed an extraordinary product line that’s different than anything else on the market today. A typical day isn’t anything outrageous especially when looking at the company. The day usually starts with meeting with the creative team. This is a great way to strategize and to go over current and future projects. Doe Deere also spends considerable amounts of time in the lab where these unique products are produced. Deere has stated that she rarely has time to take a seat during the day because of her constant movements, but she does respond to emails on a regular. Lime Crime has some of the most amazing colors to choose from such as wicked, saint, utopia, black velvet, red velvet, cashmere, rave, riot, shroom, pansy, pink velvet, and many more. For those that are looking to be “different” then this eclectic mix of colors is definitely for you. Doe Deere is extremely involved into her business and she even tries the products out before they ever hit the market. If the product doesn’t meet her demands, it is scrapped immediately and then back to the drawing board.


Being such a high seller, Lime Crime has an extensive customer base. Online marketing is where it’s at and the brand has some of the best marketing strategies of any company/brand. Overall, Lime Crime is simply a much healthier and better product line and the long list of satisfied customers are a true testament of its success.


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